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  • Bart67

    The 200 mile EEZ’s signed off by all the signtories to the United Nation Convention of Laws of the Sea (UNCLOS) is a prime driver to the nations of the world being a little bit excited when they can lay claim to the watrers surrounding a new bit of land. Of course, the proviso does state that the land should be inhabited. Why do you think NZ spends so much money supporting a small DOC station on Raoul Island in the Kermadecs? (Wonderful, windswept, isolated place, visted three times, never quite made it ashore. Apparently more people have summited Everest than have set foot on Raoul Island!)

  • cows4me

    I heard somewhere they had found a new volcano under Wanganui or Wanganui is to become a volcano one day.

    • Betty Swallocks

      … sure you don’t mean a “vholcano”???

    • hookerphil

      Fallout may just reach the naki.