#Je suis Charlie

#I am Charlie

Truth can hurt but Truth must not be silenced.

My collections of images under the # I am Charlie headline will upset some people. They include graphic photos of actual events, political cartoons and Internet memes / posters. They all have one thing in common. They are an attempt to influence your thinking about Islam. Yes you can call them propaganda or offensive. Propaganda can be about telling lies or putting a slant on the truth or just be provocative in order to get you to think about an issue. You decide what these are, individual image by individual image. That is what is wonderful about living in a free, democratic society here in New Zealand. We can do that without fear of violent reprisals ( at least for now )










Winston Churchill on Islam










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  • Salacious Crumb

    Posted this on GD yesterday but it is really worth a look for those who didn’t see it. It will change the way you view “moderate” Islam.


    • greybeard


    • Old Man, Torbay.

      The guy, sixth on the right in the front row, is in danger. He never raised his hand in agreement.

      • 1951

        I suspect he was a new recruit.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      Lies dispersed within e.g. not all raised their hands to agree women should sit separate from men. The idea of sitting apart is not the point to me its the next comment the speaker made “all agree” but they didnt …. he is a liar. What is the punishment in the Qu’ran for liars?

      • bristol

        72 virgins?

        • intelligentes candida diva

          Thats a heavenly reward What is the earth based punishment?

          • 1951

            Life imprisonment, where they must be made to raise pigs, be surrounded by dogs on the fence-line in jails run by women.

          • Builder

            In Pokeno

          • 1951

            What about the ice cream….?

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Found the answer silly me ought to have known more hypocrisy


        • 1951

          Well done ICD, a little light reading for tonight.

        • sandalwood789

          ICD – sorry to disappoint you but that is an *islamic* site.

          The situation regarding lying in islam is quite complex.

          Here is a page that covers it reasonably well –

          Quote – “One of the foundational theological problems for Islam in this matter is the fact that Allah prides himself to be “the best of deceivers”
          (Âl ‘Imran 3:54, Al-Anfal 8:30).

          How then can deception be negative and morally wrong
          for Muslims when **it is a matter of pride for Allah, the god of Islam?**

          For a detailed discussion of this matter, see Allah – The Greatest Deceiver of them All
          and further articles listed under DECEPTION.

          One should always be very cautious and careful regarding debating Muslims, as many see no problem to use lies and deception on those occasions. Oftentimes, they do not understand
          dialogue and debate meetings as an open and honest exchange of convictions, but it is part
          of the Islamic war against unbelievers in another form, and “war is deceit” as Muhammad said.”

          • intelligentes candida diva

            Thank you I was aware it was an Islamic site and it was from that perspective I was wanting the answer to the enquiry .
            Your comment in essence provides an indepth explanation to the same answer :-)
            Lying is ok or hypocrisy …change the rules to suit the goal of sharia dictatorship

          • sandalwood789

            Ahhh….. understood…. :)

    • spanishbride

      This guy is being honest about what Islam is and that what the deluded in the West call extreme views are actually’ moderate’ views. I thank him for his honesty. He is not trying to hide the reality. When Islam is so blatant about its followers views and their intentions for our western civilizations why is it that our governments and Media turn a blind eye?

      • sandalwood789


        I mean, France was really foolish to allow massive numbers of muslims to flood in. However – major kudos to them for both banning the burqa and banning “mass prayers” in the streets.

        Folks – that is a country where almost 10% of people are muslim but the passing of those laws caused *barely a ripple* of dissent. A few moans in the MSM but that was about all.

        Now, John Key – if France (with its massive muslim population) can do that then YOU can bring in a law that defines islam as an “ideology that promotes hatred and violence” and then use that law to *protect and defend* this country by banning muslim immigration.
        *Drop* your pet “change the flag” project and do this instead.
        It would be *much* more useful for the country.

  • 1951

    Where the h.ll is the MSM……………………..? Missing in action !!

    • Kevin

      Hiding from the butchers while pretending they’re showing tolerance.

      • 1951

        Hiding behind their Leftist ethos waiting for the One World direction from the UN. Well the way these barbaric muslims are going, it will be one world but most of us will be killed off in the process. Not quite the way the elite intelligentsia that support the Left, intended it.

  • Richard

    So, as long as the sheep or goat is facing Mecca then it’s all good?

    • Geoff

      Does the sheep or goat have to be a virgin?

  • sandalwood789

    Crimes Act 1961 –


    Quote – “144 Indecency with animal

    Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years who commits any act of indecency with an animal.”

    Everyone *except* muslims (of course).

    That’s how our judiciary will interpret this.

    • Geoff

      Bob Kerridge won’t put up with it. They will charged under the cruelty to animals act.

    • Goldfish

      The problem is that for followers Sharia is placed above the law – it’s a religious law that trumps regular law. It’s backward and stone-age stuff, but they follow it – if they don’t they lose their head.

      Of course it is the other way round in the West – nothing trumps the law, not even religious activities. Muslims seem to be unable to get their heads round that.

  • steve and monique

    For the sake of mankind, these lunatics need to be caged.

  • 1951

    Just read on Bing they have taken-out the 2nd Japanese prisoner K Goto. C’mon World… ……WAKE-UP!!

