Sunday Afternoon Mailbag [raw and unedited*]

It’s a recurring theme:  when the left don’t like what you have to say, they counter with boycotts, violence and even death threats.  I guess putting up a better argument is too hard.

I’ve shared this one with the Police.

From: Sam the Man <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 1:15 PM
Subject: Whale Oil Contact submission

To: [email protected]

Name: Sam the Man

Message: Bro, you’re the fattest, ugliest motherfucker in New Zealand
and I’d love to shoot a Blue Taliban faggot like you right in the guts

Bro, you have the stones to use your real email address.  For that at least you get some respect.  But, what the hell Bro?  This isn’t the way to interact with people!  Why not use the comments on my blog and tell your story?  

In the mean time, I think the best solution for you will be to busy yourself with other things so you don’t have spare time to bug people that are trying to get a job done, and tying up police resources having to come teach you the Realities of Life when sending death threats to people.

I’ll help – I’ll run your advertisement  – in case people want to hire a University educated English Teacher like yourself.   Because I suspect you need a job, and we can then give the money the Blue Taliban government is paying you to live on to someone a little more deserving.

Sam, you need stop doing stupid things, because what we can’t have is another repeat of stuff like this:

Samuel Shivnan
1:28 PM
to Whaleoil

I want to shoot the Police too why don’t you tell them I wrote that so they can bring the Armed Offenders squad? I’ve got two rifles and a decent BB pistol and I don’t mind looking for a target like you in Auckland because you’d stand out so well being a fat guy after all

and not long after that

Samuel Shivnan
1:50 PM
to Whaleoil

Cmon fat guy I’ll fucking slit your throat and fucking film it you piece of fucking shit you’re gonna get what’s coming to you fucking pussy look my name and check my face out real good cause that’s the face of the guy that’s going to murder you

Bro, you’ve messed up.  Few people will see the funny side.  Least of all the police.


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*With the exception of Sam's email address.  
 I must stick to etiquette, even if Sam can't.

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  • Not Clinically Insane

    “It was all just a joke your Honour….”

    Sorry Sam… but its people like you that need to become the example of how a civilised society doesnt act

  • Ilovelife

    What a thoroughly nasty, evil individual. Apart from that, God help anyone who he teaches English. His diction is appalling and his voice is utterly boring. I hope the police arrest him and he learns a few hard lessons….jail would be a start.

  • pisces8284 .

    I bet your parents are sooooo proud of you

  • Tom

    Goodbye firearms license (assuming he even had one, and the rifles aren’t stolen)

    • Dave

      Haha, if the rifles are stolen, goodbye freedom, hello cell mate, will you be my new girlfriend for the next 12 months?

  • Sally

    That’s a shocker. He seriously needs some help.

  • Wasapilot

    With prose like those in his elequant emails above, I would hire him, NOT! Silly, Silly boy.

  • johcar

    I guess he’s an *online* teacher because they don’t have to be registered, not that he would have failed the registration process. I think the only criterion for that is to be breathing…

  • Nechtan

    They live among us and vote.
    I don’t know how you put up with rubbish like this Cameron.

  • Pete

    He needs help, or needs to stop drinking!

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    Referring it to the Police is absolutely the correct response Cam.
    Threats of violence and harm to an individual is one of few examples of where unfettered free speech is not ok.

    I’m guessing in years to come that Sam may well live to regret his little hate rants. #justsayin

  • edee

    Another nut job who needs serious help.

  • Mav E Rick

    Sam the Man huh. Doesn’t sound like much of a man to me. In his case I would support him in apologising for being a man. He sounds like a total nut case. Hope the police deal with it in the serious way that they should

  • ogm

    This is gold – Canterbury University, where morons go to get B+ degrees. I am sure they will be thrilled with the free PR.

    • Pharmachick

      Thanks for that – wine on keyboard now.

      • ogm

        Hope you haven’t wasted a good Pinot.

        • Pharmachick

          nope – a rather good viognier. Was worth it.

