Want to see your parliament back at work?


NZPA via 3 News


The House sits for the first time this year on Tuesday 10 February. At 2 p.m. the debate on the Prime Minister’s statement begins.

The debate is the traditional curtain raiser to the parliamentary year. Up to 2008, the Prime Minister read out a statement that had already been given to party leaders and the media. No departure from the prepared statement was allowed, which could be frustrating for the PM, who could not respond to interjections.  

Now, the statement is presented to party leaders by 10 a.m. and Rt Hon John Key begins the debate by moving a vote of confidence in the Government at the start of a 20-minute speech in the House at 2 p.m.

The leaders of the Labour, Green and New Zealand First parties also have 20 minutes each. Remaining speeches are of ten minutes each, with the entire debate lasting for 11 hours.

The statement outlines the Government’s plans for 2015, so the debate can range widely over all areas of public policy.

Question time will not be held on Tuesday, 10 February, but will take place on Wednesday and subsequent days. On those days, the debate on the PM’s statement follows question time, but can be adjourned so that the House can deal with other Government business.

There will not be a Members’ day until the first Wednesday after the debate on the PM’s statement finishes.


– newzealand.govt.nz


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  • Eiselmann

    I imagine John Key will acknowledge the challenges ahead and also the potential for this country to move forward.
    I expect Angry Andrew…to be angry .
    Winston to slur and blame the bad Asians for everything.
    And the larper…if we shared her view of this country and its future we’d all be on anti-depressants.

  • Nige.

    I cant wait. Its the best:


  • caochladh

    For gods sake, will someone tell the PM to put the finger away.

  • oldmanNZ

    feel a little sad that Russel Norman wont be asking the same questions as Last year.

    I was hoping for a different answer by now.

    • zotaccore

      Without a doubt someone within the Green party, probably loopy Turei, will be asking questions about when the royal enquiry will start… on and about everything in the world around us that is wrong and for which is the governments fault…. ie same old same old.

  • munzrat

    blame the asians …. if he had balls he would be deflecting a little of his boundless toothless animosity towards the muslim community to get its balls in a row and start dobbing in the radicals they generously protect at present .

  • ivan kalchen

    It seems nice and when they find work they try to stick with it, which is really important and nothing is as good as the idea of workers with a point of view and not so dumb guys. The trips they made and the bridge is good and should be noticed as it is with even bigger admiring.
    The SJ point and http://earningexpert.nl/earningexpert-strategie/ confirmed it with a talk on that subject.