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  • To be honest, this is where Maher is showing his US education. The UK had a middle class without the need for socialism a century before the Americans. The difference is that the Yanks call the glass being half empty ‘middle class’ whereas the Britannic nations have generally called it the glass half full. The difference was that, in the US case cited, they created a ‘middle class’ which was artificially increased in size through, yes, socialism. Saying that capitalism doesn’t create a middle class is wrong; saying that capitalism doesn’t create a middle class of a ‘socially acceptable’ size is more telling.

  • Murray Smith

    Middle class New Zealand will be eaten by compliance costs and nanny attitudes.
    That is just my former middle class opinion.

  • Shane M

    Maher can claim the U.S. had a 90% tax rate on the rich during the 50’s but he would be hard pressed to find anyone who paid it. It requires a very naive understanding of the U.S. tax code to believe that fantasy.

  • Colinxy

    Interesting: “A rising tide floats all boats.” I learned today that John F Kennedy was actually a Republican instead of a Democrat president from Bill Maher.

    I also learned today that the Middle Class hasn’t existed for centuries, but only started since WWII. Maher is quite the revisionist historian.

    On that peculiar note he mentioned the Middle Class started after the Black Death (it actually started before this plague, but this is Bill Maher talking.) Did it disappear for centuries only to re-appear after WWII? He has an extremely novel approach to history.