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  • Korau

    Word of the day

    mythomane (noun) – a person with a strong or irresistible propensity for fantasizing, lying, or exaggerating.
    (adj) – of, relating to, or characteristic of a mythomane.

    source : http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/mythomane

    Etymology : From Greek mythos (myth) + -mania (excessive enthusiasm or craze). Earliest documented use: 1954.

    • KGB

      I wonder what Len’s thinking today?

    • Eiselmann

      …so the larper then

    • Dave

      Now that would have accompanied the cartoon of the day well.

  • KGB

    I wonder what Sam’s thinking today?

    • Bobb

      I think that if Sam had NOT sent those txt’s to Cam (ie they were from someone who used his name to set up an account) then he would have certainly contacted Cam by email or through the comments section to say so. I think he could be facing some grief.

      • KGB

        We have all sent an e-mail or text that we later regretted, but this is another level. One bad day has probably ruined his whole future. While I feel sad for his silly mistake, I also feel for Cam. How would we react to such a threat? Must be scary not knowing wether someone is all talk, (perhaps alcohol or drug influenced), or serious. I know I was quite shocked by the content though it doesn’t affect me personally.

    • edee

      Sam doesn’t think, that’s one of his problems, he has many others. Poor boy!

    • pak

      Ha – from Brian’s comment above about it raining in Mangamahu (where?) my initial thought was you meant Sam The Weatherman from TV1. Then realised you referred to the poor deluded fellow reported on yesterday….not had my morning coffee yet.

  • Still raining a bit here in Mangamahu – woohoo! Another two days of it please.

    • I.M Bach

      Is that the tiny settlement not too far Hunterville? Knew a couple out that way, great spot.

  • ozbob68

    Is anyone following the Greek eurozone debt issue? It sounds like the new Greek government is trying to forum-shop for a better deal by talking with individual member states rather than the “troika”. They seem to me to be trying to sew discord between these member states and the larger organisations (the IMF and European Commission and European Central Bank) by making them review their own interests against the overarching authority of the troika. This should be very interesting to see how this plays out.

    An interesting follow-up, if Greece defaults on its loans, what sanctions can the EU impose on them? Could we see an economic blockade of Greece until it complies with it’s obligations?

    • hbboy

      I see Spain are moving towards an election, with the anti-austerity crowd very popular and saying they are going to negotiate a write off of some of the country’s debt. Since when can a borrower go along to the bank and get their loan reduced/written off. This sounds like a typical left wing promise to me.

      • peterwn

        This is the problem. It is easy for a party to beat the drum at election time on this but not so easy to give full effect to the promises when in power.

        It is rather like resource based computer and other games. The player is faced with a ‘given’ scenario and make the most of it – the player cannot change the scenario to suit himself. The trick is to make the most of the given scenario. The Monopoly player whose overarching aim is to have hotels on Mayfair and Park Lane is doomed to failure – hotels on more modest properties and more cash in the bank is a far better proposition.

    • peterwn

      The main sanction is that lenders stop lending but from the lenders’ point of view does not really help to be repaid. A further issue is the leaders of a defaulting nation could turn to other nations (eg China, Russia, North Korea etc) for borrowing and assistance. More realistically Greece may need to acknowledge that the nominal amount owing must be repaid but negotiate a longer time span and softer interest rates. Any quantitative easing that affects the Euro would also work in Greece’s favour.

      If Greece dumps the Euro in favour of a local currency, there will be austerity regardless of the Government’s promises and wishes when the value of the new currency rapidly inflates which effectively transfers wealth from savers to borrowers.

      • ozbob68

        That’s a very valid and interesting point. What’s stopping Greece going outside the EU to fund it’s EU loan bailout? and what would the lender demand in return, which could potentially be incompatible with Eurozone policy?

        • Albert Lane

          The new Greek Prime Minister is a communist, as is his deputy. Their political adherence is not to Greece or the EU, but to another country which is run by an ex-KGB officer.

          • ozbob68

            so, perhaps Greece could be the next Ukraine, but annexed by financial means?

    • unitedtribes

      If you can’t realistically repay your debt then your best bet is to sort out the best method of default. Greece should be fast sorting out their alternative currency and policy now even if they are bluffing.

    • fergus

      Thrown out of the Euro zone and denial of trade.

    • Tony

      There are two major world events taking place, Greece and Ukraine fighting. Our media just doesn’t have any depth to it to be reporting such events and when they do it is replaying other views. Greece cannot be allowed to renege on their agreement or others will follow – Spain etc. On the other hand if they are not allowed to renege then they may be forced out of the Euro. So either way there are potential problems ahead and we should not kid ourselves that we will isolated from these issues..

