BG2: Week 3

Just a quick update today:


Peronally I’ve had a bit of a stressful few days, and I’ve slowly slipped back at about .2 kg per day.  It is somewhat amazing to see how easy it goes back on when it takes quite some effort to take it off.  The dream I had to hand the “largest BMI” crown to someone else is going to have to wait for another week.  

I added a column to see how many weeks, roughly, people still have to go if they have the same rate of loss from now as they had up to now.  Seven of us will be at our target weight in 8 weeks or less.  That’s awesome.

Total loss is 85.7 kg.  That’s two bags of cement, a three 2 litre bottles of milk.  On average, that’s three kilos each!  That’s this much Nutella!


Personally I have found it harder to not slip up.  And I can’t be alone.   What can we do to motivate ourselves to stick with it now that the initial excitement has worn off?

– Pete


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  • justwanttofish

    Wow, some huge losers here. Well done all of you . Wanted to join but couldn’t figure out the Google email address thing. Weighed in at 66kg last Sunday morning, 62.9 this morning. Just dropped all carbs. Best thing though, my partner who suffered a major heart attack a few years ago in his late 40’s and refused to give up the white bread and other crap and has just had to start on diabetic meds has finally decided to come along for the ride. I’m stoked; may have him around a little longer.

  • caochladh

    I cut this one out and put it on the fridge door…..

    • Wallace Westland

      Crossed out food and replaced it with BEER :-)

  • Wallace Westland

    Yeah it’s hard to stay focused. I had one of the kids this weekend and made a decision not to involve her or worry about it.
    So I parked the diet and the exercycle and we did our things together (I did however not succumb to the KFC which I let her have!)
    I have no guilt feelings about this I’m going to have a nice low carb dinner tonight and tomorrow I’m going to get back on the horse.
    I’m not really concerned about the how long to reach the target weight thing. I know what my target weight is and I’ll get there. I doubt I will do it in the next 5 weeks though.
    And if I had to be brutally honest about this although Mrs. R makes the point that I have little support it is also true I have no distractions.
    I suspect this is easier for me than for most because of that. There are no temptations here, I don’t have to bear the smells of foods I can’t have etc.
    It’s been a great weekend with my kid and it was worth the 1/2 kilo :-) Come oooooooooooooon Monday yeeeeehah!

    • My neighbours cook the most deliciously smelling things. I retaliated last night with the BBQ. But still, it’s a special kind of hell to live next to people who are obviously very good cooks and use a wide range spices :)

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    I’m a little bit slower than most, but my focus is on stopping smoking first and foremost – with weight lose a longer term goal. [Day 39 – yah me!]

    I have set my target weight as achievable this year, but it is literally a whole year project. I don’t want to lose it all in a hurry because I know from experience that it all comes back on, plus some.

    My plan is to modify my diet over the whole year and lose small amounts over an extended period – I figure this will help change my lifestyle and eating habits in a way I can maintain. When I get to my goal in both weight and time, I’ll review for next year and set a new target.

    It might be the wrong way to go about it and it might not work, but I’m committed to making improvements in my diet and lifestyle for the long term.

    • Wallace Westland

      Aw look..seriously if you can give up smoking you are a legend.

      That should be your main focus. You have a good diet plan. Healthy eating and all that is good but if you were anything more than a light social smoker you are probably already going through a special kind of hell.

      I know as I was a heavy smoker for many years. Giving up was the catalyst for pouring the weight on. But I did give up.

      It’s taken six years to get to a point where my craving to smoke has lowered so much I can consider life without snacks, extra hot mints and skinfuls of beer at the end of the day.

      I wish you all the best in your journey.

      • EveryWhichWayButLeft

        Thanks WW. Yes, I was a [*ahemmm*] heavy smoker for over 20 years. I found giving up the cancer sticks and eating a bit healthier was not too hard over the Christmas break and January holidays…

        But, going back to work over the last two weeks have brought out the normal stress and made the smoking thing a challenge. I’m doing ok with my trusty e-cig, but the weight loss has plateaued – I even put a little back on. Those nasty carbs started to creep back in for comfort and convenience.

        Now that I’ve survived the first couple of weeks back without having caved on the smoking front, I’m going to start putting the focus back on what I’m eating, how much and when.

        2015 is shaping up to be an awesome year :D

  • Wendy

    Ill be damned if Im going to go out and buy some scales, so my weigh ins will be sporadic…they are dependent on my ability to coordinate with The Man With The Scales. But I can report I am down one notch on my work belt.

    • Wallace Westland

      Ha. I bought a set of electronic ones since I clocked the mechanical set I had at 120kg.
      As soon as I don’t clock it I’m going back to it.
      I don’t trust a thing on the digital one, you can weigh yourself on it, not move it a millimetre walk down the hall go back re weigh yourself and discover you have either gained 300gms or lost 500.
      Stupid thing.

      • DrFix

        Is it either a very, very long hallway, or is the kitchen at the end of the hall?

  • justwanttofish

    The apple/berry crumble was disgusting; as was the whipped coconut cream. I had a spoonful of each. No-one else would touch it. I guess some things are just best not tampered with.

  • Fat Sally

    I weighed myself Fridaybut was too busy to put resulton until today. I back dated it to Thursday hich was when I weighed myself. I dont know howbut I managed to lose 1.4kg.

    Traditionally the 3rd week I always gain weight so I will be tryingreally hard this week to keep the trend going.

  • newbarnkiwi

    Pete, you’ll be pleased to know your crown is now mine. As of the start of this week the kids are back at their respective high school hostels, so have now begun the hard yards to get fitter & healthier. Am in for the long haul, 46kg to shake off, starting BMI 41.1. However is good to be on board knowing there’s lots of support here plus plenty of someones to look over my shoulder and keep me on track.
    Lets git ‘er done folks!