    • Albert Lane

      This might even be enough incentive for the Japanese to join with countries that are attacking ISIL from the air. They appear to be doing a very good job.

      • 1951

        I would hate to be any of the world leaders at this time but this cannot go on.

  • Albert Lane

    And Kiwisaver is now starting a special fund for muslims, with the promise that their money will not be used for a variety of investments, including alcohol, gambling etc. Perhaps Kiwisaver could invest their money in a new prison for muslims. I think we’re going to need it soon, so there will be a good return on their investment.

    • Dumrse

      Which specific sector of KiwiSaver is offering this investment category ? Is it ANZ KiwiSaver, is it Kiwi Bank, is it Milford Asset Managent ?

      We need to know which fund to get out of.

      • Albert Lane

        Islamic KiwiSaver ready to go

        New Zealand’s first Islamic KiwiSaver fund has been launched with a promise not to invest in alcohol, Western entertainment or pornography. The Amanah KiwiSaver Plan…

      • Albert Lane

        It’s in today’s Herald on-line.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    1 To share fact based images is not propaganda.

    2 The last image 15 is the most powerful. Take heed NZ women this is the sharia way.

    3 I follow Ayaan Hirsi Ali, image 5. An accurate description of the concept of islam. For the doubters she is one voice who does know about islam having been bought up and got out from under its oppression. I am a Christian and she now an atheist her thinking is how I think about islam/sharia, she uses cogent language to educate and inform.

    4 Image 12 is depraved, its as though this mad mohammed was really mad, if no woman or child around to have engage with its ok with an animal. Again women take note this idea is a telling sign of the lack of regard for females….. what is it the imam say about p.o.r.n? Ah yes FILTH. Image 12 is FILTH, and the hypocrisy incredulous, no wonder those imam talk with forked tongues

  • sandalwood789

    Yes, it is indeed allowed in islam and there are even a few fatwas (rulings) that specify “how it should be done”.

    Just a couple of links here to show how bad islam really is –

    That link contains this fatwa from the late ayatollah khomeini –

    “A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age,
    even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man,
    however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl
    younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay,
    rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having
    intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not
    committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not
    permanently damaged.”

    Are you out there, John Key?
    I hope you read this.

    Oh, and for anyone thinking that this is “just in shi’ite islam” – that is not so –

    • Mick Ie

      Two words: Rawan. RIP

  • Kevin

    I formed my opinion on Islam as the world’s dumbest (and most dangerous) religion after reading the Koran.

    • sandalwood789

      Good on you!

      I’ll bet that you know a container-ship-load more about islam than john key does.

      • Kevin

        Apparently the original version of the Koran had passages in it acknowledging pagan holidays or something like that as Mohammed had promised the pagans. However he later reneged and claimed that the passages were written by “Satan”. Problem is, if you believe all that and believe in the Koran then you have to accept that any other passage in the Koran could have been written by Satan, including the whole book. Hence the controversy over the Satanic Verses and why the Ayatollah threw such a hissy – the Satanic Verses actually *was* an existential threat to Islam.

    • Goldfish

      Call it for what it is – it’s a cult. And like any good cult, a good portion of its followers are dangerously unhinged. Much like the leader of the cult.

  • Kevin

    Islam is the religion of peace. Piece of you there, piece of you here …

  • Bob D

    The last image is horrific, but it illustrates a problem inherent in polygamy.

    What happens is older men trade daughters. So I will arrange with one of my mates for us to marry our daughters to each other. Everybody wins (sarc), except of course the daughters and the other young men, because two young women just got taken out of the available pool.

    Now when a daughter refuses to marry an older man, of course it means her father won’t get a nubile young bride in exchange to add to his own harem. That’s why they get so angry, and maim or kill their daughters.

  • timemagazine

    How insecure the Muslims must be to get enraged by some drawings.

  • spanishbride

    Hmmm so you have to slaughter the animal after having your filthy way with it.
    Who feels like a nice Halal goat stew? What about a Mc Goat burger?
    It reminds me of a joke told by a Kiwi Comedian.He said in Aussie they mocked him saying that we Kiwis were all sheep botherers. He responded by saying that in NZ every young man is given their own sheep girlfriend that they enjoy for at least two years. After that the sheep are slaughtered and the meat exported to Australia. His side splitting final line was… ‘ think of that fact as you eat your dinner with the gravy dripping down your chin! ‘

  • Patterson

    I think I’m going to throw up…..

  • Goldfish

    Today in the mall I saw a guy wearing a yarmulke. And I thought to myself that even in NZ, that is a brave man to wear that out in public.

    I’m proud that people can peacefully follow the religion of their choice in NZ. But we’ve got enough anti-Jew bigots in this country, and when you factor in that extra insanity from Islamists (Avondale is just a suburb away), this guy is taking a chance. Kudos to him for his faith and bravery.

  • NZ 2014

    A day after the attacks in Paris I wore a French rugby jersey from RWC 2011 to the local shops, a muslim coming the other way on the aisle of a supermarket looked anywhere but at me and the Jersey she knew was French. I also wore it as i have a little French blood in me and I will not stand for anyone Muslim, Hindu or whatever belief who slaughters innocent people in the name of their cause.

  • Matt Pearce

    270 million jews?? yeah I dont think so