Little better than the rest says TV3 poll, really?

55 percent you say? Is that all?

55 percent you say? Is that all?

According to a released TV3 poll Andrew Little is supposedly better than the rest of the muppets who were leader before him.

In attempt to get some good news out early for Andrew Little it appears TV3 has led early with the one result Andrew Little supposedly shines in.

He’s just two months into the job, but already Labour leader Andrew Little is outshining all his predecessors since Helen Clark, according today’s 3 News-Reid Research poll.

It’s the first political poll of the year and sets the tone for what’s set to be a rip-roaring battle of the leaders as Mr Little takes on Prime Minister John Key.

The poll shows 55 percent of voters think Mr Little is potentially a better match for Mr Key than his predecessors.

3 News Political Editor Patrick Gower says there’s a warning for the Prime Minister in today’s poll.

“Even National Party supporters think Little’s one to watch, that will force Key to sit up and take notice. There’s no room for complacency this term.

“Key’s popularity hasn’t been dented and Labour’s revolving leadership has struggled to get one over him, but this poll shows he may have finally met his match.”

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percent.

As you can see they have released this bit early.

One suspects though that, despite the touting of this result as somehow good for Andrew Little, Labour’s own result will still be a long way behind the results garnered by Phil Goff and David Shearer.

That is a true test of whether or not voters think that grim and dour Andrew Little actually is better than his predecessors, rather than a trumped up loaded question designed to get a result positive to Andrew Little.

When put up against Goff, Shearer and Cunliffe, all losers, of course Andrew Little will get a positive result.

Little hasn’t been been tested.

I want to see how he copes with a coming scandal. And he is yet to have to answer serious questions about Dirty Politics and the role of Labour politicians and staff in that. Or indeed labour’s own dirty politics actions.



– 3News


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  • Sailor Sam

    Begs the same old question – If Andrew Little is the answer, then the question is wrong.
    But TV3 will do anything to boost him and on monday, guess what – I bet John Campbell will have him as guest to start the new season of 7o’clock pap on TV.

  • yoyoyo

    I smell some gnashing teeth and bumpy waves coming. Standby. This ought to be interesting.

    Where there is smoke there is fire

  • George

    What has he done. Nothing, ziltch, zero. And now he’s our hero. What a guy?

    • OneTrack

      The left are looking for their next “Game Changer”(tm). They might be still looking.

  • pisces8284 .

    55% think he is an improvement, but 45% don’t. Not a stat to be particularly proud of

    • OT Richter

      55 percent of voters think Mr Little is potentially better…

      So just over half of voters think he might be better than the clowns before him. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

      What’s the bet that on TV3 tonight Gower uses either the phrase “it’s game on” or “this is a game changer”.

      • Cowgirl

        Exactly ‘potentially’ isn’t much chop until he is tested. And when he is tested, ‘potentially’ will change to ‘definitely not’.

  • Eiselmann

    Shows how bad the others were if Angry Andrew by doing nothing is doing better than them …still give him time he’ll make a hash of it either that or Grant ‘Trust Me ‘ Robertson will start poking that particular hornets nest.

  • Isherman

    OK, 8.45am Sunday morning and I’ve just had my first good laugh for the day. I think the recent positivity that some are sounding out around Andrew Little is, well, little more than hope, and the attempt to manufacture credibility myself, I’ve seen nothing so far that would make him any more formidable than the last guys, and he has many of the same problems with caucus etc.

  • Papillon

    Based on this, I guess the preferred prime minister polls have Little soaring, nah, Little chance of that me thinks.

  • STAG

    Before the election I was bombarded with calls with questions designed to make National sound good, now after, nothing from anyone.

    I take from that that only Labour supporters are answering this question and almost half of this very small and select group think he has a chance of being better then 3 losers.

    Hardly a ringing endorsement of confidence and support, come on Gower pull the other one. This guy’s as much of a lovers as all the rest.

  • LesleyNZ

    I was just reading NZ Herald journalist Cherie Howie’s take on this poll – headline “Has Key met his match?” Well you know what they say when you ask a stupid question……. you get a stupid answer back. (Who is Cherie Howie?)

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      He is the mayor of Howie(k).

  • conwaycaptain

    He is better than his predecessors but that wasn’t hard to do.
    JK will trash him in the coming months then Cardy Grant will want another go at becoming leader along with those towering intellects of Mahuta Adern etc etc

  • Sally

    First of the Little’s positive news stories for the week. Now waiting for the second. Then the week’s quota is done.

  • Carl

    Margin of error 3.1% so lets call it 51.9% then.

  • Korau

    To paraphrase Billie Joe Armstrong, “There’s nothing wrong with being a loser Andrew, it just depends on how good you are at it.”

  • With the margin of error it’s pretty much a buck each way

    1/2 think he’s better than the last 3 losers – and half think he’s just the same or worse

    He’s had one spittle inducing shouting rage in parliament and an incredibly boring state of the nation speech with no policy

    Hardly inspiring numbers

  • Cadwallader

    Is Labour the extinct party now? It must be should Little Angry be the best zombie currently strutting. What a stupid poll! I suppose Gower will massage it into a beheading of National and Soper will forecast titanic struggles for the 32 months until the next election with JK sliding backwards into electoral oblivion?

  • Nebman

    Any chance Paddy Gower and Andrea Vance are both going for the same job as Labours media manager?

    • Sooty

      Yeah, but it’s only a short term job!

  • Jaffa

    The way I read the title is, Little, is little better than the rest.

    Seems right!

  • Hard1

    Little is still in Base Camp, waiting for his Sherpas to turn up. Apparently he’s going to climb without oxygen.

