Coffee cold? It’s better that way


It might take some getting used to, especially on a frosty winter morning.

But drinking our coffee cold could be a tastier and healthier way to get our caffeine fix, enthusiasts say.

Fifty years after the Toddy system made it popular in the 1960s, cold-brew coffee is enjoying a resurgence.

Distinct from iced coffee – which is made with a shot of hot espresso poured over ice, often with extra flavourings – cold-brew is made without any heat at all.

By now I suspect a lot of you will have quite a visceral reaction.  

Instead, ground coffee is steeped in water for 12 hours and served cold.

Brewing in this way makes the coffee far less acidic (heating releases acidic oils in the bean) which means it is naturally sweeter as well as being better for our bodies.

Making coffee in the usual way with boiling water can also burn the beans, reducing their health benefits, she added.

‘It changes the molecular structure and destroys the beneficial antioxidants.

‘A burnt coffee bean is not good for you.’

There are many commercial devices available to make cold-brew, but fans say it is simple to make at home with just a jar and something to filter it with, such as paper or muslin cloth.

Once brewed, it will keep in the fridge for two or three days.

Amazon UK said a £30 cold-brew device made by Japanese company Hario is now one of one of its biggest-selling coffee pots, while the £13 version sold by online retailer Firebox has sold out.

There you go.  You can be the hip chick or cool dude on your street by being the first to own a cold-brew device, and you can make a big batch that will keep for 3 days – perfect for these muggy days.

Will you give it a go?


– Daily Mail


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  • Wallace Westland

    Been drinking cold coffee for years (course it starts off hot). Back when I was a machine operator and these days driving a desk still the same. More attention gets paid to doing the job than taking time out to slurp hot coffee. Just saying :-)
    I’d give it a go.

    • Moonroof

      That’s how I learnt to drink coffee black, a white coffee tasted vile when it went cold on the bench. This new idea might a use for the plunger that been gathering dust.

  • Isherman

    “Making coffee in the usual way with boiling water”. Bad coffee form right there, the water should be hot, but never at boiling point anyway..just sayin.

  • Papillon

    Have seen cold drip offered via a rather science experimentry gadget in some of the upmarket cafes. Haven’t tried it though, was interested but the exorbitant cost was off putting, but I guess you get that when it takes 12 hours to brew a cup.

    • Isherman

      It takes longer, but in many ways its easier, plus you’re not using power, or an expensive barista coffee machine, and you could make it in batches of different sizes, so I would argue that theoretically it could be cheaper to produce..wonder what the margins like on it Cafe’s then..pretty decent?

      • ex-JAFA

        If it’s new and trendy, it won’t be cheaper to purchase – regardless of it being cheaper to produce.

  • 1951

    Meanwhile cool a shot of espresso then pour over a scoop of Kapiti’s vanilla ice cream. That will fill the bill while you wait for your delivery from Amazon :)

  • sandalwood789

    I’d try it.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Another very good reason why I don’t add sugar or milk to my coffee – if it goes cold it still delicious. Sometime’s I’ll let it cool and then pour it over ice – yummo!

    In Japan you can buy ice-cold black coffee in a can from vending machines (which are everywhere). Very satisfying and refreshing on a hot day.

  • Hard1

    Two heaped tablespoons of plunger coffee, one spoon of sugar and a cup of cold water into the plunger. Stir and wait 7 to 10 minutes, pour over milk. Delicious.
    I started doing this because of BP. Or more specifically because the old dude on the graveyard shift at Otaki Wild Bean inadvertently made me a cold flat white. After the confusion of the first sip, it tasted just the same.

  • Primrose

    Apparently a Bodum coffee maker will do the job

  • Nige.

    I’ll just have mine in a cup please.

    The rest are just details.

  • Chris EM

    I’m addicted to coffee, but in the summer I very rarely have it hot. Haven’t tried this steeping method though, so will give it a go.

  • oldmanNZ

    will this work with instant coffee?

    Ocassionally this happens when I forget to boil the water and just add cold water to the instant. (gets a bit lumpy)

    • justwanttofish

      Yes. Make in a large plastic tumbler if you have one. Two tsp of coffee, double the sugar if you use it. Add just enough boiling water to mix the coffee/sugar. Add milk to top of container. Put in freezer for an hour or two. Must be well chilled. If you don’t add extra coffee/sugar the flavours will be too mild.

  • Simon P

    Kokako in Grey Lynn sells the best cold pressed coffee.

  • timemagazine

    Ice cold coffee with whipped cream on top! Yum!

  • Rodger T

    Cold coffee?

  • Allan

    Tried it at the coffee expo in Wellington last year, a very acquired taste! I think ill stick with espresso and plunger

  • PharmaBloke

    one word – ” affagato “