Bludging HPA bribing taxpayers after bungled campaign


The Health Promotion Agency bludgers aren’t just spending your money on campaigns to change your lifestyle – now they’re doling out surfboards, fishing rods and whatever else they can throw at people in order to get Facebook likes.  

After the widespread criticism of the $1.2 million plus campaign, the HPA appears to now be using taxpayer money to buy positive feedback.

This is a campaign that according to the HPA’s own analysis is confusing and counterproductive. It was bad enough that the HPA admitted they conduct no cost benefit analysis of their campaigns, but spending taxpayer money for fishing rods and surf board is simply shameless.

The HPA must be getting desperate after the Taxpayers’ Union exposed the cost of their clanger of a campaign. Even the Fairfax media luvvies called out the troughing.

Think about this for a moment. While people die on waiting lists, the HPA is spending health money on fishing rods and surfboards to promote their failed “No Beersies” campaign.

The Union has started a petition to call on the Government to put an end to dopey Government ad campaigns.

You can sign it here.


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  • Mark

    Signed. I loathe PSA’s.

    So once they have the fishing rods out there contributing to the drowning stats they can do more PSA’s, quite clever really.
    Maybe the “Irish” guy can do a PSA about how to transport surfboards?

    • mommadog

      Nice little circle for those advertising people to keep themselves in a job. PSA’s are a waste of time for the majority who don’t need them and of those who should take notice, they never do. All it does is make the government of the day / public service people feel good that they are “doing something”. I’ve signed too thanks to WO for bringing it to my attention.

      • Mark

        The only one I have ever “Liked” is the Fire Service one with the Father installing the smoke detectors,that said I still agree that those that most need to pay attention never will.
        And you are right it is just social welfare for add agencies,there is some very serious coin involved.

  • sandalwood789

    Absolutely *crazy*.

    What does the Audit Office do all day?
    Do they have any responsibility for efficient spending and (if so) can’t they jump on this stuff?

    If I were the PM one of my top priorities would be to get the Audit Office to nail stupid stuff like this and eliminate wasteful spending.

  • Isherman

    Duly signed without hesitation, in accordance with the civic duty of common sense.

  • cows4me

    How much richer would we be as a society if we didn’t have to put up with every scumbag organization trying to waste money like it’s theirs. Clearly this particular organisation has insanity running through it’s veins. The only health these cretins are concerned about is their own financial health, it makes me sick.

    • Jas

      It has been going on for centuries. 50-100 years ago it was the church who took all the money and told you what to do.

  • Wallace Westland


  • Karma

    Not a good look for a health promotion agency to be giving away water sport/leisure related items when we’ve had numerous drownings over summer.

    What we really need is public service announcements – played ad nauseum on TV -reiterating the bits of the rode code using red car and blue car. E.g. giving way rules, roundabouts, signage.

  • Goldie

    Jonathan Coleman is useless. He was dead useless as Defence Minister – I have no idea how he got the critical health portfolio. And of course he is out of his depth as Health Minister. He either was told by his officials and he didn’t have the wit to stop it, or else he didn’t know – either way, it shows that Coleman is a weak Minister.

    Health is a critical portfolio that governments can lose a lot of support over, and Coleman is a weak link.

  • pirate vs ninja

    No Beersies is an unmitigated disaster, but many similar campaigns have made significant contributions to positive behavioural change – fire safety, seatbelts, and smoking for example. I’d like to see a campaign that encourages good parenting – feed your kids etc. Of course the majority don’t need to see this stuff, but the majority are also subsidising the losers that do need to learn these lessons. The more that can be done to influence the behaviour of ferals – the less we pay to clean up their messes.

    • Bartman

      And the less dimwits the left have to pimp / rely on to vote (on occasion when not hung or drugged-over).

  • Murray Smith

    More beersies, helps me comprehend the stupidity.

  • Disinfectant

    Fall badly off surfboard = more business for health professionals.
    Cast rod badly = more business for health professionals.
    The law of unintended consequences.

  • Whitey


  • KiwiLliz

    Done! Thanks WO.