  • rantykiwi

    Len’s council are so useless that they can’t even collect the parking fines they hand out.

    As much as I see a lot of the tickets as nothing but revenue gathering, what’s the point of making the effort to issue them if you don’t bother enforcing them afterwards?

    Go on Len, resign from your useless dysfunctional council – Auckland doesn’t want you, and you don’t even own a house here any more.

    • peterwn

      A council is dependent on Justice Ministry’s collection unit to collect fines. A reminder is sent after one month (also covers the case if the original ticket is removed) and can be handed to the court for a ‘judgment’ after two months and if not paid in a timely manner is passed to Justice’s collection unit. Councils may find it useful to send a ‘last chance’ reminder before sending it to court, enough people may pay then to make it more economic than passing it to the courts. Some councils have previously wanted to be able to hire debt collectors and not bother with the courts, but the government has not bitten on this one. Presumably Justice’s collections unit is now operating with sufficient efficiency that direct use of private debt collectors are unlikely to do better, especially as Collections has wider powers to collect than debt collectors..

      • Albert Lane

        What I find amazing about the non-collection of fines, is that eventually when an offender owes thousands in unpaid fines, the system gets angry and takes them to court. The judge then quashes all the fines, and sentences the offender to a few days home detention. When I see such judgments and work out the equivalent hourly rate of pay, I wonder what planet the judges think they’re on.

  • Cadwallader

    Now that Lydia Co is performing well on the international circuits perhaps she deserves “A Winston Peters Welcome To New Zealand Award.” She is one of us when she earns glory but never forget Winston’s gang of haters would resent her being in NZ from the outset. I wonder whether Winston could swallow his silly pride long enough to hand her the award? He really is an embarrassment.

  • SlightlyStrange
  • KGB

    We don’t read many ‘good’ stories about NZ Police. I’d like to share a small one.
    We live on State Highway 1 and our water-tank down by the road was graffitied a couple of nights ago.
    The Wellsford Police have been patrolling the streets, walking the main street beat like they all did in my youth. As I walked past one yesterday we both smiled and said hi. I asked him if he had a moment and shared my tank story. Asking if he thought I should take a photo for them before we re-painted it, or would I be wasting their time? He explained they had quite a collection and could usually identify the offender, so good idea to do so.
    He also advised to remove it quickly because, like dogs they all like to ‘spray’ on the same ‘lamp-post.’
    As I walked away he called out “I’m going past on the way home soon and I’ll stop and take the photo for you.”
    Thank you NZ Police. Too many people think you don’t care about the small stuff.

    • I.M Bach

      Locals had a problem with tagging in a small SI town a few years back. The local bobby got together with the school art teacher and they concocted a plan to do a ‘course’ on street ‘art’. It didn’t take long for certain styles to take the forefront.

  • Toothbrush76

    The latest “Farmlander” has an article on the upcoming rally run by the West Otago Vintage Club, to be held at Tapanui on 7th and 8th March.
    One of the activities on display will be “… tractor dancing, which has to be seen to be believed. Eight tractors – four driven by men and four smaller tractors driven by men in drag (“not a pretty sight”, according to Charlie Davis) – move in unison as if they are square dancing. The blend of machinery and choreography makes for entertaining viewing.”
    This takes me back nearly seventy years when the male mannequin balls were held in our country hall and many other country halls around the South. The men would dress as women and parade in a fashion competition. There was usually a bride. This was a serious event and provided great entertainment.

    • Cadwallader

      Is the banjo plucking contest immediately before this event or does it require several hours of moonshine consumption first?

    • Chris

      I have seen a video of tractor square dancing in the US. it was very good, must take a lot of practice.

    • 1951

      I have a photo of a Ball that was held in the local hall where every young farmer was dressed in beautiful lace & taffeta, full length gowns with their female partners in monkey suits. My brother’s attire was complete with paper rose set into his golden locks. This was long before the word homosexual had become part of our vocabulary. It’s hilarious as those young men that are still here are now bent-over worn-out old farmers.

      • Toothbrush76

        Can you give us a clue as to where it was? My memories are all based around Waikaka.

        • 1951

          This is inland of Timaru, Pleasant Point. If I had new how I would scan it and post on here.

          • Toothbrush76

            I know of Pleasant Point, my uncle Bill was headmaster of the school there before he retired – a district high I think it was.
            You will probably have to ask one of your grandchildren to scan it for you.

