Dirty Trougher Kypros Kypri wants sunlight – but hides Doug Sellman


Oh here we go again. Trougher researcher Kypros Kypri seems hell-bent on getting some sunlight.

Problem is that his latest play at getting attention is at the expense of his writing buddy – mad as a hatter Professor Doug Sellman.

The Dominion Post this morning pimps yet another whinge whinge whinge by publich health experts troughers all moaning, once again about the Health Promotion Agency.  

Anti alcohol activists Kypros Kypri, Jennie Connor and my good friend Doug Sellman written an opinion piece whinge in the latest New Zealand Medical Journal saying the world is in “crisis” because the Government has “ties to the booze industry”.

This is just another whinge at the Government and the HPA because they are all upperty that Katherine Rich is on the Board.

So I had a hunt for the opinion piece whinge by these troughers. It’s behind the paywall of the NZMJ with the title “The dissolution of the Alcohol Advisory Council: A blow for public health”.

But in typical trougher fashion, the key message always the same – we want more money. Don’t believe me? See this line…


Troughers think its easier getting taxpayer funds out of the Health Research Council than they could out of the Health Promotion Agency.

It seems Kypros Kypri has now taken over the speaking slots from my good friend Doug Sellman, who copped a right flogging last year on Whaleoil for his ramblings about alcohol.

And again, so long as the Kypros Kypris and Doug Sellmans of this world keep on using  taxpayer funds to mount personal crusades then I will be here challenging them very loudly for their stupidity.

Looks like it’s going to be Kypros Kypri’s turn this year.


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  • JC

    Like with climate change these people never seem to understand that receiving 100% funding and salaries paid by just one entity (the Govt) is the biggest conflict of interest imaginable.

    Worse, the employer is not a scientist but a political grouping hopelessly conflicted with competing political objectives.

    Worse still, a Govt does not fund science with politicians own money but that of tax payers.. it has no skin in the game to help regulate the quality of the science it buys and rarely any skill in determining what is good or junk science.

    Even worse a Govt mostly doesn’t fund “hard” science but the human and subjective stuff of what goes on in people’s heads, what they eat and drink and do for recreation.. these are paths with many answers, blind ends and stuff that is plainly wrong.

    Govt science is a monoculture designed to meet competing political objectives and we would be fools to assume its much more than that.


  • andrew carrot

    Often their argument is: if you spend a lot of taxpayers’ money on us, a lot of taxpayers’ dollars will be saved at the hospital door. No proof of outcome is provided but that’s not the issue for the troughers, as they hold all of the “facts”.

  • Tony

    Is he in NZ or Australia?
    From https://blogs.otago.ac.nz/ipru/staff/kypros-kypri

    Kypros Kypri

    Kyp is an Associate Professor at IPRU and a Professor in the School of
    Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle, Australia,
    where he holds a National Health & Medical Research Council Senior
    Fellowship. He has been involved in injury research since 1998 and
    received his PhD from the University of Otago in 2003. His area of
    interest is alcohol-related injury. He is involved in epidemiological
    studies of tertiary student drinking, an evaluation of changes in the
    minimum purchase age for alcohol, and research on the effects of the new
    Alcohol Reform Act.

    E-mail: [email protected]

    • Red

      Kypros Kypri is a pretty typical Aussie name these days.

  • bobby

    Kypros Kypri’s “personal crusade” against all and anything to do with alcohol is the perfect description of what he is about.

  • busman

    Nice wig !

  • Disinfectant

    What is there about alcohol we don’t already know?
    We don’t forever research Newton’s three Laws or Ohms Law.