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  • caochladh

    Australia has more millionaires than China?? I found that impossible to believe and this article wound tend to agree…..

    • David Moore

      You’ve misunderstood what being in the 1% really means.

      • caochladh

        Really? China has more billionaires, millionaires and wealth than Australia, so tell me what it all really means then.

        • David Moore

          Wealth in China is highly concentrated. In Australia most people with a decent house and super fund would be very close to being in the 1% wealth wise globally.

          • PeterPumkinEater

            For now. Once the Multi billion dollar deficit hits the Abbot Gumminet spending Sal, Cal and Mal will wondering where their pension fund has gone,

          • David Moore

            Moral of the story, if the government embarks on a keynesian spending spree, it’s almost impossible to turn the taps off.

            How many of those Chinese millionares will survive China’s debt bomb going off?

  • emmess74

    You only need a decent house in Auckland with most the mortgage paid off to be in top 1% (US$800000)

  • Kash

    what about Hong Kong where every 14th person is a US dollar millionaire, I believe its even higher for Singapore, doubt any of these countries can make that claim.