Perhaps Gareth Morgan can give them some advice

Gareth Morgan has all sorts of advice lately, but perhaps he might like to take his motorbike on a trip to Vietnam to give them some assistance with a little culinary problem they are having.

VICE News reports:

Just after midnight on Tuesday, police in Hanoi detained a truck smuggling three tons of live cats into Vietnam. The driver, a 30-year-old man named Hoang Van Hieu, admitted that the ill-begotten cats were bound for restaurants in the country, where cat meat is, in fact, a delicacy, especially in the provinces of Thai Binh and Nam Dinh, not far from Hanoi.

“After receiving a tip, we searched the truck and discovered the cats inside,” Sky News quoted Dong Da district deputy chief of police Cao Van Loc as saying. “The owner, also the driver, said he bought the cats at the [Chinese] border area of Quang Ninh province. All of the cats were from China.”

With an average adult weight of about ten pounds for a healthy domestic feline, three tons means we’re talking hundreds of cats. The animals, crammed on top of one another in bamboo cages, were just the latest haul in a small cat-trafficking market that sources from nearby China, Laos, and Thailand to satiate Vietnam’s appetite for kitty flesh.   

Of course, Vietnam isn’t the only nation to enjoy the occasional cat. Feral cats, strays, and captured pets have been consumed with some regularity in the Canton(Guangdong) region of China, South Korea, and parts of rural Taiwan. Some animal-protection publications suggest the Asian cat market consumes up to 4 million kittens a year. Whatever the number, a fixation on unconventional meats in Asia looms in the American imagination—though there’s evidence eating cats and dogs is relatively common in other places, notably Switzerland.

We could solve our own cat problem by farming and exporting the disgusting creatures to a country that appreciates and has a taste for cats.

Despite official government condemnation of unsanitary kitten meat and the promotion of the use of cats to control urban rats, shop owners in Vietnam continue to sell cat for up to $50 to $70 apiece—a rate that suggests high demand. Due to a lack of cat breeders who sell their charges for food and the extreme caution of pet owners in Vietnam, this demand appears to be encouraging smuggling from neighboring countries like China. And this most recent three-ton shipment far surpasses the 90-cat haul that came over the border from Thailand, which made regional headlines in 2013—a sign of the market’s growth.

“A lot of people eat cat meat,” Van Duang, a Hanoi restaurant owner, told AFP in 2014. “It’s a novelty. They want to try it.”

Maybe the novelty of cat meat will wear off, or popular sentiment will change as more locals keep cats as pets. But for now, the government’s efforts to rein in trafficking have fallen pretty flat.

I say help them out and send them sanitary kitten meat.


– VICE News


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  • dumbshit

    “All of the cats were from China” pray tell me how they would know, I better not air my thoughts!

    • Asian_driver

      they look different

    • Murray Smith

      Warehouse labels left on the cages.

    • Orange


  • Asian_driver

    We have trucks with thousands of chickens , hundreds of sheep and dozens of cows, not to mention pigs. Nobody cares, its all the same just different coloured fur. We export horse meat, thats a bit too far for some poeple. Meat is meat, always a bit of a dilemma

    • Kelvinmyhero

      You’re not 30-years old and go by the name of Hoang Van Hieu?

      Edit spelling.

      • Asian_driver

        Hoang is young enough to be my son

    • KGB

      I am told most salami we import contains horse-meat.

      • MaryLou

        Oh. Well, scratch Salami off my diet. I’M RUNNING OUT OF FOOD!

        • Asian_driver

          Buy locally made salami then

  • The Accountant

    Nope. I’ve officially found something I detest on WOBH. I love cats, and while I understand the problem with feral cats, this makes me sick.

    • abbaby

      It’s probably an acquired taste.

  • Murray Smith

    How about some couscous to go with your puss puss, sir ?

  • 1951

    Well that’s dunnit. Scratched Vietnam off the bucket-list.

  • Anthony

    When I visited Vietnam about 19 years ago, there were all sorts of small furry animals packed in cages on the side of the road around the back of the War Atrocities museum. Eating cats, squirrels, etc., is nothing new.
    Add Indonesia (specifically Bali) to the list of places where chicken (cat) is served. The giveaway is the 2nd set of drumsticks, and they were tasty.

  • CheesyEarWax

    The Vietnamese eat dogs as well, also rats, snakes. The animals are farmed or taken from clean areas like rice fields, not drains or other dodgy areas.

  • Isherman

    I heard the other day that the dish is known as “Little Tiger”, though its almost surprising given the apparent demand and acceptability of cat meat that there isn’t a bigger legit market. As for the dish itself, well, meat is meat isn’t it, I think its no weirder than eating opossum, roo, wallaby or anything else. I saw a doco recently on the bug and insect markets in SE Asia, the fried grasshoppers didn’t look too bad actually…

  • abbaby

    Got a source for the cat-eating in South Korea?

  • Huia

    Seems to me anything with a pulse is history over that way.
    Fins, fangs or feathers! dosent matter, they will end up in a wok.
    On the endangered list? who cares? you taste good and your bones might improve my libido (yeah right), ethics and morals don’t come into it.
    Tigers, Rhino, Bears used in that detestable bear bile trade, and endangered animals are fair game, the trade in these endangered animals can mostly be traced back to the Asian cultures is sickening.
    Cats are something else, they breed quickly, they go feral quickly, they endanger bird life and small wild life, people who have them for pets don’t get that Fluffy bum will kill anything that moves. If there are cat farms set up I don’t see the difference to our farming sheep, cows etc. Because we keep them as pets it is repugnant to us to eat them.

  • cows4me

    What a cat-astrophe for the cats.

  • TayheiNotts

    KFC is a world wide business.
    Only in Vietnam does the “C” stand for cat.

  • rugbyskier

    Reminds me of a politically incorrect joke that went around Sydney in the late 70s – “how do you know if a Vietnamese has burgled your house? Your homework has all been done and the cat’s missing.”

  • ex-JAFA

    My kitty is looking at me looking at her, while I wonder if she’d taste like rabbit. I feel very guilty for even entertaining such thoughts.