Half of New Zealand want to do the decent thing about ISIS

[A] 3 News-Reid Research poll shows New Zealanders are split on whether to send troops to Iraq to help fight it.

But the poll also shows New Zealanders are united on one view ? if we do commit troops, there will be a terror attack in retaliation.

As the world grapples with how to deal with IS, New Zealand is close to joining the fight.

A final government decision is imminent that will sign off sending troops in a non-combat role, to train Iraqi forces.

A 3 News poll … asked ? “Do you support sending Kiwi troops in a non-combat training role to Iraq to help the fight against Islamic State?” ? a slim majority, 50 percent, said yes, and 45 percent said no. The rest didn’t know.

“It shows a majority of New Zealanders understand that there is a need for New Zealand to make a contribution to stand up to Islamic State,” says Prime Minister John Key.

Doing nothing is not an option, is it? ?Have we really got 45% of our people happy to hide in the dark and hope the monster will pass our bedroom by? ?

Countries fighting IS in Iraq have been attacked by Islamic extremists. In France 17 people have been killed, in Australia two have been killed, and in Canada and attack left one dead.

Asked if committing troops will put New Zealand at more risk of a terror attack in retaliation 73 percent of voters say yes and just 24 percent say no. The rest didn’t know.

The Prime Minister says New Zealand must act before it gets worse.

“My own personal view is that if Islamic State were able to become stronger and more entrenched and control more territory longer term, that presents greater risks to New Zealanders.”

“It’s a convenient excuse that terrorists put up to try and intimidate people, but the reality is that risk is there whether New Zealand does something or does nothing.”

I would think it basic human decency to try and stop the atrocities committed in the name of ISIS. ?But we do need to be ready for our own civil war; ?people who are our neighbours that feel stronger bonds to other causes than New Zealand are likely to strike back. ? They said they will, and I don’t doubt them.

But then, let’s out these people instead of pretending they don’t exist here. ?At least then we have a problem we can deal with that doesn’t require the hand wringing of the lefties who want these under cover terrorism enablers and sympathisers to be left alone under the banner of living in an inclusive and tolerant society.


– 3 News