    • Lance Ralph

      my guess is he did not complete a degree but he did get B+ over a range of papers

  • Papillon

    Google will not be this young man’s friend. I would think many people would conduct a quick search before hiring a teacher/tutor.

  • Cadwallader

    What particularly got him started? His own miserable life or something posted here? I think the former.

  • YankeeManu

    Sam bro, umad?

  • HunuaRanger

    He kind of has an odd Jeffrey thing going on. Nutbar indeed.

  • twr

    Welcome to the left’s ideal supporter.

  • Yeah, right, whatever…

    Clearly this gentleman has not been taking his medication

    • Ilovelife

      He is not a gentleman…he is a man.

      • FredFrog

        He’s not even that. He’s a very naughty boy.

  • Jimmie

    I suspect that Sam had raided his mama’s wine casket a little before shooting those emails off into cyberspace.

    I would really like to know his motivation behind sending these threats.

    A wannabe jihadist? (Beard a little non-existent)
    Leftist frustrated over the election result? (5 months too late??)
    Nicky Hagar’s cousin? (Some vague resemblance – same skin colour?)
    Keyboard warrior? (Well definitely true – but not a great physical specimen)
    White supremist? (I can’t see how as you haven’t hammered the skin heads for a while)

    I really don’t see what could have got up his nose to write such foolish words which will only likely come back to haunt him.

  • Day Day

    There you have it. The adult product of nine years of Clark administration.

  • sarahmw

    What the heck is he on. Does he think it is funny to say this stuff? And a tutor wanting work? Huh don’t think so. Sad very very sad. Tosser

  • Don W

    Was it a full moon last night.?

  • steve and monique

    Well that will look good on your CV. Will share link on Facebook, just to make it easy to identify you. Police will have to confiscate weapons , as you are not fit to have more then a plastic knife.

    • TKT

      not only weapons but firearm license will be gone as well, probably for ever, if he even has one

  • 1951

    “Why are you so mad at Cam? Do you not like the thought of ‘real’ free speech Sam? You know the sort, where everything is challenged, not just what the Lefties think should be. I, for no reason at all, think that maybe you are close to the weekends ‘Star’ who once lectured at Canterbury University. Would that be the case Sam”

  • edee

    Looks like he was going to burst out crying any second.

    • Gaynor

      …and he needs to move his lips when speaking …anyone with a hearing problem would struggle with him.

  • Chris EM

    What an amazing video, Sam. I’m sure you’ll have so many job offers you won’t know what to do with them.
    In fact you’ll probably have someone knocking on your door soon.
    Give my regards to your friend MartinMartyn!

  • Nige.

    I’d almost bet Sam is one of those people who wants us to be rid of the gcsb….. then freely gives out his details to new Zealand’s most successful (award winning) blogger…

  • Eiselmann

    There are some people who should be kept away from children and sharp objects, amongst them are wannabe teachers who want to kill police and kill someone because they don’t like other peoples ideas.

  • Isherman

    Bro..Monique says you’re dumb…

    • Papillon

      Thanks for that. I love pop culture references.

      • sandalwood789

        So do I – that comment deserves a few hundred upvotes….. :)

    • steve and monique

      Yeah she agrees

  • Wallace Westland

    OMG. “Check my face out real good” Laffin laffin laffin. Pathetic little 9 stone weakling is what checking out his face does.
    I’d bet dollars to donuts this B+ jobless wannabe muppet owns a water pistol and an oversized serving of “Mum told me I’m the best!”
    Snivelling little rat. Enjoy your visit from the boys in blue Sam.
    Remember….Google is no longer you’re friend. Good luck in the job market too. Snort

  • Rodger T

    He looks like he`d have trouble cutting the skin on a rice pudding ,let alone carrying out his ISIS fantasies.

    • SVlover

      That’s the scary thing about people like him. At first he was going to cut Cam’s throat but must have realized that he’d have to take a step ladder with him to reach desired part of the anatomy. So then threatens to shoot. Just like a cowardly sniper that is too scared to come face to face with their victim. I do hope the Police take this seriously and pay him a visit.

