What is the difference between the Qur’an and other Religious books?

If you do not have the time to read the Qur’an for yourself I highly recommend watching this informative video where the contents are explained to you in a matter of fact way without emotion.
The differences between it and other religious books is clearly explained. From what I can tell the creator of the video is not a religious person of any faith, which actually is good as it makes his analysis less likely to be influenced by his own beliefs and therefore more reliable don’t you think?

If you are gay,
If you have sex outside of marriage
If you are are a drinker or gambler or a thief
If you have been unfaithful to your partner
If you have ever been a critic of Muhammad,the Qur’an or Shari’a law
If you do not follow Islam
If you want a democratic government… You NEED to know what this book says!


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  • WeaselKiss

    Yep, what he said
    What infuriates me is that if one is trying to get these points across to someone who is angrily telling one that you cant ‘discriminate against someone else’s religion’ when one puts the spotlight on the less than palatable bits of this ideology, the ‘don’t discriminate’ crowd clam up and refuse to discuss!
    Not good enough I’m afraid.
    Y’ cannae cherry pick!

    • Nechtan

      When any religion as a requirement of its belief system results in the proposed or actual loss of rights, freedoms, etc that are currently held by the citizens of a country then it should be discriminated against in that those beliefs do not override the laws, rights and freedoms of that country.

  • Eiselmann

    Sadly I fear most people won’t realise the danger until the danger is upon them, we can tell some people about true Islam until we’re blue in the face and they choose not to get it. Of course if you told these people that there was a massive right wing conspiracy to take over the world and remove all worker rights they would believe it in a heartbeat and actively warm everyone.
    Convert, Fight or Die ….it really will be that simple and that stark

  • Iera

    Labour leader Andrew Little has proposed looking at giving Maori greater self-governance, possibly including the ability to make some of their own laws.
    […] Mr Little said the Waitangi Tribunal report found Maori should be able to make their own laws on matters affecting them.

    When Muslim immigrant numbers, plus converts, equal the numbers of Maori should they be entitled to Sharia Law?

    • Intrigued

      When I first heard Little’s suggestion I thought of the exact same question you have raised. I was very heartened to hear our Prime Minister shoot it down immediately.
      I struggle to understand how Little can be seriously making this suggestion for any other reason than to keep the spotlight on him and somehow make his every utterance front page news. He is an idiot.

      It would be a catastrophic disaster for all NZers, Maori included and would most surely open the door to Islamist demands for Sharia law to become entrenched in NZ as a recognised governance/legal system as has happened in the UK and parts of Europe.

      • PhantomsDoc

        I put this brainfart of Little’s in the same category as Goff’s legal age of consent musings.

        Which Muppet is advising these puppets???

        • ex-JAFA

          I think it’s either Link Hogthrob or Julius Strangepork.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Andrew Littles proposal ‘Maori greater self-governance, possibly including the ability to make some of their own laws’ will be the open gate enforcers of sharia will want, the future of NZ as a free democracy will be at serious risk, the evidence is everywhere in so many other countries for sceptics to ponder

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Good video, TY SB for your consistency to inform and educate on a controversial topic in a fact based way.

    1 I knew most but I was unsure that when there are contradictory passages the later passages supersede older passages.

    2 Surely governments must know the peril of allowing sharia into their countries, given the q’uran regards democracy and free speech as abominations to be eliminated.

    3 Yup yup yup lieing deception is ok, hence saying imam are manipulators and use a forked tongue This point speaks volumes to me & it highlights how self centred, self serving & intolerant Mohammed was.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Later verse supersedes previous? When a Muslim tells a Westerner about peace he is probably lying, but that is ok. Man, what a way to spread the Propaganda.

    • Albert Lane

      He’s required to lie. It’s in their book.

  • J Ryan

    This religion/cult is the curse of the free world.
    Another clip that causes concern for the future:
    Why anyone would wish to be controlled and twisted by this simplistic backward hating cult is anyone’s guess.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      That is brilliant, terrifying, but I like the progressive analysis. We are the frog in the hot water unless there is an opposing upheaval soon.

  • Nige.

    i followed on with this video.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      That is another informative video TY Nige, it is scary for our future generations not so much me personally.
      What can be done to retain our own lifestyle and that of our future generations?
      Perhaps it is about ensuring people are educated & hope wise counsel and academics revisit The Q’uran to revise it.

      • Albert Lane

        Sadly, there is no recognised muslim leadership. Islam comprises a number of very different interpretations, each with its own body of supporters. There is no central body that discusses interpretations and comes up with a joint agreement between the sects. In fact to even propose that, would probably earn a beheading. The nett result of all of this is that we are stuck with the existing system, but each sect wants to dominate and destroy the other sects and the non-Muslim world. The only way that we in the West have of combatting this disease is to ban all muslim immigration and deport those who spread hatred and venom against western society and its religions. I wish I was wrong.

