Cat killer Morgan wants to run the Green Party

Gareth is all excited at the departure of Russel Norman.  Can he finally have a Green Party made in his own image?

Millionaire philanthropist and political commentator Gareth Morgan says Russel Norman’s resignation as co-leader gives an opportunity for the Green Party to reposition itself as a genuinely environmental movement.

Dr Morgan said he had spoken to Dr Norman several times about what he calls the misuse of the Green Party’s environmental reputation as a front to push a left wing agenda.

Dr Morgan engaged in public debates about this issue, saying the Green Party’s reputation as an environmental guardian was a kind of “Trojan Horse for far left policies”.

Dr Morgan said Dr Norman’s departure created an opportunity for this to change, but he thinks it might be difficult because of what he calls the party’s other co-leader Metria Turei’s “very left wing views”.

I rarely agree with cat-killer-Morgan, except when he wants to kill cats and when he wants to destroy the Green Taliban.  

But founder and former co-leader of the Green Party Jeanette Fitzsimmons poured scorn on this suggestion.

Ms Fitzsimmons said Mr Morgan’s comments created a false distinction between the economy and the environment.

She said the environment could not be improved without attacking what had driven it to where it is.

Ms Fitzsimons said what was happening to the environment could not be separated from its effect on people.

She said the Green Party would never support neoliberal views and focus purely on the environment

Which is brilliant.  It means that they will continue to be toxic as a coalition partner to Labour, and the Green Taliban themselves would not dream of working with National.

Even if Labour gains some popularity, it won’t want to have the Greens in a coalition.  The left continue to stuff themselves.




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  • phronesis

    Fitzsimmons is right of course that you can’t separate the economy and the environment. Just look at the environmental records of the USSR / China. Socialism is as bad for the environment as it is for the people.

  • sandalwood789

    I would *love* to see Morgan lead the Greens.

    I think many Greens would actually love cats (especially the suburban mums in the “leafy suburbs”) so a Morgan-led Greens would have a substantial drop in support.

    • Dave

      Good point sandalwood, so lets hope Gareth does lead the greens, and he has a suitable cheque book, they need to be spending “other peoples money” like all good socialists.

  • Isherman

    He’s right on that, but its no great revelation..rather, its stating the obvious. The Greens know all this but wont listen, they know better, as is continually reflected in their results.

  • 1951

    Gosh! that was sooooooo unpredictable.

  • ozbob68

    Hmm, but if Russel has done a “Hulun” and purged the ranks of anyone else with a differing view to his, then there is less likely to be a radical change in Green strategy because there will be no-one left to initiate it?

  • Kevin

    Thing is Greenies are totally wrong about the environment; for example so called Green cars that cause more pollution and their head in the sand opposition to nuclear power. And don’t get me started on their attitude towards man-made global warming (assuming it’s even a problem) which consists of taxing businesses out of business.

  • Hard1

    If the Greens were honest about their environmental Marxism they would rename themselves the Yellows.
    Most of us on the right are green and want a clean, pure environment, which requires technology investment and a balanced , regulated approach to making money.
    People voted Green in the misguided belief that it meant something related to a healthy environment. How many of the same people would vote for the Yellows Party?.

    • Nige.

      exactly. Being green MOST of the time makes good economic sense.

      Why wouldnt you want to use LESS fuel? or reuse products over and over without the cost of manufacturing new.

      The green party are in the business of socialist deceit.

    • Bryan

      no they should put deep red for that’s what they really are liberal communists who would take away every right and freedom because their cause is the big need. well the Aust is gone, now the other mouth will really show us what they truely are all the ex liberal Labour lot that jumped ship when Helen took off Russell has had a hard look and realized it’s going to be at least 6 more years in opposition and said No way I will go and find another country to feed off

  • Whitey

    I suspect what Ms Fitzsimons really means is that most people simply won’t vote for a single issue party that only focuses on the environment, and she thinks advocating commie economic ideology actually increases the Greens’ voter base. And she’s probably right.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      To a point.
      Helps them capture the Commie vote. Helps the capture the further-left-than-Labour vote. Helps them capture the rebellious (yoof, spoof, dufus) vote.

  • The2Game

    I’m like you, Cam, in not being an avid follower of Dr Morgan’s pronouncements.

    But he is spot on here re the Greens.

    The Greens seemingly cannot see that staying on the far left means that their most likely fate after elections in the foreseeable future is:

    1. Oblivion if a centre-right party (National, e.g.) gets to form a Government
    2. Oblivion if a centre-left party (Labour, e.g.) gets to form a Government. Any such Labour-led Government will need Winston First’s support and Winston’s price (he always has one!) will be ‘No Greens in our coalition’ and Labour, knowing that the Greens will whine but still vote with the centre-left government, will fold…

    I think I’ve said it before in here but it seems almost ludicrous that a party ostensibly set up to be pro-environment finds itself unable to form a coalition with either National or Labour.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      “ostensibly” is the operative word, as truly pro-environment they are not.

  • cows4me

    Well Dr Norman wasn’t the cure and I’m sure as hell know Dr Morgan won’t be the magic panacea, that loopy lot need real doctors.
    edit; gramma

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    They do have their uses: one being the agglomeration of loopies and laughing-stocks, toxics and trumpeters all in one place. Sort of a social isolation ward if you like.

  • sbk

    Geez(all hypothetical)…Russell comes out of the closet…and annouces officially, what side of the team he bats for(we always knew Dear)…swears allegiance to the workers Co _op …knifes Angry Andy a few months before the election and seizes power…does a deal with WinnieFirst…and everything is ka-pai(honkeydory)…meantime freeing the greens to concentrate on things that really matter…Dr Morgan and the cats.

    It could work!…:-).

    disclaimer…author is a cat owner.

  • caochladh

    The air that Morgan breathes way up in the clouds is so rarefied that I doubt anyone else could survive with him, including the Greens.

  • David Moore

    Morgan seems to completely misunderstand the Green Party. The left wing agenda is the core business, the environmental stuff is just window dressing.

  • Rick H

    The combined talents of the two Doctors – Dr Morman.

  • Neil

    He has, of course got a very good point. Maybe more people will see the obvious and the Greens will die a natural death and we can have an enviromental party with more moderate social agendas