      • Nechtan

        While I agree with the intent of your comment, I must disagree with the cowardly sniper part. The snipers I know are not cowards (far from it)

        • SVlover

          Apologies Nechtan, my comment was badly worded. I was thinking along the lines of a David Gray who picked off innocent people whilst hiding. Cowards who send threatening emails instead of knocking on the door and having their say face to face. That still doesn’t really explain what I meant, but hope you get the gist.

          • Nechtan

            All good.

          • Old Gunner

            With you on that Nechtan. A particular NZ Army soldier with I think three tours to Afghanistan in that role under his belt comes to mind immediately. A great father and husband with it, too.

  • Cowgirl

    His face and speaking voice have all the panache of Mr Bean, and his prose isn’t much better. And bro, punctuation is your friend.

    • johcar

      And enunciation!!

    • Nechtan

      Mr Bean is funny at least, this clown is a long way from funny.

      • Cowgirl

        The emails aren’t funny, but the video is a right laugh.

        • Nechtan

          If the video is anything to go by, Canterbury Uni must give out BAs in Weetbix packets.

  • BR

    Whenever somebody calls me “Bro”, I check to make sure I’ve still got my wallet.


  • Don W

    One hundred years ago guys his age were heading for an horrific war in Europe. What an ungrateful small minded person he is .

  • Priam

    Sam, betcha you are feeling foolish by now. Before posting nonsense you need to close your eyes, breathe slowly through your nose and think deeply. That might help keep you from getting into messes like this.

  • SVlover

    The most horrifying thing about this is that an educated young man living in this beautiful country is consumed by so much hate. Think of all the great opportunities waiting around the corner, and all he can do is send death threats. As he’s given his name, I can only assume he wants to be in the headlines. Well, you just might make it Sam!

    • sandalwood789

      “…consumed by so much hate”

      This guy has so much hate that he comes across as Minto version 2.

      • SVlover

        Minto has far more class than this kid. I can’t imagine him sending such an awfully worded email. Hateful and nasty, yes. Foul mouthed death threats, no.

  • The Whinging Pom

    Looking forward to all the luvvies on TVOne and ZB etc giving you the same support over this abuse as you did to that female journalist who was abused by the farmers the other week.

    • spanishbride

      Don’t be silly, this will be the lead story about Bully Boy Whaleoil picking on a poor young man who has only recently found love. They will spout the usual drivel about Cam dishing it out but not taking it. The thing is that Cam has NEVER made death threats ever but has received countless threats of death,violence and even gang rape of our daughter.
      As for not being able to take it we survived the whole Dirty Politics saga and not only are we still standing we are thriving. I suspect however that Sam is not made of the same stern stuff that we are.

      • Adios Africa

        Please keep us posted on developments.

  • sandalwood789

    Is he *really* an English teacher?

    • ex-JAFA

      He’s taught Chinese and Australians. Hardly bastions of good English, able to spot a poor teacher.

      • SVlover

        If I heard rightly, he has taught in both Australia and China. He’s only 24 years old so the jobs obviously didn’t last long.

  • taurangaruru

    Sam, step away from the XBox, put the controller down. Call of Duty is messing with your brain. You ain’t hard as nails in real life like you think you are on the shoot ’em up computer games.

  • Speshal Sam – please have a free lesson on how the Google works – after 39 mins this now appears as the 3rd result in a search for your name – something that no doubt a prospective employer will be doing………

    A+ for this effort in self promotion – and making yourself less employable than a B+ student with a worthless degree……….

    Will come in handy for packing people’s groceries in alphabetical order

    • muffinmclay

      Number two now

      • Actually #1 & 2 if you change search engine to NZ

        • KGB

          No. 1 now. (If I can find him ANYONE can) Poor boy only has 62 Facebook friends and most of those are aussies. I actually feel a bit sad for him.

