New Plymouth mayor’s Maori Ward drive as popular as a poo in the pool

A petition against Maori wards with more than 4000 signatures will be delivered to mayor Andrew Judd in two weeks and set in motion a referendum on the issue.

In September the New Plymouth District Council voted in favour of developing a ward to ensure Maori had a voice on the council.

The decision was condemned by many and prompted Hugh Johnson to start a petition against the move.

Current legislation allows for a binding referendum on Maori wards if a petition with at least 5 per cent of the electorate is collected.

However, that is not the case with decisions on other wards where the local government commissioner has the final say.

Five per cent of the New Plymouth electorate equates to 2749 signatures, and Johnson said he would be handing in “4000 plus” signatures to Judd on February 12.

A rare chance for the rate payers to force their will on a council determined to go against the will of the people.  

The public will then get the chance to vote for or against Maori wards and the result will bind the council for six years, when the decision can come up for discussion again.

Johnson estimated about 80 per cent of people spoken to signed the petition and he believed it reflected the feeling within the community.

“I think everybody’s pretty sure which way it will go, but if it goes the other way we’ve got to accept what other people say in the referendum. That’s what it’s all about, that’s democracy,” Johnson said.

Judd, who has championed Maori representation since being elected, has known for some time the issue would end in a referendum but said the different rules for Maori wards and other wards was still “unfair.”

“Why on earth would you only have that choice [binding referendum] for Maori? How do you think that makes Maori feel?” he said.

First up, the Treaty should never extend local to body politics as it was between the Crown and Maori and local councils never existed in 1840.

Second, there should be a referendum on it, Len Brown promised one and never delivered.  This mayor looks to be in the same arrogant, I know best mould.

Third, get knotted over special Maori seats in council…

The joke of it is that this is white liberal guilt driving the process, and not a result of push by Maori.

If you want representation then stand for council and get elected.  Don’t expect whitey to hand you an appointed seat.

Poor New Plymouth.  An idiot for a list MP and an idiot for mayor. [UPDATED / FIXED]


– Taranaki Daily News


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  • Nirvana10

    ‘An idiot for an MP and an idiot for mayor’. Can’t say I spotted any connection or reference in this story to the MP for New Plymouth, but I guess today is a day for gratuitous and unsubstantiated insults. We all know, of course, that New Plymouth would have been much better represented in parliament by Andrew Little. Don’t we?

  • Luis Cannon

    The next thing this fool will want is separate beaches for Maori to enjoy, without whitey spoiling their “pleasure”. And then separate wards for Islamic retards. Apartheid at its worst. How New Plymouth didn’t see this coming from this separist is totally beyond me.

    • BigDes

      To be fair, it was Judd or Harry Duynhoven. On face value Andrew is a successful businessman, and said all the right things in the campaign, delivering on them has proven a different story however.

  • Papillon

    Poor New Plymouth? It is true, they appear to have somewhat of a nightmayor but those of us from Auckland saddled with our own diabolical excuse for a mayor, could learn a lesson or two from the people of NP. Far from being poor, I think they are richer for great citizens like Mr Johnson, demanding accountability from their council and forcing referenda.

  • Dave

    “Don’t expect whitey to hand you an appointed seat” ……. and to pay for the never ending trough that seems to follows anything handed to maori

    NB: New Plymouth people have an excellent ELECTED MP, Jonathan Young who is well regarded and serves his people well. The other scum list MP is well, just that :)

    Some interesting points about Jonathan – he was an ‘itinerant’ teacher of the Maori language, and his sister is the NZHeralds Audrey Young best we keep that quiet so not to tar him)

  • ruawai

    Maybe we could start a petition against Len

    • johnnymanukau.

      Yes you should start a petition, because the un elected Maori Board is costing you rate payers a poultice. Pants down Brown let them sneak in the back door as a reward for votes from Maori.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    This becoming the most singular undesirable trend in the NZ way of life. Pandering to the racial whims if an ethnic minority is doing nothing more than increasing the separatist growing trend.
    The opportunity is there for everybody to be part of local government and if any group fell strongly enough about it they need to find a candidate and make the effort to support them into council.
    With increasing support for the abolition of the Maori seats in parliament no longer providing real representation under MMP there no place for such regressive action by any local body.
    It is even made worse by having a time limit on any rejection by the ratepayers of this divisive measure. This totally moving in the wrong direction but further evidence that while the majority see NZ as a multi-cultural society the minority prefer to see it as bi-cultural. Only because it suits their ambitions better and can only extend the length of the trough.

  • cows4me

    Actually a referendum is a way out for this deluded politician. Without doubt the vote will go to kick so called Maori representation to the curb. The mayor will of course champion the concept of democracy and dump Maori representation and at the same time save face by claiming the racist majority made him do it. It should never of happened to start with, enough of this separatist politics, enough of the cow-towing to those that simply wish to live off others.

  • KQ

    Its a disgrace for sure but listen for the howl of protest from the Labour and National MPs…did you hear it? Nope, me neither.

  • Rusty B

    John “Horse” McLeod resigned his seat over this too.

  • It does raise the question of whether we shouldn’t introduce this sort of legislation for increasing rates and charges by councils. I’d love to see Len Brown’s face if he got told that we would be having annual referendums every time he wanted to shaft us…

  • Nebman

    At least they had the sense to see through Andrew Little and not elect him. Twice.

  • Wallace Westland

    Seems to me the people of New Plymouth take some personal responsibility for the direction their elected rat bags can travel in.

    Pity we don’t have a couple of Hugh Johnson’s in Auckland.

  • Phil

    Its not a case of liberal white guilt. These cretins don’t feel guilty for a second. It’s just a power buzz from giving something away despite it not being theirs to give.

  • sandalwood789

    Couldn’t cities have a binding referendum on *other things* as well?
    For example, removing poorly-performing and wastefully-spending mayors?

  • Bruce Rayner

    I voted for Judd based on what he campaigned on. Ink was hardly dry and he is into having an undemocratic ward established. Gezz thinking Maoris said we dont want this. He is pandering to a few radicals who stormed a council meeting demanding
    a undemocratic say in council , then stormed off threatining retaliation, like closing roads, when full council voted no.

    Judd tried to say [after 2 terms in council ???] he didnt realise this problem needed fixing, to me he got votes under false pretences and he should also resign along with the other 2 councillors who have done so, lets have a rethink of this whole schemozzle
    of getting an effective council, not some clone of len brown and
    Aucklands mess.
    Top marks to Hugh Johnson for organising this referendum, let ratepayers decide, not just one idiot and a split council.
    there are couple good Maori candidates standin for the by election, 1in particular I hope gets in.