          • 1951

            Mallard closed the school. I have to lay my hands on photo first. It’s in a box here somewhere {:(

    • DrFix

      It really is skillfully done. American version here .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnXov7P7a04

      • WeaselKiss

        The trouble is, you would have to know how to do this dance on foot first, presumably.
        You would have to learn it.
        And practice it.


    • ex-JAFA

      You got a mighty purdy tractor there, boy.

  • Michael

    Rawdon Christie has quite clearly breached a suppression order during his interview with the Prime Minister this morning by naming a party involved in a case. Will he be prosecuted?

    • peterwn

      The prosecution or accused in the case concerned would need to raise it with the judge (which they can very easily do) and if warranted the reaction from the bench would be quick and brutal – the judge would probably demand the journo and a senior manager to attend and would invite them to bring a lawyer. They could well be looking at the courtroom side door with the big lock on it and hoping. If the judge saw / heard the item the judge could probably initiate action. Police/ Crown Law could also commence action by investigating and laying a charge.

      • pak

        Helpful clarification. I would find it very satisfying if some eligible person/persons did follow up on this …

  • Ilovelife

    Whatever you do, folks, don’t be proud of Lydia Ko ( I’m keeping it a tight secret that I am very proud of her!) After all, the Loopy Greens will have another field day about the disgrace it is that we are claiming her amazing success as our own.

  • cross the rubicon

    I get my news and world opinion from Fox news, Breitbart, Daily Express (UK). I refuse to watch Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN and most all other left wing propaganda machines.

    I’m astounded that people I work with get their news from RT and Al Jazeera, and it’s no wonder that their opinions are completely left wing and the USA is the great Satan and the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful while 0.0001% are terrorists or support terrorism. I believe these people to be so naive it’s not funny.

    I have come to realise that the alleged most educated (Degrees, PhD’s etc) among us have paradoxically become the most stupid of all and refuse to see what’s happening in the world.

    I’m not white power, racist, bigoted or far right. I have been accused of all by people like I described above. I am 150% pro Israel and believe they are on the countdown to another Holocaust if the surrounding countries get their way. And I believe that most leaders in the west are in fear of Islam and will one day cut Israel loose to their own demise. I strongly believe that Islam in all its forms is the greatest threat to world peace. I believe migration is their weapon of choice and perpetual offence and threats of violence when insulted is their attempt to shut down all debate about their mass uncontrolled migration.

    I could go on all day with this but, I strongly believe that Barrack Obama leading the far left is radical Islam’s and Islam itself’s greatest gift. I know some will say that Obama is attacking ISIS positions in northern Iraq and Syria, but I believe its pin prick bombing raids and means nothing only tokenism.

    So I’m putting it out there what I believe and asking what you think. I don’t think I’m unique and just wish more would say what they believe instead of taking the PC line on anything fr fear of hurting anyone’s feelings at a social occasion or debate.

    This is what I truly believe and would appreciate some genuine feedback.

    • pak

      I totally agree with all you are saying here and I think you will find many readers of Whaleoil will concur as well. The problem seems to me to be that there is so little cut-through beyond those who are already aware and keep themselves informed and educated. I don’t know what the answer is and I swing from being pessimistic to very pessimistic about the future with the odd glimmer of hope over all this. But the fact is as Dr K.D. Prithpal (Prof. of Comparative Religion, University of Alberta) has said “Muslims will only live as an oppressive majority and a turbulent minority”.

    • KGB

      I agree with you and think along similar lines. One of the reasons I believe WO is so successful is because we can all voice those thoughts here. Apart from my husband and Father, I cannot talk this freely in my real world. I upset too many people, including family.

      • Ilovelife

        I, unfortunately, belong to a family infested with die hard lefties. If I so much as make a comment of the contrary opinion I am jumped on like a ton of bricks. I am always flabbergasted by their self righteous view of the world…they are mainly academic and pseudo academics. WO is a place I can share view points with like minded people who do not jump on you. Thank you Cam and staff!

        • Albert Lane

          I have a son-in-law who is infested with left-wing opinions. His 8 year-old daughter recently told me that John Key steals from the poor to give to the rich. On asking her who told her that, she told me that her dad had told her. This type of political indoctrination of the brains of the young, parallels the evils that muslim kids are taught about the West and its religions almost from birth. This poor kid implicitly believes the lies her father has told her.

