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  • conwaycaptain

    Reminds me of the song

    The cuckoo is a strange bird
    It sits on the Grass
    With its wings neatly folded
    And its beak up its arse\
    From this strange position it just says twit twit
    As it is hard to say cuckoo
    With your beak full of [email protected]#t

    • Reminds me of the Wagga Wagga bird that when threatened, flies in ever-decreasing circles until it eventually disappears up its own rectum from which position it views its enemies with scorn!

  • Bobb

    What a clever cartoonist! LOL

  • One of the better cartoons of late. Really enjoy them!

  • 1951

    Sometimes it is quite enjoyable to laugh AT another who is so deserving of it. Spot on Sonova.

  • Vera Fayed


  • Dave

    Poor little (subject of photo), whoever may take offence. The issue is not tall poppy syndrome, its the opening of your own mouth and using your status to bleat your beliefs onto others. You are not being cut down as you are successful, its just most people are sick and tired of being preached to by someone who portrays themselves as “Special” My advice, Sit down, shutup, stop digging, get on with your life and skills, and for goodness sake, keep your head and opinion below the firing line.

  • Mark Chapman

    Brilliant – and now she’s getting the undue attention she deserves.

  • Bartman

    Love it – entirely fitting (with a bit of KY)

  • Sweet Lips.

    You really hit that one on the head, love it. Has she applied for citizenship in india yet?