Northland by-election


Prime Minister John Key is confident National will hold on to the Northland seat in the by-election triggered by Mike Sabin’s resignation.

Mr Sabin, 46, announced … he was quitting Parliament.

The former policeman said he had decided to resign “due to personal issues that were best dealt with outside Parliament”.

Mr Key is taking advice about when a by-election could be held, but he’s not concerned about it.

March 28.   Mark it down.  

“Of course we’ll go out there and put our best foot forward in terms of the by-election,” he told reporters.

“But it’s a seat I would expect National to retain.”

The real problem here is that the by-election provides a three ring circus for the usual suspects.

Colin Craig wants to run, although what is to be achieved seems to be only clear to him.

It would be a good chance for Hone to run for Mana and do some image repair in the hope he can carry that through to the next general election.

Kim Dotcom could prove his Internet Party wasn’t just to mess with John Key by paying for someone to run – most likely Miriam Pierard who seems to be a higher calible Jacinda Ardern Labour didn’t get.

And believe it or not, there are rumours even Winston Peters is considering a tilt.

For people like us, and the meddling media, it will be a period when the news writes itself.

The general election was dominated by Dirty Politics.  It will be a breath of fresh air to actually run a normal election process.   Or will it?


– NZN via RNZ


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  • sheppy

    Hone in particular must be missing the trough

    • OneTrack

      Maybe Hone can get the white mofos of Northland to vote for him?

      • KGB

        Yeah Right. To quote Braveheart…”this is my Northland”

  • Arnie

    What about John Tamahiri?????

    • Pete

      If he ran for the Nats, I wouldn’t vote for him.

    • Wallace Westland

      The man is a professional trougher. There is no place for him in the Nats.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I am nominating Catton to run for the BMNZ party….(Bad Mouthing New Zealand).

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Nationa could win this with a reduced majority and the Labour list candidates Paddy “Love Little” Gower and the resident communist Corin Dann will then announce that John Key is finished…..

    • Rex

      Yes Corin is pretty bad BUT Gower must cost TV3 a host of viewers with his obnoxious personality. We swat channels as soon as we see him!

  • Greg

    Is Keys backing of Sabin why Ian Fletcher resigned, looks like it huh.
    Key may be confident but by elections have a habit of turning South,
    the one in CHCH did, and National had a big majority there. Its going to be fun watching Parliament on Teusday the 12th. Wheres the Govenor General acting here to protect NZs democracy, the Queens suppose too, if the National Caucus cant?
    Cattons not that great a distraction, maybe signing President Xi’s extradition treaty request will be. Watch Aucklands housing bubble burst after thats been signed.

  • KQ

    Well Craig would get a helpful polling lift ahead of the next election to keep his average up, a bit of experience in parliament and NZ would claw back a bit of democracy.

  • Clutch Cargo

    I reckon National should try really badly and gift the seat to Labour. Under MMP they actually don’t get anymore MP’s, just a rejig…. one extra constituent MP and the removal of one list MP based on their total party vote. Convention would have it of last on first off……who was the last Labour list MP on board…..that’s right, Angry Andrew.

    • Jmac


  • Abjv

    No, the list seats are now locked in. If National lose this to the opposition, their total seats go down by one and opposition up by one; effectively slicing 2 off their majority.