          • WeaselKiss

            Albert I bet Christmas times at your place are real peachy lol

          • Albert Lane

            We actually had a great Christmas Dinner with the family, and everybody seemed to know the old rule that you never discuss politics, money or religion at any social function. The story about John Key was told to me while we were out walking.

          • WeaselKiss

            Yeah I know.
            I apologize and withdraw my comment.
            It was crass of me to presume what I did. Sorry.

          • Albert Lane

            I didn’t find your comment offensive at all. But whatever you’re apologising for (and I still don’t know why you’re apologising), I accept your apology.

          • WeaselKiss

            Well I was implying that because of your son-in-laws left wing ‘infestation’ that your family gatherings might be less than cordial, which is obviously not the case.

          • Albert Lane

            Because neither of us spout off our differing political views, we get along okay.

          • KGB

            I wish I showed such constraint. You are a legend in 2014.

          • KGB

            No you are right. My youngest son & daughter-in-law did not turn up for Xmas this year for the 1st time ever. They are Green Party members and have been very annoyed with my opinions. I can normally ‘shut-up’ but 2014 was a heated election year. Though I’m older and expect that occasional clashes of opinion are just that, they did not. To be honest the last election was like the 1981 rugby tour. Divisive and destructive in my family. Sad.

        • wooted

          Isn’t it good to discover that a lot of other people think the same as us, and we are not some lunatic far right fringe that the MSM portray us to be.

          Realising this and the feedback I receive here has given me the confidence to speak out in other places, and hello, for every one that disagrees, many more agree with our views.

    • 1951

      We are lucky here at WO to get different angles of the view. Those who rely on the front page of the local rag or the 10 min coverage at 6pm news are being purposely kept in the dark. If they were properly exposed to what is going on, I think the apathy would subside. People would demand action.
      As I commented yesterday…I would hate to be a leader of one of those countries in Europe who need to make the decision to take action &/or what action to take?
      What ever, if it is… ‘people who value life’ v ‘people with a death wish’ …it is going to be brutal. So scary.

      • WeaselKiss

        Some years ago I worked with a chap who told me : “I like to watch the X-Files”
        “Yep, I like to keep an eye on what’s going on in America”.

    • Albert Lane

      I regularly view RT and Al Jazeera. In military parlance, I call it “Know Your Enemy”. RT spends much of its time interviewing left-wing academics who criticise the US, its economy and culture, and it’s extremely rare to see any reports of problems in Russia. I listen to talk-back quite a lot in the middle of the night, and quite often the callers will refer to RT as if it’s the bible. RT is a propaganda channel, and unless the Russians allow western channels to broadcast in the Soviet Union (sorry, I meant Russia), the West should ban RT. Al Jazeera does carry accurate and up-to-date news, and it intersperses the news programmes with documentaries from places we hardly ever hear of. But they are very crafty. Every so often, they broadcast one-sided propaganda programmes depicting the lives led by Arabs in the oppressed ‘occupied territories’, but you’re never told about the other side to the problem. And you’ll never see any programmes showing the harsh impositions of Sharia Law against Arabs in Saudi Arabia or Iran, or anything about their political or religious rulers (who would usually be one and the same people). Interestingly, both RT and Al Jazeera use western staff. I think that Al Jazeera should be told they will be banned unless they provide better balance to their programmes. But RT should simply be banned. They’re beyond redemption.

    • Hard1

      “Countries bombed: Obama 7, Bush 4.”
      Bush: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia.
      Obama: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria.

      Obama and the US are the most important pivot for NZ on foreign policy. Obama is not pro-Islam, he is pro expediency on oil. The US is still utterly dependent on Saudi Oil. The Arab spring has turned into the Arab slaughter. Some say this is the beginning of the master plan to create a single world government. Obama is well to the right of Key politically. A middle east in turmoil still sells oil. If any group is pro-Islam it is the Academic leadership of Europe watching their masterplan of integration turn into a morass of infighting. Muslims will have to be expelled en-mass back to their native countries. Only military governments supported by the US can contain the Arab uprisings. Arab religious leaders must be purged,annihilated.

      Consider this ; China’s education minister on Friday ordered the country’s colleges and universities to ban textbooks that promote “western values,” a phrase that often refers to democracy and human rights.
      Yuan Guiren told a higher education forum that Chinese institutions should take steps to protect their “political integrity,” and “never let textbooks promoting western values appear in our classes,” official media reported.

      China is active in the Pacific and wants it’s fisheries. Without the US, the oceans of the world become a free-for-all. China will move south to gain territory. Only the US can stop them. China is pushing transportation routes into all South Eastern nations, while getting Russian gas at cost price.
      They are playing to win, and the opposition is the US, and that means NZ as well.