          • More pity – kinda like seeing the pics of cunliffe eating lunch alone or on the beach by himself after the election

          • Dave

            That to me means he is a loner, he has some issues to work through, short term relationships no doubt, cant engage for too long? i would strongly advise the police or someone contact him for his own sake, this boy has issues, he needs real help, and soon.

    • sandalwood789

      “We have a Code Red in preserves…. aisle seven……”

  • quethe

    Just checked out your facebook page Sam. What a shameful dork you are. I hope your girlfriend reads W O. She might hop on the first plane home. ” Pretty spesh aye?”

    • ex-JAFA

      I thought he was referring to himself with that comment. He certainly seems pretty special.

  • Eiselmann

    Hey Sam Bro you do know that theres a difference between hanging with the bros at uni having a soy latte and feeling superior …and hanging with the ‘Bro’s’… you know the bro’s don’t you …they are the scary people who don’t live where you do.

  • BJ

    Oh dear! On his video he said he had been most successful in working with students in the area of communication effectiveness – but we don’t even know what his beef with WO is.

    • SVlover

      Probably because Cam is big and strong and this little puny guy wants to be like that too but can’t poor baby.

  • Eiselmann

    You just know he’s going to write a book one day and bite the hand that feeds him by quoting out of the green handbook.

  • maninblack

    Poor old sam’s Google CV is rooted.

  • Rodger T

    I suggest we run a sweepstake on what thread caused him to lose his,this afternoon.
    My guess is the one on Gwyneths vajayjay steam clean.

    • steve and monique

      Catton’s rant, being intellectual superiors and all that. yeah right.

    • sandalwood789


      S.B. you naughty lady, *see what you’ve done*…… :D

    • steve and monique

      Karcher sales will skyrocket now

    • Cadwallader

      My suggestion is he wants to impress Dear Eleanor. Who was the guy who shot someone to impress Jodie Foster?

      • Nechtan

        John Hinckley, Jr

  • sandalwood789

    The thing is – having a *positive* attitude (rather than a bitter, spiteful negative one) is just so much *fun*.

    This is particularly the case if you’re a right-winger like myself because you have *mountains* of facts and proof (as well as logic) to back up your points in discussions. Oh, and *humour* as well.

    I almost wonder if one of the reasons that so many lefties are viciously bitter is because (a) they are unable to use logic and (b) they have almost no facts to back up their arguments. Given all that, the only thing they have left is vitriol and abuse.

    It must be soooo *draining* to go through decades and decades of life, day after day after day and being so bitter and resentful every day.

  • spanishbride

    Listening to and watching his video I actually feel really sorry for the guy. He may be in his twenties but he seems so much younger and lacking in confidence. That said, it is guys like him who often end up taking out their unhappiness and resentment on others while using a rifle. We have to take his threats seriously for his sake as much as ours. Talking to the Police will make him realise that the internet IS the real world with real world consequences. We should know. The word ‘Feral’ in a headline had many many real world consequences for all involved.

    • Papillon

      Yep, best not to underestimate these individuals. Even the puny, socially awkward ones. Just need to look at the madman/boy who wreaked havoc at Sandy Hook Elementary. A stern chat with the cops is most definitely in order.

      • Some even have paper rounds.

        • YankeeManu

          Paper rounds and excellent golfers. I recall the one that did a round and shot pa.

    • Hard1

      Well, he didn’t finish uni and flogs online english lessons at $15 an hour. Not much of a catch for his girlfriend unless residency is involved, then he’s gold.
      He needs a mentor.

      • LabTested

        I wonder if WINZ & the IRD know about this income source.

        • spanishbride

          Don’t be mean. He works for his money good on him.

    • pak

      Please take care of yourself and your family. This fellow seems rather disturbed with his aggressive and violent threats on the one hand, and yet emotionally disconnected on the video. Perhaps a bit of a cry for help saying he wants to shoot the Police and his raging on about what he wants to do to Cam, but making it very easy to identify him. Very sad. But potentially dangerous.

