We shall fight on Facebook, we shall fight on Twitter; we shall never surrender


The British army are tooling up against ISIS with computers and a social media account.

Rather than sending hundreds of troops around the world, the newest brigade is aimed at the social media war being waged by Islamic State and other terror organisations and their fight to radicalise young people.

The brigade is designed to ‘meet the challenges of modern conflict and warfare’ by winning the hearts and minds of those in battle by both monitoring and engaging with digital and social media channels.

Others will try to gather as much intelligence about what the enemy are doing, including their up to date movements, which may mean they are deployed in the field. Some will be responsible for putting out false information in a variety of ways to create diversions and throw the enemy off track. This includes a ‘psychological’ element – undermining the enemy’s morale by covertly leaking messages to them and disseminating details of British successes.

It comes after Islamic State jihadists gathered support from young Muslims around the world by posting propaganda on social media sites such as Twitter.

A defence source said: ‘We are being challenged in this complex world. It is warfare short of what we would describe as war. We are thinking about fighting in a cleverer, smarter way.

‘It is a different way of thinking and it is a different way of fighting.’

I reckon I can think of a whole bunch of New Zealand Twitter people who would be highly qualified to stuff those ISIS people around.  Just imagine Giovanni Tiso calling for a boycott of all ISIS funders!


– Mail Online


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  • sandalwood789

    Oh, wow…… “social media”.
    I’ll bet *that* sends chills up the spines of ISIS. /sarc
    This is the same British “Army” that has been told not to wear its uniforms in public for fear of attacks.

    Harden up, UK. Do it *correctly* and ban Muslim immigration.

    • bristol

      Yes, and I know this may sound extreme, but we need to set an example to the rest of the civilised world by making it difficult for those that are already here to
      practice their ideology, by shutting down the mosques, Islamic faith schools/madrassas, by making halal (and, sorry, Kosher as well) butchery illegal, ban the public wearing of burqas and religious face coverings. Do it now, and whilst there may be significant unrest, our military and law enforcement should be able to deal with it, whereas if left unchecked most probably will eventually lead to a future civil war. With a bit of luck, if the above is implemented, most of them will bugger off, and we may yet dodge the bullet that’s definitely coming our way if we don’t.

      • Sunshine

        I don’t agree with shutting down Kosher. There is a different between Jewish faith and islam ideaology. The production of kosher foods and kosher meat slaughter was always a small part of industry. They asked nicely for these services and do not apply stand over pressure tactics for the rest of NZ to accommodate their faith. Jewish people assimilate in our country and as far as I’m concerned very welcome.

        • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

          Jewish people may have different customs to the rest of us, but they share our culture (or perhaps we share theirs . .)

        • bristol

          I’m not against Kosher, I’m against any religious ritual animal slaughter. ie the slitting of its throat whilst conscious. This is against the law. The New Zealand Animal Welfare Act 1999, states quite clearly that this is an offence, under Section 12(c) “kills the animal in such a manner that the animal suffers unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress.”
          In my book, religious requirements should not be exempt.

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        95-odd years ago Kemal Attaturk decreed that all Turkish women were free to dress as they pleased, but that all prostitutes MUST wear the burqa.
        Guess what . . .

  • conwaycaptain

    And they will be called Chindits. Bernard Ferguson will be spinning in his grave

  • Nige.

    the total hypocrisy of isis.

    they claim to me anti west yet they ogle over our technology.

    They are jealous at our capabilities just like they are jealous that Israel managed to be so productive in a short amount of time after the war.

    Why are they obsessed with explosives and suicide bombings? Is that the traditional Islamic method for disposing of their enemies? Somehow i doubt that Mohammad had the technology (which apparently he would despise) to cause complex chemical reactions to cause rapid chain reaction explosives for the purposes of causing death…

    No thats right…he had a couple of swords which he had pet names for….seems a bit childish…..not suicide vests (size 000 – xxxxxxL and colour you like as long as its red)

    And i suppose that recruiting zombies from all around the world is just an extension of Mohammad fibre optic network that must have been buried in mecca since circa 30AD. or maybe he sent letters out through the post? or courier pigeons? if they are halal.

    I find it hard to say anything about islam an Muslims because i just cannot for the (literal) life of me find ANY thing logical about that religion/cult. The hypocrite attitude from the imams and “do as i say, not as i do” approach to life from them and their leaders just astounds me.

    Live and let live.

  • Rick H

    That ugly white script line atop all the ISIS / ISIL black flags-
    Every time I see it, it reads to me like two men standing side-by-side each holding up both hands with the fingers pointing skyward – and wouldn’t ye know it, both men have had half of their fingers hacked off.

    Says it all about them, really.