NBR go all in on calling John Key a liar


I knew this was coming.   Readers may recall I’ve been pushing the government to deal with the Sabin issue since a little after the election.

Worse, Key slipped up this morning on TV by linking two bits of information together that were previously just speculation.  Careful observers will now know exactly what kind of alleged assault Sabin is being investigated for.

The media at large know what Sabin’s problems involve.  They are unhappy and will be chipping away at this from every other angle that they can find.

Once again – I warned the government to lance this boil as soon as possible, as any delay would not be able to be explained in terms that will favour National.

There are certain thing that MPs simply can not get away with.  It is beyond my understanding why Sabin was even appointed Chairman of the Law and Order Select Committee.   That’s not playing things safe.  It’s not playing it smart, and this will now end up festering for months.

Never hug a corpse.  Never.   And always know where the bodies are buried.

Key needs to go back to leading instead of driving issues via Curia.   Because in cases like these, there is no way to take the public’s temperature until the issue is actually out there.

And in the case of an alleged assault and the particular circumstances that are known to John Key, he should never have allowed Sabin to continue.


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  • Chiefsfan73


  • Wheninrome

    Key is popular, no question, HOWEVER 3rd term is the time to be strong, make decisions, they won’t always be right but fatal to be wishy, washy.
    Getting involved in he, she said etc., is a waste of time. This goes for the continuing saga of Eleanor Catton, Key should just ignore that issue for the waste of time that it is.

    • although to be fair i don’t think he has responded other than the initial comments has he?

      • pak

        It was raised on Breakfast TV this morning. I think the P.M. gave a very fair account of it. Repeated his comments that he respected Catton as an author, that everyone was entitled to their view, but as a writer that did not entitle her view to take precedence. He said for example totally different case if Corin Dann (spelling?) made public comments as his job is that of a political reporter.

        • Margaret McCall

          Just read a FB message from the horrid about this. The comments are unbelievable, makes me wonder about the future of us all, so disrespectful to PM Key

          • Mick Ie

            I’m not going to read them on principle. We all know the lefts view on anything good or bad with JK and the National government. Negativity breeds negativity. Be encouraged that they really are the minority. Noisy and nasty, but still the minority.

          • Margaret McCall

            Didn’t read too many of them made me sick.

          • pak

            I find it very sad that people go on any public forum spewing hate against our P.M. I really wonder what sort of lives they live that they require so little of themselves in terms of this behaviour.

          • Margaret McCall

            It’s the disrespect that makes me sad, you may not like the man but to spew such hatred for the position of PM.

    • pak

      Difficulty is the P.M. has always been very accessible and generally available to answer questions. I thought his initial Catton comments were in response to a question. Having responded (in a very balanced, courteous and reasonable way) it will still keep being raised, as happened on Breakfast TV this morning, until boredom sets in, and the next potential “get John Key” opportunity arises. JK may well wish to “just ignore” it, but if he starts saying “no comment” or doesn’t answer questions, he will be criticised for that too.

  • Sally

    Key does need to start being ‘the’ leader. At the moment it doesn’t look like he is in charge.
    As the media knows Key would have known unless his media advisors are not doing their job properly.
    One also could think there is someone feeding Key the wrong advice.

    • Dave

      There has been plenty of warnings and rumours, if JK needs to keep his finger on the pulse, I suggest he take his tablet to bed with his evening cuppa, and skim read WO. He will be informed of the critical issues, and another 10 mins the comments several times a week, and there is the state of the nation!

      • kayaker

        Rumours are rumours until proven otherwise. How can JK act on rumours?

        Edit: punctuation and grammar

        • Dave

          It’s the leaders job to know, to find out if its smoke, or a raging fire beneath the smoke. He has either ignored the issue, hoped it would go away, been mislead as to the seriousness or his has failed to take note. its still his job to know.

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    I don’t understand why the PM is suddenly making so many schoolboy errors. He’s rarely put a foot wrong in 6 odd years as PM and now there seem to be issues regularly. Is there more to this than we are seeing reported?

    • Aucky

      No……there’s just more beltway minuteae being pursued by a MSM desperate to expose some scandal. Expect a lot more.

      • pak

        Right on the button Aucky!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Nobody except the lazy MSM is worried whether John Key knew this or not. Same like the Dotcon case. In the end there is only one who will be smiling and that is not NBR.

  • The MSM will try and make this one of their so called ‘tipping points’ But it won’t work. Sabin isn’t Crusher or Williamson. In fact, Ask Joe Public. Sabin = Who? = Yawn = Move on ….
    Key is playing this correctly in my opinion.

    • Wheninrome

      The North will decide whether it is important or not. It has had its fair share of unpleasant Court cases in the past.
      There is the Treaty Settlement which will come and the North will then have a Power House in “Maoridom” which will be courted. This may be the start of opportunists or try hards who think there is an opening and wish to put their hand up. Hone, Winston, I am sure there are lots of others.

      • KGB

        Those of us in the North who vote National will not even consider this issue. Too many of us are true blue National voters. Key has made mistakes. Key has threatened our flag. Key is still our only choice. I am 100% sure of that.

        • Wheninrome

          I agree, but there are issues that National could advance, rather than just “ignoring” us which as a new resident (2 years) seems to be the case. I am sure you can point out lots of wonderful things that National has done for the North.

