Daily Roundup


Mr 5 watches newborn brother and asks:  “when will he be fully charged?”  (it’s a heart monitor)



Via the Tipline.  A forest fire in Blenheim, and the media report on themselves reporting.  How far up themselves are they?



200% guarantee?   Enriched?  What’s in the bags?  Uranium fuel rods?






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  • Carl

    Are the burger buns and hotdog buns in the wrong bags?

    • KGB


  • Nechtan

    Have to agree that putting wet cold socks on then lacing up your boots is not one of the great pleasures in life.

    • Ghost

      Yup, there is something completely soul destroying about it, dont mind walking in wet boots, but that first wet sock up the leg is……….

    • caochladh

      I’d just like to know where the other sock disappears to when you put a pair in the washing machine. It happened to me too when I’d take several pairs on exercise, one was invariably MIA when I got back.

    • jcpry

      When I was at school I used to do weekend and holiday milking. One poor guy never had dry boots the whole time I worked with him. They were either full of water or just had a little in the bottom.

  • 1951

    Our Mr. almost 5yr old grandson was very quiet on the trip home having met his baby sister on her first day. He couldn’t find the words to answer ‘Well what do you think of your new baby sister?”. After a suitable length of quiet thought, I asked “Would you like to put her back?” There was much more enthusiastic nod of the head. Luckily I had my Brag book in the car and opened to show him the first day photo of him. “Is it because she is all pink & wrinkly like this?” With that, it was all smiles. Much better when I said “thank goodness you didn’t stay that way.”

    • Don W

      Our son and his partner were here today with their 3 month old son. He is doing well and is as cute as can be.

      • 1951

        Lovely stage with dribbly smiles :)

  • EvoDriver

    Those ISIS guys must have some pretty wet socks somehow…

  • Nige.

    I dont think thats what Cam had in mind when he said “the media should take a look at themselves”

    I think SOMEONE may have been doing a tit for tat camera roll there and worrying about there own ego and extending their carrier instead of doing what is really not only and important job but a PRIVILEGED one.