  • D.Dave

    I just get the feeling that Sam is not completely happy with his lot in life. On the basis of the tone of his rant, one could easily see him slotting into the political ‘left’ . They too, are not completely happy with life. I hope the Police pursue him through the courts. A nice fat conviction would scuttle any opportunity to venture abroad in the future.

  • Hard1

    Samuel, get a foundation,boy. Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially with your partner who is new to this country. Be a cultural ambassador and help each other in your journey. Don’t abuse people, it just creates poison inside yourself. Set an example yourself rather than trying to impress your peer group, who are just as lost as yourself.
    Don’t dig a hole with your life, build a mountain.

    • sandalwood789

      That’s right – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

      “Cliiiiiiiiimb eeeeeeeeevery mooountain….
      Foooooord eeeeeeevery streeeeeeam…” :D

  • sandalwood789

    There seems to be a particular facial “look” that is really common – almost ubiquitous – amongst young lefties.

    This guy has it in spades.
    Almost all of them have it.
    Very hard to put into words but it’s a kind of “loser look” – you can’t describe it but you know it *instantly* when you see it.

    If you handed out a photo of this guy and asked people to tick one of two categories – “spiteful emailer” or something positive – I wouldn’t mind betting that 90% of the ticks would be against “spiteful emailer”.

    • Adios Africa

      The thick lip – could be used to unblock drains.

    • Gaynor

      I know exactly what you mean…We have fun picking them out on tv.

  • HR

    I commented yesterday about how much I enjoyed the figurative slapping Eleanor Catton received following her rant. I laughed and laughed, and didn’t think it could be topped easily. This is WAY better!! While his threats should be taken seriously, the takedown he is receiving as a result of his idiocy is just so delicious. And think “Butterfly Effect”.

    What. A. Dick.

  • spanishbride

    My my the plot thickens. Sam here posted a comment on The blog Tumeke way back in 2011. The blog post was by Wrongly Wrongson the blogger formerly known as Martin Martyn. The topic was National policy on the Youth rate.
    I have attached Sam’s comment for your viewing enjoyment.

    • mike

      There is no comment

      • Carl

        That’s the point, it must have been a shocker to have been removed.

        • Teletubby

          Not really, all you have to go to get a comment removed from there is disagree with Wrongly Wrongson

    • Bombastic

      Perhaps he was a bit grumpy at still only being on the Youth Rate himself. To be removed by that balanced and reasonable blogger, it must have been a very “interesting” comment indeed.

    • Dave

      it seems he really does have issues, and is ranting at anyone who does not agree with him, given his state, i really hope he gets help soon. Sam, if your reading this, please get help, talk to a specialist

  • grumpy

    Clearly, an intellectual………

  • Bombastic

    Any idea which post, or issue set this one off? He clearly needs help.

    • OT Richter

      Realising that the new Labour leader is also a dud, and blaming Cam for stating the obvious.

  • Cadwallader

    Do you think he’ll explain to the police what ignited him? Please provide updates when the police have visited him. Fancy inviting the Armed Offenders Squad! A bit like inviting ISIS for a few beers?

  • willtin

    From what I understand from my life so far – people like this sad individual, are what I term, ‘eating themselves from the inside out’ He will be eventually, with no heart, no guts, an empty shell. That’s when he’ll bring his guns into play, because he has nothing left to live for.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      I wondered if he is on “P” seriously, I mean seriously…. this dude is dangerous who makes these threats in a written form and thinks its ok

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        False sense of entitlement = hallucination.
        False sense of superiority = hallucination.
        Combined with a true sense of inadequacy, leading to “need for P” and more hallucination.
        Reminds me somewhat of Sandy Hook.

    • 1951

      He’s a sad individual who has probably been molycodled to the extent that he can’t just make it alone. Parenting is a huge responsibility, Sam here seems to have been denied experience that would allow him to evaluate what is important and what is not.