  • petedude

    You know what? If Islamophobia means “fear of Islam”, then yes I am an Islamophobe, and with good reason. Every non-Muslim should fear Islam.

    This YouTube clip is a good (if a bit poorly presented) summary of the scary facts about Islam.

    The main problem in opposing the rapid spread of this diseased ideology is that most westerners are completely ignorant about Islam – they’ve never even looked at the Koran and just assume Islam is similar to the peaceful religions they’re familiar with.

    Yet despite this ignorance they’ll arrogantly dismiss anything you say against Islam as “racist” or Islamophobic. Ask these idiots if they’ve ever read the Koran, and give them a basic quiz on Mohammed’s life and Sharia law – it will quickly become apparent they know absolutely nothing.

    Before people will even show any interest in learning about Islam, some basic unarguable facts need to become widely known – (1) that the majority of Muslims want Sharia law to be the law of the land; (2) that the global Muslim population is currently growing at twice the rate of the general population; and (3) that a huge and growing number of disaffected youths worldwide are converting to Islam (almost a million each year according to Wikipedia) and joining the ranks of ISIS and numerous other jihadist Islamic groups.

    Is that doesn’t make the sleeping masses pull their heads out of the sand, I don’t know what will.

  • mike

    Sorry chaps you’re all pretty quick quick to jump back on the bandwagon of hating and fearing Muslims. Have you all forgotten Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh so quickly?

    You know the Jordanian (Muslim) Air Force pilot who was shot down whilst fighting ISIS and subsequently murdered. Not to mention the thousands of other Jordaninans and Kurdish (Muslim) Pashmerga who are fighting ISIS. Without these brave men and women ISIS would control more land than they do now and thousands more would dead.

    All of ISIS are Muslim but not all Muslim’s are ISIS.

    • petedude

      So? Muslims are constantly killing each other (e.g., Shia versus Sunni). But all Muslims share the belief that all non-Muslims will go to hell, and that peace will only be attained when the whole world is converted to Islam and united under Sharia law. They just differ on some of the details.

      ISIS and similar groups could be argued to be the most devout Muslims by far, as they most closely implement the Koran’s clear instructions and most faithfully emulate the life of Mohammed (described in the Sira & Hadith).

      • mike

        You speak for all Muslims do you?

        Wouldn’t the majority of Christians say that non Christians will be sent to purgatory for bit believing? And that pace shall only reign once we accept the one true King.

        • friardo

          The Koran claims to speak for all muslims since in general the Koran defines Islam.

          • mike

            Replace the Qu’ran with the Bible and you can say exactly the same thing.

          • friardo

            Yes. So?

        • petedude

          Are you Muslim? Have you read the Koran?

          As for Christians, I don’t really care about their beliefs because there don’t appear to be lots of Christian terrorist groups carrying out daily atrocities against non-Christians. And as far as I know their holy book doesn’t contain specific, unambiguous directives to persecute or kill all non-believers who refuse to convert – unlike the Koran.

          • mike

            I’m an atheist.

            And you obviously didn’t look at all… the second search result on Google from “Christian terrorist group”


          • petedude

            An atheist who clearly hasn’t read the Koran and knows nothing about Islam; therefore unqualified to be defending it.

            And you’re right, I don’t know the bible at all, and frankly couldn’t give a toss what it says.

            I don’t disagree that historically Christianity has been responsible for a hell of a lot of suffering in the world. But you’ve got to be kidding if you’re trying to compare a few small incidents in the United States with the 25,000+ deadly terror attacks since 9/11 carried out by Islamic terrorists following the word of the Koran!

      • Albert Lane

        So was Mohammed a good guy or a bad guy? I think we all know the answer to that question.

    • Albert Lane

      That’s the same as saying that not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims. True. True.

      • mike

        But not all terrorists are Muslims.

        • Albert Lane

          That’s why I added the rider “with the odd exception”.

          • mike

            Muslim terrorism gets reported on a daily basis. Other terrorism does not.

            How much “air time” does the Army of God, the Phineas Priesthood, the KKK, The Order, IRA (and all it’s off shoots), or the Lords Resistance Army get?

            All the groups above share a Christian ideology, true it isn’t a mainstream view… but it is one they hold to be true. They all kill people in the name of their “one true God”. Sound familiar?

            The media has determined that reporting on Mulsim terrorism is more important (it sells more copies) than other terrorist attacks… that’s why it’s on TV and in the paper almost every day.

  • WhaleBoyNZ


    Here is the proof: http://www.aina.org/news/20141128164905.htm

  • Rosco

    Found this little gem from 2005 regarding the Muslim school in South Auckland. Wonder what the status is now?

    • J Ryan

      It would be interesting to investigate this. My guess is programing would be well underway to transfer knowledge of deceit and hidden resentment to the next generation, to be a good Muslim and gently be part of inserting Muslim values. Until the Muslim population grows, where they would start to get stroppy.