Only two cases? Come on pull the other leg

The kiddy fiddlers are still lurking in the Catholic Church…right at the top too.

The Vatican investigated two cases of child pornography possession in the past year, officials said Saturday.

The chief prosecutor of the Vatican city state’s criminal tribunal, Gian Piero Milano, cited the two cases in a speech summarizing the tribunal’s work in 2014.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said one of the cases concerned the Vatican’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski.  

The Polish-born Wesolowski was recalled from his post in 2013 following accusations that he had sexually abused young boys. Wesolowski has been defrocked and placed under modified house arrest inside Vatican City pending a decision by the Vatican court on whether to indict him.

Neither Lombardi nor Milano identified the second child pornography possession suspect.

In his speech, Milano referred to a separate case involving another Polish prelate who was convicted by the Vatican tribunal of fraud. Lombardi confirmed that the prelate was Monsignor Bronislaw Morawiec, an administrator at St. Mary Major Basilica, a Rome church where Pope Francis sometimes prays.

Pope Francis bangs on about climate change, he should fix his church with its real problems first before he tries to fix the world and any imagined problems.

At least in this instance there doesn’t appear to be any name suppression.



– NZ Herald


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  • phronesis

    I think too much pulling of the other leg is the problem here.

    • Nirvana10

      Are you treating the very serious issue of child abuse and child pornography as a joke?

  • Eiselmann

    The Catholic Leadership clearing a mountain of child abuse at the rate of two pebbles a year , guess they are after a round of applause…anyone …anyone.
    Not every priest is a child abuser I’m sure there are wonderful priests out there , if I was one of them I’d hate people to even suspect by association that I was guilty of such behaviour , I’d want all those who are destroying kids lives and ruining my reputation and that of the church outed and punished accordingly, so why the silence , why isn’t the priesthood rising in revolt and demanding the stain on the church be addressed?

    • Nirvana10

      You obviously haven’t read the article. You also have made no attempt to read about and understand the steps that the church has made on zero tolerance and transparency in its handling of this issue. Of course all Catholics and priests are appalled at what has gone on and that is why they are committed to policies of zero tolerance and full co-operation with police and other investigating authorities.

      • Eiselmann

        Maybe theres more to this article than what I’ve read (several times)can’t see the zero tolerance mentioned or the widespread investigations into the many, many thousands of allegations , nor anything about the moving of priests from one country to another to avoid the repercussions….still if all you say is correct than that’s nice …I look forward to the news of widespread arrests as the church gives up all those priests the cops around the world are looking for.

        • Nirvana10

          For lawdie’s sake- this article is about a speech by the Vatican’s chief prosecutor in which he speaks openly and honestly of finding of child porn images on the computers of 2 employees in Vatican City. It is NOT about investigating the abuse of children by priests. If you want discussion of the Catholic Church’s zero tolerance towards child abuse by its employees I suggest you look elsewhere. The fact that the Vatican is speaking so openly indicates its transparency for heaven’s sake!

          • Eiselmann

            Sorry mate you’re so wrong here…child porn is child abuse you really want to take a guess as to why I think that…lets just say I have ZERO tolerance for any sort of child abuse

          • WOBH IAPOS

            For goodness sake READ what Nirvana wrote. The Vatican City is investigating what is going on in the Vatican City. If kiddy fiddling was going on in the Seventh Day Advent Church in NZ I’d expect the church’s authority in NZ to be dealing with the matter, not its overseas headquarters.

          • Eiselmann

            Okay just going to put my hand up here. I’m no expert on the workings of the Catholic Church and I’m obviously not a Catholic. I appear to have mistakenly believed that the Vatican drove the culture of the church and so addressing the issues within the church had to come that way. My opinions have obviously hit a nerve and since I know that I’m far from an expert on the inner and current workings of the church I will , for now, bow out of this discussion …it has been useful thou , for me at least, as I’ll certainly make the effort to bring myself up to speed , I look forward to finding out the Catholic Church is doing everything in its power to purge child abusers from the priesthood. so that the ‘good’ priests can do their work without the stigma of such a horrible crime against children following them.

          • WOBH IAPOS

            That’s cool. I think the RC Church collectively is working to clean up its clergy, just not from one central point.

      • Imogen B

        Pervert 1 was defrocked in 2013. He’s been named. Why is there a pending decision to indict? Progress happens slowly in some circles, especially when kiddi porn is still not seen as abuse. The Catholic Church can be precious and pouty about the criticism levelled at it, but every bit is richly deserved.
        And spare me the ‘it isn’t only our church’ and ‘we’re trying, really’ feeble excuses.
        Kids are being hurt. Smarten up – the big fella is watching you.

  • Nirvana10

    It seems that the Catholic Church is to be damned if they are up front about the results of such a transparent audit of Vatican employees and damned if they aren’t and are therefore accused of ‘cover-ups’. If you think that the chief prosecutor is lying then I suggest you contact the relevant authorities and lay a complaint. Otherwise we might deduce that WO is driven more by anti-Catholic prejudice than a real desire for searching out the truth.

    • Eiselmann

      I think the problem is that they investigated two cases……two out of how many thousands, maybe tens of thousands ,maybe more.
      If there were a thousand murders in this country last year and the police investigated 2 of them would you say there were doing something to address the murder rate or ask ‘ is that all you have done? Why did the church only investigate two when they are so many others to choose from

  • Genevieve

    The issue of child abuse by priests would appear to be the ‘elephant in the room’ for many devout Catholics, much the same as ‘Radical Islam’ is for countless Muslims.
    This is just a reminder that so many religions rely on blind faith in their followers.

    • Bean

      At least the Catholics are slowly acknowledging they have a problem and are making attempts to deal with it.

      I’m not at all religious but I went to a relatives christening on the weekend and was struck by a comment from what seemed to be a very decent minister. “Blah blah blah, no matter where or in what circumstances you find yourself in years to come know that the church community will always be here, we won’t impose on you but we will always be willing to help you.”

      What struck me is was the comment “we won’t impose on you”, such a contrast to Islam where you are controlled under duress forever.

  • cows4me

    Come now Cam climate change made them do it, Pope Francis will sort it. Seriously though if this is the seat of the Lords representation on Earth than he seriously needs to clean house.