  • Red

    He said fink… “if you fink you’d like to work wiv me…” This is the quality of English Grads our Uni’s are happy wiv?…err. With?

    • B+ Bro

      And he wants to be an English teacher

  • Effluent

    Another sucker of lemons, member of the tribe of professionally aggrieved, permanently in a state of outrage because someone, somewhere, doesn’t see the world exactly the same way they do. Probably also a sufferer from severe onanism as well, as Boris so eloquently put it. Clearly, this sort of behaviour is not the exclusive preserve of young islamists.

    edit- content.

  • Rex

    For starters the Police need to confiscate his,guns! It is like those people who threaten the PM, they need Police attention!

    • Edward Bufe

      Any bets this idiot does not even own a gun, he has the looks he would be too scared even to touch one,nevermind fire a large caliber rifle.

  • Huia

    I am glad you have got the Police involved Cam, watching this young man on his clip points me to two things (may be really wrong), no facial expression when he is talking gives the clue to either Autism or Aspergers, his speech pattern kind of reflects that as well.
    He is obviously a troubled person but this kind of threat has to be taken very seriously, too many of these people go off the deep end and cause life long agony for others.
    Silly silly young man.

    • intelligentes candida diva

      I wondered about Aspergers the lack of emotion is so apparent and the intensity I got reading his email, both attributes.

      • My kids have Aspergers as do I and we don’t go around doing stuff like that.

        • intelligentes candida diva

          I have a nephew who does also who does not either, however being labile of empathy and emotional expressiveness (edit add on excuse me can be not is) is symptomatic of Aspergers.
          I concurred with the query, my expression of curiosity within the comments was around if he might be on P given the intensity

  • intelligentes candida diva

    “…….communicative effectiveness…” blow me down with a feather, any NZ foreign govt dept wouldn’t touch this poison if they want to retain their credibility.

    Sam I am not an English teacher but I could help you out with alternatives to your repetitive “f” word, the word I use frequently myself actually but not when I want others to listen to my point of view with respect……what was your point again?

    Seriously out of control and this type of belligerence needs reined in by the law

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Could it be that he USED to live with his girlfriend?
      (and she kicked him out for a variety of reasons we really don’t need to delve into here, but his reality is at odds with Cam’s & ours, and that grates on him)

      • intelligentes candida diva

        I have no idea I have taken it at face value as the post is.

  • Richard

    Maybe this guy is a seriously dedicated Eleanor Catton fan, in which case she should be very worried about him also.

  • mike

    That was a very flat delivery, needs work on his rhythm and intonation… of yeah and his messed up world view that inspires him to write death threats.

    I hope this guy gets the help he obviously needs.

  • Pluto

    Sam, bro, get back to your village they’re missing you.

  • Diddle_De_Dee

    He is a totally demented retard and needs to feel the full force of the law for making those comments and threats. If this was the US of A he’d be behind bars by now.

  • A suitable case for treatment in my professional opinion. Antisocial personality disorder with paranoid ideation. This guy needs reining in toute suite before he acts out his fantasies. Anyone who is threatening retribution with a gun needs to be taken seriously as the inadequate can do a lot of damage with a rifle. Columbine, Aromoana, Port Arthur are cases in point. Follow it up with the police with urgency.

  • Curly1952

    The men in blue will have a field day with this one. I wonder if they will wait until he is sitting down to his evening tucker before they knock on his door.
    trouble is there might be more out there like him

    • Day Day

      Sometimes they come around late. Or very early.

    • Edward Bufe

      There are many many more of them and we saw how they crawled out of the woodwork during the election

  • Wheninrome

    Whatever he does in life it will be at your or my expense.
    He has the nerve to suggest he is a feacher of English.

  • Gaynor

    His facebook page
    is not much better.I wonder if his girlfriend knows what she has got into.
    (Edit to add last sentence)

    • Goldfish

      He’s possibly another David Bain?

  • Wheninrome

    A mother’s love is strong but in this case she would have to be Superwoman times 10.

