Crikey. Even Red Radio is to the right of TV3

3 News and Paddy Gower specifically have spun their poll results as a huge win for Andrew Little.  But as we’ve seen, it’s hardly anything substantial, especially when you compare the results with National and John Key.

This is how Brent Edwards sees it

Public support for the National Party is going up just a few months after the start of its third term in Government.

In the latest 3News-Reid Research poll National got 49.8 percent, compared with the 47.04 percent of actual votes it won in the election last September.

In the final 3News poll before the election National had scored 44.5 percent support.

This most recent poll surveyed 1000 people and was conducted between January 20 and 28. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.1 percent.

A Roy Morgan poll out earlier in January put National on 52 percent support.

Usually political parties going into their third term on the Treasury benches begin to lose public support.

But there is no sign yet that the public have begun to tire of Prime Minister, John Key, or his Government.

In the 3News poll support for Labour was 29.1 percent, compared with its election result of 25.13 percent.

Labour’s gain appeared to come at the expense of the Green and New Zealand First parties.

Apart from the fact that we have such level-headed reporting from Radio New Zealand, doesn’t it just draw a stark contrast with the extreme left position that 3 News seems to have put itself in?  All rather remarkable, to be honest.   

But in all the questions on leaders’ performance John Key scored higher, with 63 percent saying he was peforming well, while 81 percent said the Prime Minister was a capable leader.

Only 54 percent said the same about Andrew Little but again that is the best result for a Labour leader since Helen Clark.

Both the 3News and Roy Morgan polls were taken after a long summer break during which there was little, if any, coverage of politics.

Most interest will focus on whether Labour can make any dent in National’s lead in the opinion polls once the political year gets into full swing.

Mr Key and Mr Little delivered their state-of-the-nation speeches last week but Parliament does not resume sitting until next week.

This week both major parties hold caucus retreats. National MPs are meeting on Tuesday at Premier House, while Labour MPs have headed to the Wairarapa for a two-day meeting.

So basically, Angry Andy is more capably in charge of a party that still has no support from anyone but the blind and pathologically faithful.  They only manages to cannibalise their Green Taliban mates’ support to give the impression of Little making any kind of headway.

The fact that “and he hasn’t even stuffed up, once!” is Little’s crowning achievement really must have John Key worried.   Or maybe not.

What is truly remarkable is that a third term government, returned on a bigger vote than the previous terms, also increases support.  That’s the story.  Not that Angry Little Andy has managed to get through a few weeks off without making an exploitable boo-boo.


– Brent Edwards, RNZ


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  • LesleyNZ

    I see Audrey Young, in her opinion, also thinks Andrew Little is a winner.
    “Labour leadership: Andrew Little’s poll rating best since Helen Clark”

  • fergus

    I would contest the no boo boo’s claim.
    Didn’t he make extravagant claims of “labour getting New Zealand down to the lowest unemployment in the OECD”…then not even knowing what that was.
    In the middle of an underwelming State of the nation speech this was a major snafu

    • OT Richter

      Is it a boo boo if nobody is listening?

      The media need to pump Little up in order to manufacture news. I suspect that just like Cunliffe, the more the public see of Little, the less they will like him.

      That said, hopefully the positive attention will help keep National focussed.

  • Kiwikea

    Little has had a dream run prior to Christmas. With the issues Key had then it was like playing tee ball, heck even Mahuta could have hit that (maybe).
    Can’t see the same free hits coming in 2015.
    Also could the continued regeneration on National resonate with voters? Key is the face but people are seeing fresh faces in charge of portfolios hence getting the change people like to see occasionally.

  • Rodger T

    TV3 is nothing more than Labours media dept and as such can be totally ignored as a reputable source ,everything that comes out of it is tainted.

  • The Whinging Pom

    Gower did say, when delivering the results on TV3 last night, that Little hadn’t yet taken a single vote off John Key.

  • Sooty

    It’s all about Paddy Gower! Never forget that.

  • JustanObserver

    Paddy is so aligned to Labour …
    Let’s create a crisis where none exists
    … ‘chug more cool-aid’ …
    The new Messiah only needs to turn up to win
    … ‘more cool-aid’ …
    John Key must be seriously worried
    … ‘much more cool-Hic-aid ‘ …

  • Murray Smith

    If you want a red review, then cast your eyes on this load of poos and dribble.

    A frantic grasp at straws.

    • [MOD] I’d prefer it if we don’t send our readers off to boost the traffic of blogs that are better ignored.

      • Murray Smith


  • kloyd0306

    Obama gave his state of the union speech as if the November election results meant nothing.

    Labour inches up in the polls by taking support from minority parties Greens and NZ First.

    And Paddy says: “Wow!”

    Dreamers, the lot of them………..

  • Just Mick

    No surprise really as long as TV3 still have that Hack Mark Jennings running their News.

  • Mav E Rick

    Gower always seems to be so Angry. Him and Angry Little will make a good pair.I see that TV3 on Gowers segment ran the “cut the crap” comment from Little as being a defining moment in Little’s short career of being the leader of Labour. If Gower thinks that is all it takes to build up support for the leader, then he is more flaky than I previously thought.

    • The Whinging Pom

      ‘Cut the crap’ will be the phrase that Mr Angry most regrets uttering.

      Over the coming months there will be times when he’ll be in a corner, trying to do a ‘move on, nothing to see here’ as the behaviour of his MPs or staffers is put under the microscope, and he’ll have nowhere to go when those on the other side of the house tell HIM to ‘cut the crap’.

  • fairymai

    Read read and read again, both sides, all angles, fact check, and then, think carefully, before you say something in public, you don’t want to be thought a fool….. this is the advice I heard from my mother, she was a journo, in 30’s NZ.. I watch, Gower’s unbelievable spin, he would be, the court jester, and follow and admire WO..

  • Albert Lane

    What worries me is that Prime News is finishing, its staff is being laid off, and Prime and NZ Sky are about to begin broadcasting TV3 news.

    • hookerphil

      6.26 p.m. – been home a while sitting in front of a non turned on TV reading W.O. My answer and thoughts of the so called “news”.
      Should say used to watch Prime news a bit.

  • steve and monique

    So Labour has taken some votes off the Greens, and the rest of the left rabble. Guess the demise of KDC and Mana helped..False truth then, and proves if you cant win your seat, you wont win the Election.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The poll did seem to highlight the changing fortunes of the left parties while the Government has continued to gain steadily.
    With Wussle dropping out there will likely be further variations in the left block distribution and Labour will undoubted with the aid of the MSM’s interpretation of the numbers feel they are on the up.
    The short term variations in the polls can be expected to be seen in the first quarter as we pass through a by-election and may even extend out to the changing of leadership of the Greens.
    Naturally local issues in the Northland by-election will dominate the campaign but lets face it they too are equally concerned about where the economy is heading and having their elected representative sitting on the right side of house will determine the outcome. They will surely vote for progress over hollow promises that could only be possible down stream an increasingly long way off. Post 2017 or maybe 2020?
    Quite frankly these are side dishes that will be picked at by those with limited vision or an individual agenda they choose to pursue.