ISIS now letting women fight for them. How is that even consistent?

A woman from Canada, displaying staunch support to jihadists, has been tracked all the way from Toronto to the ISIS stronghold in Syria via Twitter geo-tagging. She even infiltrated hard to reach “enemy” territories, a Canadian intelligence group says.

According to a new report from the Canada-based open source intelligence research group iBRABO, one woman – identified only as “L.A.” – traveled from Canada to the frontlines of Islamic State-controlled territory, giving away her locations with every tweet, as she visited besieged cities in Syria and Iraq.

Although ISIS is known to have many female sympathizers, this is the first time a woman has been tracked all the way from a Western country directly to the battlefield, where she appears to be actively engaged in Islamic State operations.

Tracking her cellphone’s geo-tagging function on Twitter, the group concluded that her movement“reflects a broader trend of women becoming more active in supporting male jihadists, such as intelligence collection, implementation and adherence to Sharia Law, and even reported execution of punishments to women judged to be in transgression of Sharia Law.”

This is Canada people.  You know, a benign country like ours.  Feeding ISIS terrorism with its citizens.  And somehow, New Zealanders are a bit squeamish about 24 hours of pre-warrant surveillance.   

The woman – now using an image of a gruesome ISIS beheading scene as her banner photo – was tweeting from Toronto up until November 23, 2014. She reappeared in early December, in the major ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria.

She has traveled “across more ISIS controlled territory than any other ISIS account we have monitored,”the group said, pinpointing her locations throughout December and January in Mosul, Aleppo, and Kobani – all major ISIS battlegrounds.

Female presence on the frontline is unusual, the report notes, as female sympathizers usually serve as“jihadi brides” and are not allowed to fight. But in this case, her tweets reveal her active role on the battlefield.

“I did not see in their actions anything but the utmost of respect for me as a sister,” she wrote in Arabic from Kobani on December 25. In another tweet, she wrote: “God bless those who live on His path and who die on His path.”

Citing a recent report by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, which said that about 550 of the 3,000 Western citizens on ISIS territory are women, the researchers concluded that “waiting until Canadians have travelled to Syria and are fighting on the frontlines with ISIS is simply too late” and called for a recalibration of prevention strategy.

What do female Jihadis get when they die in battle?   72 virgin computer geeks?


– RT


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  • yoyoyo

    watch out ISIS and those blind sympathizers… the Samurais are coming for you.

    They have far more beheading experience then you and are not afraid…..

    one more word for you to learn: Kamikaze (神風)

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    Perhaps the jihadists have worked out the meaning of ‘human shield’ and suddenly women are acceptable. For THAT purpose.

    • When I was doing anti-insurgent training in the military we were always told ” Shoot the women first. ” this based on the known fact that they were generally far more fanatical and less interested in self preservation than men and therefore much more dangerous. Fortunately never in such a situation where I had to choose, but the sentiment always stuck with me.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Reminds one of a certain unusually tall and rich Saudi in Pakistan.
      He also tried hiding behind a smallish female shield, but . . . . .

  • Wheninrome

    They could be cannon fodder. 72 “virgins” from the isle of lesbos, now that might upset some.
    Or, most likely, they are just trying to make a name for themselves and create relevance in an otherwise bland life, and all the more dangerous because of it.

  • Murray Smith

    They might get 72″ micro softs”, that’d disappoint em.

  • EvoDriver

    Hey, 72 virgin computer geeks, she could do a lot worse !!!!!!

  • HR

    Perhaps she has some serious “Daddy Issues”.

    I say let her go, but revoke her passport so she is stuck there, and come what may for her.

  • spanishbride

    ISIS have even used honey traps but not in the way you would think. I read about a stupid 45 year old woman on a benefit in the UK with a 10 year old son and an 18 year old. She took off to Syria to marry a hot young 20 year old Islamic terrorist ( who fell madly in love with her in the UK ) taking her poor 10 year old with her. She now wears the full Burqa and actively recruits 17 year old girls in the UK to join ISIS, I wonder if she realises that some of them will become her hot young husband’s other wives?

  • Citizen

    But do we know if its actually her sending the tweets…or her new “husband”, who might be reasonably high in the hearty and taking her along…as a sort of “camp wife”

  • cross the rubicon

    We are truly living in an age where the enemy is not only living among us, but our enemy has sympathizers and supporters who look and sound just like us. They are quisling, left wing progressives traitors who see the USA and the west as oppressors of Muslims.
    If this woman was in Britain and she came home in 6 months time, she would have such massive support from the gutless politicians and the far left, she could never be prosecuted for her crimes, even if they had video of her cutting someone’s head off.
    Islam is like a plague that has infected what used to be a rational and pragmatic population. Now we are infighting in families and with friends about the affects and endgame of Islam in the west. This has all the traits of a future civil conflict and war that will be unavoidable. If we loose then the whole known and familiar world looses and our freedoms and democracy will end completely, never ever to return.
    We have become weak and are becoming weaker. PC is our enemy as we self sensor ourselves to save offending our peers and loose friends.
    I hope this woman all who ride with her get killed. I don’t want them arrested and put in prison like the lefties want, I want them dead, all very dead like they should be. And that should be all their fates.

    • Citizen

      The craziness of the left. Here in France the returning Jihadi’s with injuries are getting disability allowances!!

      • pak

        Here they would probably also get a state house and a Working for Jihad Subsidy.

  • cows4me

    And they say the world would be such a better place if women ruled it, so much for that myth.

    • Kash

      uh look at Indian politics to dispel that myth…

      Women leaders everywhere, almost deifying themselves…

  • Genevieve

    Recent reports out of Australia state that there are now increasing numbers of women leaving the country to fight for ISIS. I wonder how many female Islamic women in New Zealand are considering the same move?

    ISIS chiefs have also apparently given British women prominent roles in their militia, as they view them as the most committed of the foreign fighters.
    The British female jihadists have been forcing Iraqi women into sexual slavery at brothels run by ISIS for the use of militants.

    I imagine that these women would have about the same amount of empathy as a female praying mantis.

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    CAn they not just target the Phones with an “expanding care package full of Freedom”? An all out attack on those online syncronised to cause the maximum carnage to the ISIS clowns. Surely that would sort the whole idiots abroad problem.

  • Kash

    the western world has not really won a war for decades… Korea/Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan have ALL basically been failures… and this one against ISIS is likely to be that way.

    there is 1 country in the western world that has a leader STRONG against ISIS- Australia, and he is going to be kicked out next year or sooner…

    it is clear the western world WANTS ISIS to grow based on the leaders they have chosen ( wimps)

    if you don’t nip it at the bud, it will only grow and become harder to destroy.