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  • Murray Smith

    What a heathen hell we must live in !!

  • jonno1

    An interesting question, which implies an expectation of conflict between the two concepts. Now I can’t speak for other religions, but my view is that Christianity and science broadly agree in the modern world. To pick the obvious example of creationism vs evolution, creationism (in the sense of total denial of evolution, so-called intelligent design (irreducible complexity), belief in a young earth etc) is not a mainstream Christian perspective, although some individuals may hold those views. Conversely, I doubt there are many scientists who would categorically deny the possibility of a creative force of some kind “in the beginning”. Can anyone think of any examples of clear conflict? My point is that the statement seems to be loaded.

  • Builder

    Another map that correlates with IQ.

  • andrew carrot

    What! No stats from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Somalia?