      The most dangerous man in the world is Putin, and once again NZ must and will support the US whatever it’s reaction to Russian aggression. The Saudis are considering going nuclear with the help of Pakistan should Iran inch any closer to obtaining nukes. That is why the US is doing it’s utmost to stall Iranian advancements.
      Before you knock Obama, consider this. Without him and his military might, we are lambs for the slaughter. Whichever the leader, the US military Industrial complex is the same. The name of the President is irrelevant.

  • Mrs_R

    I’m becoming quite fond of Jordan Williams (Taxpayers Union). It was great how he got the information of Catton’s $50k funding from the tax payer out there in a timely manner to counter her ‘poor me’ nonsense. I also read this morning he is questioning the wisdom of The Health Promotion Agency giving away free fishing rods and surfboards (and other freebies) as a PR stunt courtesy of the tax payer. I believe he uses the word ‘shameless’, and I agree wholeheartedly. Keep up the great work Jordan.

    • pak

      Yes, Jordan and his excellent team doing a great job and good value for the taxpayer – they “do not seek funding from government entities or grants”!

  • Jdogg
  • oozzey

    cross the rubicon I could not agree more ,Well written ,note when there is an execution our great leaders say we condemm these actions . WORDS wheres the real men of this world lets go and clean these bullies out. Believe me they will run when they come up against a real army . toany isis follower ,UP YOURS WITH APIGS TROTTER

  • I.M Bach

    Maybe if councils didn’t waste money on overseas junkets, chocolate biscuits, grand luncheons and other such frippery they could afford to provide the basics.


  • Iva b ginn

    Morning all, Stepped outside about an hour ago to the smell of smoke, we had a bit of rain last night so that may have accentuated the smell. We were driving back to Baldivis along safteybay Rd and you could see a large plume of smoke coming from the Oakford/ Byford areas, bit scary when the wind is blowing in your direction.

  • Yellow Admiral

    The table below shows that in 2010/11 households earning under $50,000 paid no net tax due to the impact of taxpayer contributions such as WFF, accommodation supplement, etc.

    Does anyone know of a more up-to-date version of this data?

    It is clearly something the left are not keen on acknowledging, and I bet the MSM wouldn’t want to answer my question.

    • Mark

      Nice,sad if you are a single person earning less than 50K,I certainly pay tax & receive no WFF,accom supplement etc.

      • Disinfectant

        Social Studies at school should be a lesson in “cause and effect”.
        Choose to have children and they will cost you. And don’t expect the taxpayer to pay for them as it was your choice.

        • Mark

          I’ll even acknowledge that I gain benefts from some peoples children,but I think the tax system need review & needs to be flatter.

  • Yellow Admiral

    This is the table I refer to below. Sorry – it didn’t ‘stick’ when I posted.

  • STAG

    Someone must have asked this already.

    National throw Northland, No change to Government position, National still in Power,

    Labour Win the by-election and gain and elected MP, loss a list MP

    Good Bye Andrew Little and Hello 5th Labour Leader?

    Am I right or have I got this mixed up?

    • Wheninrome

      How on earth would you suggest they throw the by-election, short of not standing a candidate. Voters will do what voters do.
      It could be that voters might do an Epsom, maybe, maybe not.

      • STAG

        They can withdraw their candidate once the field has been set and Little has not been registered as the Labour candidate (he can’t loose another electorate vote.) and there you have it Labour either withdraw their candidate as well or they loose their “leader”.

        • Wheninrome

          I do not think it would win support, we talk about dirty politics.
          National must stand a candidate and go to the hustings and win the race.
          Not really in the nature of the average NZer to accept anything else. It really would be making a mockery of the electoral system.

    • Michael

      The result of the by-election stands alone and does not effect proportionality. If Labour win then this does not change the numbers of List MPs in Parliament.

      • STAG

        I knew there would be a trick to it, thanks.

    • Wasapilot

      A real shame this can’t happen Stag. I love your thinking on this

    • Albert Lane

      There is not one electorate north of the Harbour Bridge that is held by Labour. And we all know why. Successive Labour governments haven’t put any money into the area. We even have to pay a toll to use a short extension of the northern motorway, while the rest of NZ has lovely free roads paid for partly by the huge amount gathered in road tax from people in Northland. And don’t forget that Phil Goff still thinks it’s the Holiday Highway so it doesn’t deserve any upgrading. Yes. Labour are really popular up here. Not.