          • KGB

            I think the most important thing the Government has done for the North has been in terms of Treaty Settlement. How this is utilised is neither my decision or judgement to make.
            Second, would be ‘the holiday highway.’ I drive north a lot, and the road is disgraceful. The traffic is at a stand-still outside our property every holiday period.
            To encourage people to travel north and spend their money in cafe’s, shops, tourists attractions, etc, this traffic-jam must be resolved. We live north of Te Hana and traffic is parked outside our gate to Kaiwaka to both leave and return to Auckland. It becomes a parking lot from Orewa to Kaiwaka. I personally think they’re mad to even consider this journey, I would not.
            Northland NEEDS tourist dollars. Northland NEEDS visitor numbers. To hinder that need by making the journey so unpleasant is ridiculous.
            Labour does not support northern roading expenditure. That is the vital difference.

          • Wheninrome

            The by-election is further north than Te Hana. Roads further north are really bad, forget traffic, they are in shocking condition, especially if we are talking tourists. The treaty settlement is yet to arrive in the far north because of infighting, yes will make a difference when it comes, will take a while like all treaty settlements to impact at grassroot level.
            So nothing for the far north where the vote is taking place.

          • KGB

            1.The north includes anyone north of Wellsford.
            2.You are right that the roads are shocking. I travel to Kawakawa & Kaikohe frequently.
            3.We have already seen treaty settlements in the north. I still await trickle-down impact.

          • Wheninrome

            The voters this time are north of Whangarei.
            Yet to see the big settlement -wait for those “perceived leaders in maoridom” to put their hands up to manage the business – I mean bank account!!

          • wooted

            The upgrading of SH1 will be good news for everyone from Warkworth to North Cape.

    • You wait until it comes out what he’s been covering up and for how long, and then appointed Sabin to chair the law and order committee.

      This isn’t trivial. The problem is there are certain legal obstacles now that prevent people from telling you the extent of the problem.

  • Justsayn

    There is a big effort by the MSM to try to make the current political scene interesting by attacking National to even out the contest a bit. They then have something to write about. I’m not sure how much it works – see dirty politics for example. Attacking Key on this is another example of it.

    You cannot expect (or want) Key to act on the basis of every rumor, or informal accusation, that wafts through on a beltway breeze. If he does that then he’d forever be sacking Ministers. It is also hard to stand someone down pending the outcome on an investigation if there are privacy issues that mean you might be able to say why.

    I think he was right to wait until there was either something more formal (reliable / public) before he acted. If that is what he has done then I’m more than okay with it.

    I do however agree that the National Party might have acted on a lesser threshold at the time of candidate selection, but how far before the election was that and what was then “reliably rumored”? You certainly cannot blame Key for inaction in that respect.

  • The Whinging Pom

    If Mr Angry tries to make something out of Mr Key not prejudging things and refusing to act on rumour, perhaps that would be an appropriate time to remind voters (especially men) that as Labour’s Justice spokesman Andy proposed changing the law for certain categories of offence so that those accused were presumed guilty until able to prove their innocence.

    Go on, Mr Little. Give this one as much air as you dare. It’ll just show everyone where Labour really stands on due process and the rule of law.

  • axeman

    Just like sport politics is all about momentum. Both the MSM & Labour are trying to create it with this sort of rubbish, really who cares? Sabin resigns, by election called, National retains seat end of story. The MSM & Labour are trying to take momentum into the parliamentary term. Key just needs to stomp on it, a couple king hit tackles in the mid field so to speak stop the attack, turn the ball over and counter. All Key needs to do is get his hands on the ball

  • the north

    Cam is 100% right in what he says Key has screwed up, with the by election , as a voter in northland I hope it is decided on what is best for northland people

    • Bobb

      How would it go up there if the Nats talked David Rankin into standing for them in the bye election?

      • the north

        That would be interesting , if my history is correct social credit held the Hobson seat in 1966 to 1969 which is part of northland, so the seat has not always been national. it would be interesting if a strong local stood against national , without the clown parties standing making a two horse race

        • Bobb

          Right. So National needs a strong candidate. Rankin would be perfect I would have thought. Would also bring a strong independent Maori voice to the National caucus.

          • the north

            national will need a strong candidate, they would be foolish to take northland for granted and think they can win easy

          • wooted

            While David Rankin says stuff that is popular on this blog, he is a bit of a loose cannon. For example, I believe he goes along with the theory that Maori were not the first settlers in Northland. The last thing National need is another Colin Craig.

      • kehua

        Based on what exactly, surely not on a 2 minute outburst on nothingness.

  • Iera

    There is a chance that Sabin has already appeared in court and all details been suppressed but, in a Catch 22, how would you know and who could legally tell you,
    or the Prime Minister for that matter.
    And if this happens to be the case, to reveal now the court has suppressed all details, would surely defeat the purpose of name suppression. If it is the case …

    • It would be terribly bad form, but parliamentary privilege trumps suppression, so if someone has the stones to do this, it is possible.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Many will see the actions on John Key as being supportive and loyal to his team as he expects of them. They will equally consider it as a strength of his leadership style still receiving increased poll opinions by not being tempted into a knee jerk reaction.
    It is no more than we would anticipate the MSM hastening to build this into a major issue but again the majority will see it for what it is.
    By his own actions as an individual Sabin has crossed a line in the wrong direction and now needs to accept the consequences. Most significantly an abrupt end to what might have been a long and significant political career.
    Angry Andy will no doubt jump at anything possible to try and get some traction but we mostly already know he is going nowhere and is still struggling to find any meaningful direction.

  • kayaker

    Goodbye NBR. That’s one less subscription for you.

  • la la land

    I think National shoud clear the decks of ANYONE who has a history of violence or other unsavoury actions. It isnot ok to keep on an association with someone who is involved in say, domestic violence, just because they are a “good guy”