  • caochladh

    He must have cheated on the English exams. Surely the University of Canterbury has higher standards than that of what this total looser displays.

  • Chad Valiant Jnr

    I hope he is getting close legal and health attention as we speak,

  • Edward Bufe

    This is scary and they live amongst us. I just cant see the justice system doing anything about it, probably just shrug it off and equate it to the freedom of speech.Looks like a loser and if you shouted Boo he would definitely soil himself.

  • Watcher

    Poor wee man.

  • Day Day

    How do you say “180 hours community service” in Japanese?

  • thesilentmajority

    He looks in that video like he has an emotional quotient of zero. In fact he looks like someone the police should be monitoring. A very weird man boy.

  • Dave

    Thoughts to you and family Cam, stay safe and I hope you have good security!

  • Taser

    He has the demeanor and look of Mr Bean. He may’ve studied English at uni but he should have studied common sense instead. I hope the police show him what the full force of the law is like. Good on you Cam for not just putting it in file 13.

  • LesleyNZ

    This guy is an English teacher??????? I knew that standards had dropped but didn’t think they had dropped this low. There is something quite weird about Sam the Man – and something bad – very bad. He should not be allowed near any students to teach them English. I see he has also worked in Cairns in the hospitality industry.I wonder if he was drunk or on drugs when he sent the threatening emails?

  • Bobb

    Have a look at the video with the sound off. Very weird.

  • Zig

    How do you know for sure its him and not someone trolling using a made up email address with his name? I hope you’re right about this because if you’re wrong you’ve screwed up his career

    • Watcher

      Oh please…..the track has been cut a mile wide.

      • Zig

        How? I just can’t believe someone is dumb enough to say the things he did using his real name and email address. It’s blatantly obvious that there would be repercussions. All I’m saying is it wouldn’t be hard for one his enemies to use his name and create an email address under his name

        • Watcher

          You do have me wondering. See my comment above if you want.
          But I don’t think Cam would post this if he was not sure of this poor wee chaps authenticity, do you?


    “I have experience… In taking drugs, lots of drugs” what a Muppet.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Oh dear. Sam looks like he’d get flattened if a wet paper bag blew in to him on the street, but oh so tough behind the keyboard. I feel sorry for him really – clearly he;s got some personal issues to deal with.

  • I.M Bach

    This guy should be arrested forthwith.

  • Sailor Sam

    No relation of mine.

  • NotGandalf

    Cam, something is not right with the emails from this guy (aside from the ferocity and specificity of the threats) and the demeanor of the guy in the video, you will need to look at IP addresses as well as mail headers. Unless this guy has multiple personality traits then I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam has been hacked. This just doesn’t feel like the same guy who, if he was really sending you these emails would use his own email address. Either his email address has been hacked or he is a sandwich or two short of a picnic. He should definitely be spoken to by police and charges considered after police investigate the data in the emails themselves.

    • Watcher

      I reflected on your comment, and given the activities of the recent past re hacking, and my absolute lack of technological expertise…..who knows.
      My initial thoughts were that this poor wee fella requires massive amounts of assistance…I really hope that you are right and he is actually OK…..IF HACKED…..the massive amounts of help need to be directed elswhere.

    • spanishbride

      Cam has had further communication which confirms that it is him. If the ‘ real ‘ Sam had contacted us and told us that he had been hacked we would have immediately updated the post. Instead he contacted Cam again very upset about his e-mails being exposed and wanting the post to be removed. Not because he didn’t do it but because he didn’t want what he said published.

      • Spiker

        So no contrition at all? Which I guess means you have to take it that he really meant what he said. I hope the Police prioritize a visit.

      • NotGandalf

        Thanks SB … I stand fully corrected. Sam is definitely in need of professional and correctional help!

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The question that must be asked. A registered English teacher? With this kind of output he might well be on other registers as well. A sorry little individual.

  • zotaccore

    Anyone know what the punishment is for threatening to murder? I guess it’s a Crimes Act on the statute books (?).