I am Charlie

Burka in France

Burka in France

I am not a cartoonist, what I am is a writer. Pictures however tell a thousand words and so do videos.

View this collection and form your own conclusions. Yes the people filming will have an agenda but they cannot force the people on camera to act the way they act or say the things they say can they?

I have an agenda. My agenda is that I fear Islam gaining a hold on my country as it is a political ideology not just an oppressive religion. I think that Muhammad was a pedophile who had sex with a 9 year old girl that he ‘ married ‘  when she was six and I think that Islam allows child brides and does not reject pedophilia. I think that Islam takes away  freedom of speech and has no tolerance for any other culture or religion. I think that Islam is the polar opposite of Feminism as women are controlled and are treated as chattels not equals. My agenda is to do what Charlie Hebdo did. To hold up a mirror to Islam and to to encourage debate on Islam. I will not be silenced and I will not let fear of retaliation stop me holding up that mirror. When those Islamic terrorists massacred the cartoonists and journalists in France my resolve hardened to the point that I now feel compelled to act.

If they are going to murder a person for drawing an image of Muhammad I might as well go the whole hog and expose as much as I can about Islam before they decide to remove my right to life. In for a penny in for a pound my parents always said.

Please watch these videos and decide for yourself what you see.

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If you agree with me that’s nice but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo. Look between the lines, do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.