Can Rodney Count?


Rodney Hide, in his Herald on Sunday columns buys into the Labour bullshit that Andrew Little is different from the previous leaders of Labour despite being a union appointed union hack.

He certainly seems to be at least gargling the Kool Aid, and perhaps even swallowing some.

He must also figure out an arrangement with the Greens.

The Greens scare middle voters. Little needs to show he can work with the Greens but that he’s boss. That isn’t going to be easy.


Can Rodney count?

Labour needs to get 61 or 62 votes in parliament to form a government, and at the moment Labour and the Greens are running at only about 35% of the vote, which is effectively 43 MPs. So at the moment they are 19 MPs short.

The most likely scenario after the 2017 election is that Labour have to form a coalition with New Zealand First and the Greens, and like Helen Clark did in 2005 Labour will choose to give the Greens the bum’s rush and blame Winston Peters.

Winston will come out saying there is no way in hell he will do a deal that sees the looney Greens getting the baubles of office, and Labour have a choice between having a coalition with him, or him going into coalition with National.

So far no one has actually asked Winston what he thinks of Little, and whether he will do a a deal with the Greens.

Someone should, and someone should count up to 61 or 62 and work out whether Winston will be able to keep the Greens out of government.


– Herald on Sunday


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  • Lemuzz

    Winston wouldn’t give an answer even if he was asked.

  • Cadwallader

    By 2017 the Norman tarnish to the Greens may have disappeared. Is that the time for National to do a deal with the Greens? If so, Labour gets yet another 3 years in Opposition and perhaps another….ooohhh…5 leaders?

    • sheppy

      I’d expect a whole new varnish of lunacy would have been applied by the Meterial Girl by then, Marxism with an air of total jaw dropping “they want what!?!?!?!”

      • Cadwallader

        I expect she’ll be gone by then and simply be a memory for those who bother to think about her and her silly ideas/behaviour.

        • sheppy

          I guess the question is will the replacement be more or less electable to mainstream NZ?
          I seem to remember in the past Cam suggesting Norman was politician of the year for keeping the crazier elements of the Greens in check and well hidden. I do hope they have a resurgence so everyone can see what will rise to the surface if they get anywhere near power.

          • Cadwallader

            They need a person who is, unlike Norman, primarily an environmentalist, as opposed to a Marxist. Turei is a lightweight flip flop.

          • Lightweight!!!!! Surely you jest, Sir?

          • Cadwallader

            You know what I mean but for clarity: A tub of lard with a head full of lightweight non-thoughts. Now choke on your coffee…LOL!

      • I suspect that the Ginger Whinger leaving is about the Greens re-inventing themselves towards a more balanced centre-voter audience. And that means Material Girl will be gone. She hasn’t worked that out yet – but it will happen.

        • johnnymanukau.

          Yes it is time for the material girl to raise her drawbridge at the castle and spend a merry time with her other past it, minstrels.
          Maybe catching Kura in the moat? probably not because it is GREEN.

          • fairymai

            she will have to raise her drawbridge and fill her moat with local eating gators..she aint popular down Waitati way

  • Eiselmann

    Vote National get National with a little nudge to the right by Act ,or a little nudge to the left by the Maori party ,or a little nudge to the left by United Future.
    Vote Labour and get……and get……oh wow what do you get ? it isn’t labour, its a lottery….so much for being anti gambling.

  • Monty

    Will Winston be around? And if Winston is not around then personally I doubt his party will be. I understand Winston is not in great health as fifty years of excessive drinking and smoking catch up. And how old will the pensioner be in 2017 if he is still alive?

    • All_on_Red

      Winston will be 72 in 2017. He looks 72 now.

      • The2Game

        And that’s WITH make-up…

    • Justsayn

      72 I think.

      Cam may be a fan of him but Winston will be gone. If he still lingers he will be a political corpse. Good riddance to the tzar of the button pushing opportunists I say.

      • johnnymanukau.

        Yes Winston will be retired and flat out fishing at the Lodge after he reads my fail safe method to catch fish that I am sending him.
        He has had his chances and has failed, time to call it a day.

  • Justsayn

    2017 – Winston a gonner, Conservatives collect half of his lost votes and make it across the 5%. National only then needs a mid to low 40… election over.

  • Davo42

    Angry Andy is very different from the previous leaders:
    Goff was a liar, Shearer was a good bloke without confidence, Cunliffe was the king of smarm, but Angry is the most nasty spiteful vengeful leader since Clark, and in my experiences with him the guy holds major grudges, and will happily cut off his nose to spite his face.

    • Bluemanning

      Shearer is a good bloke who shouldn’t be a frontman politician. IMO he couldn’t promote the Labour/union driven doctrine because he simply didn’t believe in it. Every time he attempted to promote or answer a question he couldn’t retrieve the answer without hesitation. However ask him about anything else and his answers easily come off the tongue.

      • Davo42

        Good Point, I have only seen Shearer once in person and he did have quite a confident persona, however this was after his time as leader. Bill English is similar, on TV he comes across as pensive, shifty, and uncomfortable, however he is a very good public speaker at functions I have attended. Unfortunately in today’s world you must have the skill to connect with viewers in any situation, and whilst dishing out information that people don’t want to hear – this is where Angry Andy cannot compete with Key, and he never will.

  • Graeme

    They have to get Peters to give a straight answer first

  • cows4me

    As usual the next election will boil down to how stupid National has been over this present term, it’s theirs to lose. There’s no way the left can muster a team on an intellectual level such as those in the National, lets be honest , they are thickos.

  • Dave

    Andrew is different from the others.
    1) Totally rejected by his own electorate – TWICE
    2) Labour’s first scum list mp, and the LAST on the list
    3) Rejected by Caucus as leader, appointed by the union block
    4) ZERO charisma and the most Angry, he is devoid of any like-ability.
    But like the others, has no idea what the nation really thinks, or what he really needs to do to win an election (thank goodness)

    • johnnymanukau.

      Angry sitting in the number one Labour chair doesn’t make him a leader by any means , anymore than standing In the garage makes him a car.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It is going to take numerous coats of whitewash for Angry Andy to even get a softness to his Red colour.
    This is just an angry, bitter little fellow simply holding the fort until somebody finally displays anything like the Labour party are seeking to lead them away from the edge of oblivion.
    Quite frankly it is impossible for the MSM to paint this guy as anything other than a failure while a growing opinion is that he may not be around long enough for even one candle on his cupcake.
    Even advanced turd polish will struggle to adhere to this slippery little fellow but hey they can only give anything a shot.