Kevin Hague plays dumb

Feral and proud.

Feral and proud.

West Coast-based Green Party MP Kevin Hague has not revealed whether he hopes to become his party’s new co-leader.

Russel Norman announced on Friday that he would stand down as co-leader at the party’s annual meeting in May.

Mr Hague, who is number three on the party list after Dr Norman and co-leader Metiria Turei, wouldn’t comment on Friday on whether he hoped to fill the role.

Oh why the subterfuge?  He led a bloodless coup for the very reason that he wants to be co-Leader (or, to be honest, as long as Metiria is there, the leader).  

He said it should be a day to celebrate Dr Norman’s achievements in building the party’s electoral success and his many years of service.

Dr Norman had been the party’s co-leader for nine years and started working in Parliament in 2002. He now had three children under four.

“I don’t think anyone is surprised when they reflect on those facts that he’s choosing to go now,” Mr Hague said.

It was still a shock to see such a well-established part of the organisation go.

Mr Hague had known Dr Norman’s plans for a few days but the rest of the party only found out today. It was appropriate to give the party time to absorb the news before making announcements about bids to succeed Dr Norman, he said.

Yes, of course he had known of Dr Norman’s plans.  He made the plans.  And then he told Russel how it was going to play out.

Asked if he had previously considered the leadership, Mr Hague said it had not been an ambition.

“You might say that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.”   Also, he needs some time off from back stabbing to make it look like he’s the right kind of guy to replace Norman.

The new co-leader would be male, as the party always had male and female co-leaders. He would not have to be a Parliamentarian. Any financial member of the Green Party could stand.

Oh, wouldn’t that just be great?  A co-leader outside of parliament, so Metiria can head up the whole show?  “I see Russel getting back stabbed as a huge vote of confidence in me!”


– Laura Mills of the Greymouth Star, Kim Fulton of the Westport News


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  • Alfred

    Hague will turn off most voters once they hear him open his mouth and hear and see just how nasty he is.

  • Bobb

    “Kevin Hague plays dumb”? Thats not hard…… He IS dumb. And feral, as he proudly advertises.

  • ozbob68

    Is KDC a paid-up member of the Green Party?

    • ex-JAFA

      That’s an interesting thought as a theoretical exercise. The Greens’ leader *can* be someone outside parliament, but can they be someone who *cannot* ever be an MP? (In KDC’s case, that’s because he’s not a citizen.)

      Parallels with the Pope having to be a Catholic male, but not necessarily a priest let alone a cardinal.

  • Cadwallader

    To begin with the Greenies do not need two leaders. If I were advising Hague the first thing I’d say would be to boot Turei and not replace her. The second piece of advice would be to dump marxism and concentrate on the green issues. The third piece would be to speak to the Nats evenly and constructively. There’s the 2017 coalition all but sorted. He may be too silly to do this of course. But, if the greens want to be a part of a government this has to be a sensible pathway.

    • flutterby

      Could you trust them?

      • Cadwallader

        They’d only get Nick Smith’s Conservation portfolio which should be enough to shut them up.

      • Wahbonnah

        I’d trust the Greens a shed load more if they listened to Cadwalladers advice, than I do now!!!
        PS where’d you come up with the name Cadwallader??

  • Hard1
  • Adios Africa

    He appears highly confident in his standing among peers, resists feelings of inadequacy, and craves recognition for accomplishments ( both of them as per his T shirts).

    • Wallace Westland

      Yeah. He’s advanced from wearing it on his sleeve to wearing it on his tee shirt. Bully for him.

  • cows4me

    I wouldn’t vote for the clowns on their leadership policy alone, what nonsense. It’s no wonder they are seen as flakes and loonies, they need to get real. A leader is the leader not some backstabbing two bob nor some fool that specialises in imitating a scarecrow in a strong wind.

  • Mr Keeper

    ” He now had three children under four.” don’t you mean 4 children under 4 ;-)

  • caochladh

    “Kevin Hague plays dumb” Do you really think he has to play at it – I think it comes naturally.

  • Sailor Sam

    About the only thing you can in teh positive about him is that he is not from Auckland.

    • EvoDriver

      Auckland rules, wherever you’re from drools

    • Abjv

      In 1980 he was President of the Auckland University Students Association. Bad luck.

    • Aucky

      Tch, tch Sam. Chip….shoulder? Bombay Hills and all that.

    • Wahbonnah

      look at that picture again SS.
      Kevin is definately from West AK!!!!

  • Bluemanning

    Hague is vague about his leadership aspirations; he will stand on the condition that Greens must have a single leader namely ‘himself’, counting on the rest of the loopies not wanting Metiria. Who else is there? Otherwise bye bye Metiria.

  • Wendy

    I went to university with Kevin and considered him a friend. I might not agree with his politics but he is a pretty decent and pretty smart bloke.

    • terrynaki

      Wendy the sad thing about your comment is that you actually believe it to be true.

      • Wendy

        1) My opinion is based on personal knowledge of the man.

        2) I don’t bag people personally just because their political ideology is different to mine or because other anonymous online people do.

        3) I have the integrity than to call a person a friend regardless of the opinions of the audience.

        4) My comments here and elsewhere usually offer a little more to a discussion than “You/your comment is sad”.

        Lift your game.

  • Bean

    I’m not sure he will pass the blink test, doens’t for me.

  • timemagazine

    Saying ” couldn’t possibly comment” means yes.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Confronted with the task of finding a new leader or partial leader in the case of the Greens is even more of a challenge than Labour faced.
    There is only rabble to choose from and quite frankly the majority of voters will be totally detached from whom ever they choose.
    There is little or no prospect of the Greens attempting any sort of makeover in time for the 2017 election or being part of any administration as they remain the most toxic element of the NZ political scene. They might choose the natural cover of woolly fleece but they will always remain the wolf of the pack.

  • Ilovelife

    That photo is seriously creepy. He looks like an axe murderer or something.