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keith johnson



That’s what happens when Key gets advice from people that don’t have the right political instincts.




rewrewI think it would be unwise to speculate…







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  • ex-JAFA

    Some people (mainly Americans, I’ll wager) will be very confused this time next year when they learn that XLIX + I = L.

  • Hard1

    John Key seriously needs cruise control. He keeps getting speeding tickets.
    How about ;
    “I will comment on that when all of the information is at hand, and before that it would be unwise to comment with incomplete or incorrect information”

    • 1951

      The mentality of a churnalist having to keep tabs on every word uttered so as to make a point. Laura Mc & co should stop, think…..”we the public don’t really care duh!! “

      • A distinct lack of interest from most I associate with, apart from a couple of lefties who think it is going to bring down the government, they wish.

        • 1951

          If she was trying to get something out of Nick Smith to ensure he is going to take to the RMA with a machete & not just a tooth pick , I would say she was trying to earn her pay. There is just so much more to the job than trying to ‘catch’ John Key on a lie. Pathetic.

    • ex-JAFA

      Just imagine the uproar if it turned out that senior politicians or business executives all over the world knew things that would be inappropriate to discuss!

  • Murray Smith

    Some dork has had his pork in Miss Piggy, trying to do the work of a stork ? Just a wild hunch.

    • hookerphil

      Nigel, is Blenheim oinking over this ?

    • ozbob68

      When someone steals pigs, is that “rustling” or “crackling”?