Little keen to learn from Australian Labor party resurgence


Labour Leader Andrew Little (borrowing David Cunliffe’s tie)


The New Zealand Labour Party says it will be talking to its counterpart in Australia after its incredible comeback in the Queensland state elections.

The Australian Labor Party is on track to claim 45 or 46 of the 89 seats in the state’s parliament, after going into the poll holding only nine seats.

It is a major blow for Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party, and a reflection of the unpopularity of the country’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

New Zealand Labour Party leader Andrew Little said the result is encouraging but it would not necessarily be reflected here.

He said that was because the issues which contributed to the result were unique to Queensland, and New Zealand is still three years out from an election

Yes.   If only Labour could create some kind of situation unique to New Zealand, some kind of scandal that Labour could expose about National, something dirty…

The thing is, if New Zealanders had the choice, they would probably put the Australian Labour Party in charge ahead of Angry Andy’s Little Labour.

Still.  If we’re talking about Labour learning things from Labor, they should have a long hard look at the union corruption interfering in and with Australian politics.




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  • Sailor Sam

    The “resurgence” of Labor in Queensland brings them back to the level that they usually are.
    Labor lost last time because of the total unpopularity of Anna Bligh and was dumped upon big time, allowing the aberation that was Cambell Newman to decimate Labor.
    So the staus quo has been rstored and Andrew Little needs to remember that he needs a totally discredited National led government in order to have any hope of winning.
    He cannot win if that does not happen.
    Just an aside, the Australian Labor Party does not have you in it Andrew.

    • Wheninrome

      Imagine what sort of a picture it would be if Andrew Little was in the Australian labour party.

  • Cadwallader

    There’s nothing to learn. The Queensland election simply depicts Aussies’ love of socialism and tax/spend idiot governments. The chardonnay socialists of Australia are many in number, high in prejudice but low in perceptions.

    • Bryan

      the downturn of the ore and coal business has hit Queensland hard but voting back in labour is not going to change that as it is beyond the political arena and has more to do with what china buys. I had a miner from over there tell me they were pulling coal for $18 a ton and china was paying $6.00 a ton, and i said to him “How long is the state or govt going to support that “?

      • sheppy

        Didn’t Labour bring in huge tax hikes on mining which priced Australian mines out of the market?

        • cows4me

          Just watch the lefty idiots, they’ll probably reintroduce a state carbon tax so they don’t feel left out.

        • Dave

          Yes, they did, they were invincible, Anna Bligh, or the QLD Blight as she was know.

      • Davo42

        You are absolutely spot on Bryan, this is more to do with a soft Aussie economy. I don’t believe for a second that NZ Labour should even consider modelling off them. It would be like getting tennis coach to improve your golf handicap. Just shows how NZ Labour really don’t have a strategy or understand the economy, and are desperately scratching around to find something to fix their broken party.

      • Mainstream Mike

        $3 to pull coal, China will pay $6, Labour fed & State governments take the other $15 to make up the $18. Which is what Abbott changed as soon as he became PM, and then (unlike John Key) refused to borrow billions to make up that missing $15, but he cut the bludger instead!

  • Charlie

    That can’t be Little Andy, it’s smiling.

    • johcar

      It’s more like a grimace…. (rhymes with “Wallace” – and Gromit)

  • fergus

    Surprised he doesn’t want to learn from Greece too.
    Queensland want tax and spend and not pay their bills….So does Greece…true of socialists/ labour the world over.

    • Kiwi53

      Socialism is fantastic until it runs out of someone else’s money to spend. (first post on WOBF)

  • Hard1

    If Little is going overseas to come up with yet another strategy to pull the wool over our eyes, that points to a total void in their current planning department.
    Over and above what National are already providing, we want : forced parental training for dropkick parents, heavy sentences and proactive policing for property crimes, hard labor for unprovoked violent offences, decriminalized marijuana with state control the same as tobacco, unpaid fines to be paid for with jail time, no bail for violent offences, Strikes to be illegal, serial taggers to be jailed, a 2 year army draft for people who refuse to work, fast patrol boats for coastal protection, a preset policy for the coming boatloads of illegal immigrants, 20 Warthogs in the airforce with 5 new Hercules, move Waiouru out of the freezing wilderness, and no protection for statements under parliamentary privilege.

    • Wheninrome

      Why move Waiouru out of the freezing wilderness, perfect place for 2 year army draftees for work refusers.

      • Hard1

        Whether it’s refugees or militants, they won’t be much use defending Mt. Ruapehu when the invasion comes by sea.

        • Wheninrome

          I don’t know that work refusers as army draftees would be much better at defence, wherever they were placed.
          AND there is the scary thought they might become very good with a gun.

    • Rocket

      I like all your points above, but reality says that these are INSTEAD of what National is providing, not as well as.

  • Eiselmann

    Even according to the MSM ,labour’s victory in Queensland was a vote against Abbott (its all his fault) .Angry Andrew won’t learn anything of value from this…not unless he can turn the public perception of Key into that of Abbott and Labour the Greens and the local MSM have been trying to do that for years without success.

  • MrSukon

    NZ Labour doesn’t have Tony Abbott doing all the work for them like their Aussie mates do.

  • George Carter

    Tony Abbott and his team may have their faults but how short are Australian memories? The weak austerity measures that Tony has had to bring in are a direct result of the crazy spending by the last labour government. If Aussies embrace Labour so quickly they’re dafter than I thought.

    • sandalwood789

      Agreed. A lot of Aussie voters (not all, but many of them) have very short memories.

      It was *Abbott’s* government that stopped the flood of boatpeople in its tracks. There has not been an illegal immigrant boat get to Aussie for over a year now (and yet Labor said that “it couldn’t be done”).

      Do Aussies *really* want the flood of boatpeople to resume again?
      You can guarantee that it will if Labor get back in.

  • Dave

    Dear Anfrew, the Labour Party won the qld state election by default, as below.

    1). The bogan /feral underclass votes labour and forgot how bad the previous labour governments were and how they sent the state broke.
    2, The LNP won on the primary vote, but with Aussies preferences the minor parties controlled the outcome by passing their preferences to Labour.
    3. The LNP were fixing the economy but went in too fast too hard and lost support of the people

    In short, Labour stood there and did nothing, a classic Last man standing, they campaigned on not Campbell Newman and no asset sales. The issue is their lolly scramble, their promises are u funded, and there is no fiscal plan. I’m seriously worried as we head into a severe continuation of the drought.

    Ps: Anna and Kate were e faces of the Labour Party. Kate is young, attractive, intelligent and a mum, Anna is savvy, fronts the camera well is positive and has political charisma. Sorry Angry but you are the polar opposite, you would be better sticking to the back room and having Jacinda front the cameras.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Anybody who has spent time in Australia know that they are wired differently than Kiwi’s and their political scene is totally different to ours. It is no surprise it remains are very liquid situation as seen by the number of times they have been to polls as well as the pile of rejected leaders.
    Angry Andy is totally short of originality in his thinking from only ever being a union lackey it has seriously tainted what might be considered judgement. His attempts to talk the talk are a failure and he will follow those who preceded him by writing cheques that will never be honoured.

  • Kiwibabe

    Difference is that NZ has a good govt and economy whereas Australia is not doing well now, so Little won’t be learning a thing.