#Je suis Charlie

#I am Charlie

Truth can hurt but Truth must not be silenced.

My collections of images under the # I am Charlie headline will upset some people. They include graphic photos of actual events, political cartoons and Internet memes/posters. They all have one thing in common. They are an attempt to influence your thinking about Islam. Yes you can call them propaganda or offensive. Propaganda can be about telling lies or putting a slant on the truth or just be provocative in order to get you to think about an issue. You decide what these are, individual image by individual image. That is what is wonderful about living in a free, democratic society here in New Zealand. We can do that without fear of violent reprisals ( at least for now )



Islam is not a religion of peace





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Cartoon - Islam Is Peace










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  • George Costanza

    The nose one got to me. What is wrong with these people?!!

    That fact they can justify that to their own conscious bewilders me

    • Kevin

      When you can boldly say nothing in the Koran contradicts science and then argue that any so-called contradictions aren’t really contradictions then you can justify anything.

    • OneTrack

      But people are all the same the world over. The progressives always tell us that.

    • Matt Pearce

      yeah blimmin christians and hindus cutting womans noses off!

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I like the 2nd to last image but may alter the wording to omit “infidel’ to “democratic” however that said hearing the word ‘infidel’ does alert non muslims to the derogatory nuance it holds against them/me.

    I asked a Quebecer today why she does not like Montreal and one reason was ..oh you guessed it, along with no one is doing anything about the influx and demands …. people such as me are becoming frustrated at the lack of legislation and pro action to address this for what it is…… except for the public voices such as blogs like WOBH

    • OneTrack

      Infidel is similar to tauiwi.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Difference”tauiwi” = those that come after and is not explicit to religion.
        “infidel” =explicit in its meaning reference of religion lesser, non religious or non believing of the “religion” referring to “infidel”

  • Rodger T


  • steve and monique

    If we allow this rot to spread around the world, and do nothing, then we deserve to find our cultures, freedoms, and rights destroyed. These backward thinking murderers, will take over, make all we have fought for obsolete, and return us to the stone age. Pandering, and being PC is what they are hoping for, so as to make their takeover easy. Now with the clouds on the Horizon, do we cower inside to stay dry, or get wet, and send these murderers to hell, where they belong. I know what future I want for my children, and it is one with the same freedoms I have had. I will fight, and make sure this happens. The question is, how many of our leaders will feel the same, and do what is required to maintain our rights. Ban immigration from these backwaters now, and ensure those who slipped in tow the line, or return them to their homelands. As for those who were born here and choose to follow this path of Allah. You think real hard before taking the offensive in this country. We are not all PC, and as a result wont stand for your rubbish. Soapbox finished.

    • thehawkreturns

      It isn’t the new ones coming in. The demographics of huge birth rates eventually destroy the host like any cancer or virus, for that is what Islam and Muslims surely are.

      • OneTrack

        Maybe, but you can start somewhere. And halting Muslim immigration sounds an easy first step. Some progressives might have to put aside some elements of their ideology. There’s your problem.

        • kloyd0306

          There is no politician in NZ who has the courage to begin such proceedings, but halting Muslim immigration to NZ needs to happen now. Ten years on……too late.

          • steve and monique

            Then they need a public boot up the bum to get on with it. It is a poor leader who cant see the writing on the wall. John Key, you are the one leader of this country with the public support to get this happening. Failing to do so, may mean your legacy is a new flag. Black and white, with Muslim writing.

          • wooted

            I normally vote for the political party that generally reflects my views. I have never voted for a “One Issue” party. I am willing to make an exception on this issue.

      • steve and monique

        You need 2.5 children in a country to keep the culture alive. Most average 1.5 in the western world. The Muslims breed at a rate of 8 on average. The maths is pretty scary.

  • Genevieve

    Today we see a chilling copycat of the Charlie Hebdo attack occurring in Copenhagen.
    There have been two attacks at this stage, the first killing 1 person in a cafe, which was holding a ‘Free-Speech’ gathering. The organiser of the meeting was well-known for his caricatures of Mohammed.
    There has since been another person killed at a Jewish synagogue.
    Uncertain whether two incidents connected as suspect/s still at large.


    • thehawkreturns

      When I suggested to my Swedish friend that the Muslims were about to destroy his country he abruptly told me that I was a racist and Sweden certainly had no problems with Islam. That was two years ago and he hasn’t spoken to me again. I wonder if he might wish to review his multicultural brainwashing?

      • Genevieve

        That is interesting, as the target for the cafe shooting was the organiser of the free-speech event, a Swedish cartoonist, Lars Vilks ( he was not killed).
        In the interests of free speech I have attached one of his cartoons.

      • Sweet Lips.

        I have a friend in Italy, he said too me “are you afraid of the Muslims, they are ok” that was over a year ago, he now accepts that they are not ok.

      • Huia

        I bet you anything he has changed his mind, the Muslims do not think or behave anything people in the west. They have not moved, grown, or embraced modern evolution and learnings , they have not evolved as a people they have regressed. Stuck back in the 12th century except now they have modern weapons and no code of honour at all. They were a cultured, learned people but have reverted to being barbarians with a stone age, group mentality. This is the beginning of the end of them I believe, but in the meantime they will do a lot of damage to a lot of nations. They will steal our self worth, freedom and we will become very afraid I think.
        The left and the Minto’s of our world are still blind to what is starting to happen around the world, and do not have the nutz to stand up and be countered as they always go for the soft easy option, much easier to wave a placard and shout slogans than it is to actually get your hands dirty and do something to protect your own.
        There is a world wide movement to convert or kill everyone not of the Muslim faith, you would have to have you head in the sand to think otherwise.

  • Hard1

    About those mobile phones that ISIS leaders use to spread their videos…

    The Islamic State (Isis) in Mosul, northern Iraq, has reportedly chopped the hands off three women for using mobile phones.
    In addition, five men are also said to have been flogged for using their phones – which the Islamic State consider a crime.


    • Genevieve

      IS are getting quite paranoid about Mosul residents using their phones to notify US and allies of the locations of IS, so enforcing sanctions on residents re their phones.
      Interesting but not surprising how the same ‘crime’ resulted in very different punishments for females vs males.

  • paul468

    We must stop immigration of Muslims into NZ – it’s too late after they are here.