  • GMAK

    At this stage he will poll positively simply because he is not goff/shearer/cunliffe. One the public realise he is really no diffirent to goff/shearer/cunliffe (mainly due to having the same puppet master) he will drop

  • Sooty

    Where’s Cunliffe? I can not remember seeing him since the election?

  • Hard1

    What I really want to know is, does Andrew Little wear pajamas ?.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Let me run a poll on this for you….

      • knight

        No silly, the poll should be does Andrew Little look better in his pajamas than his predecessors Cunliffe, Shearer and Goff, or should that be Andrew Little looks better in his pajamas than any labour leader since Helen Clark.

        Then Paddy Gower will have to say without any doubt, that John Key needs to sit up and take notice, and Andrew Little in his pajamas is the one to watch this term.

    • Gaynor

      Of course he does …. with the top button done up .

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    My previous two comments have disappeared for some reason?!??! All this poll says is Handy Andy is a better loser than the previous losers….Moving on…

  • Nige.

    He hasn’t actually done anything yet.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Nige – May be he is following the tactic – “if I don’t do anything, I will not stuff up….”

      • Nige.

        Correct. Part of that is exactly how k.Rudd beat john Howard by saying very little.

  • InnerCityDweller

    Just because you’re perceived to be better than those who came before you, doesn’t make you a success let alone a threat

    • JustTinkering

      Best of a bad bunch!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    “I want to see how he copes with a coming scandal” – cannot wait for this…..

    • Rodger T

      Foot stomping and shouting is my prediction.

      • spanish_tudor

        And finger-pointing.

  • kehua

    4% preferred PrimeMinister from a party with 28% of the Vote at the last Election, the only joke sicker than Little are the deluded leftwing sympathisers and their msm lackeys. God forbid that we actually get some informed, accurate reportring in an honest and open manner.

  • Wasapilot

    At least his predecessors won an electorate seat

    • Edward_L

      Cunliffe couldn’t even win the majority of the party vote in New Lynn. So we’re not talking about much, to be an improvement.

  • cows4me

    I’ve worked out where they went wrong with the poll. There should be a 9 in front of 3.1% for the margin of error.

  • Tony

    This isn’t about his suitability or not to be PM but that 55% think that he is better than Goff, Shearer and Cunliff while 45% think that he isn’t!

  • corporate refugee

    The headline on this should have been ” Little not as bad as the others”

    • taurangaruru

      Or “Little better than the rest” – which can be taken two ways.

  • Bluemanning

    Little is better than the labour leaders who came before him after Hulun? Not much of a yardstick to measure against in fact it’s quite little.

  • ex-JAFA

    I imagine the perception that he’s doing so well (or at least has not yet stuffed up) may have something to do with him having been on holiday half of the time since his appointment by the unions election by his peers.

    Also, Little being perceived as “better” than Cunliffe, Shearer or Goff is akin to one nasty disease of the dangly bits being “better” than the others.

  • Teletubby

    To be fair being better than his predecessors is a low bar to clear.

  • IntrinsicValue

    The Herald’s piece on this opened with these words…”The public’s honeymoon with new Labour leader Andrew Little is showing few signs of easing more than two months after he was chosen to lead a divided party.” What a disgraceful misrepresentation. The poll didn’t ask whether people liked Little, just whether he was better than his predecessors, and even then only ‘potentially’. Where do they get these ‘journalists’?

    • Dumrse

      It’s nothing to do with a poll, it’s what some trained and skilled cadet writer thinks.

  • Rex

    What sane,person would listen to,anything Paddy Gower says?! Remember all the predictions he was making pre the election. ALL wrong. I do wonder if TV3 realise how many people switch channels whenever his ugly mug appears.

    • Kiwibabe

      Wonder if Gower and the rest can keep their jobs after the next election proves them doubly silly?

  • Positan

    You think that by now, self-styled “political journalists” would be aware that political parties are not elected to government on the apparent attributes of their leader. The leader is like the icing on the cake – the cake itself comprised of so many other things, The top three would be – first and foremost: a realistic and acceptable economic policy. Second: the calibre of associates – does the rest of the crowd on offer look capable? Third: Is there an obvious workable harmony among the party’s standing MPs that comes across good and strong to the electorate.

    Little is but one small cog in the construction of a big engine and if all the rest doesn’t come together, it won’t matter if he can fly or walk on water, Labour won’t be going anywhere.

    • M C Chinaman

      I think these days is the No 1 factor is: How well will Labour get on with the potential coalition partners they will need to form a government ( most likely Green and NZ First)? What policy concessions will they make as the price of forming a coalition? Will potential Labour voters be turned off by such probable partners and concessions?

      • Positan

        Indeed these are all valid, but our shallow media seems to focus only on the potential of individual personalities for most of the electoral cycle. It’s only when, close to election time, with the more finalised possibility of the various percentages, they seek to reflect on who might do what with whom, or whomsoever else.

  • ElleAsks

    I see the full results is now on the herald….. This is the bit that really says it all, and so different from this mornings headlines!
    ” In the preferred Prime Minister question, Mr Key is up by 3.9 points to 44 per cent in the TV3 poll, and Mr Little debuts at 9.8 per cent.”

    Wow – 9.8% wants him as PM… Bit of a different story nzherald

  • Andrew Gibson

    So, nearly half of those polled believe Little is WORSE than his predessessors ?

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Best of the loosers! Don’t let it get to your head, mate…

  • Neil

    He hasnt had time to fall flat on his face yet. We wont have to wait long. Already he is promising very low unemployment rates…just cant say how. The media think thats OK but the public wont believe in that sort of magic. He should join the new Greek government and will fit right in

  • NZ 2014

    He shouts and screams in parliament because he really knows in his heart he is skippering a sinking ship.