This is why all the take-away joints are in the same place


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  • oldmanNZ

    only partly true, I think.

    People set up shops where there is traffic, like a main centre, a main road.

    The ice cream cart could sell more ice cream setting near the beach entrance.

    And why do takeaways or coffee shops seem to be together? because that were people congregate. People are likely to go where there are other cafes, resturants, so they can choose, Like the Viaduct, ponsonby Road, Dominion road ect.

    Also depends on available retail space and RMA, council approval ect.

    It took PaknSave 25 years to open a shop in Glenfield, Northshore….because someone keeps objecting the proposal (yes , it was countdown, or foodtown back then).

    Its not about positioning your self to reach the mass, but positioning your self where the mass will go.

  • Wallace Westland

    Not quite the way I remember it. I’m sure that for many years McDonalds had a policy of not opening up a store within a certain radius of a Burger King?
    Although I suspect those days may be gone now.

  • Mav E Rick

    I don’t want to state the obvious – but it is also why Political parties do the best in the middle. Being at either “end of the beach” and you don’t get any customers. Weird that Labour is only just learning this now. Hitching your “cart to horses” like Mana, Dotcom and The Greens was pure madness. Seems Little must have looked at this video also and is now trying to claim the middle of the beach back again.

  • Albert Lane

    Some years ago in a small tourist town in Australia, we wanted to set up a specialist shop. However, there were no vacant shops. By chance, the owner of one of the established shops invited us to take over the rear of their shop, selling the same genre of stock. There were obvious disadvantages to us, as all our customers would have to walk past our competitor’s stock before they entered our part of the shop, and if they were tempted by what they saw before getting to our domain, they probably wouldn’t even get to our shop. In practice though, hardly any customers bought from the front shop, and on many days they wouldn’t even make one sale, while we were run off our feet. Eventually they realised they had made a mistake in renting the rear of their shop to us, and even though we were paying them a good rental, they became quite unfriendly towards us. But by then, we had done so well, we had enough capital to build our own shop in the village, which we did, and it flourished. We have a few theories about what happened, but primarily it was about customer service. The lady who ran the front shop sat behind a large desk with a face of stone, at the rear of her shop, and she looked totally unapproachable, and her sound system played classical music, and she dressed and behaved exactly like one of the old-fashioned school teachers we all learned to fear. And this was the main difference. We had a little counter by our doorway, we played rock ‘n roll on our sound system, and we would greet the shoppers as they entered, and we never talked down to them if they had any queries. We did so well, that on occasion, customers would argue over who saw an item first, and we often had queues at the counter, while the front shop was totally deserted. We still smile about it. But we are really grateful to them for giving us our start. And we’re shocked that they never realised why we did so well.