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  • Lord Evans

    Apparently it’s not acceptable a Muslim to own a dog…

    • Service dogs are OK as long as they wear a barka.

      • bristol

        Q: How does every Muslim/Islamic joke start?
        A: By looking over your shoulder.

  • Eiselmann

    The religion of peace website just clicked over 25000 random lone wolf attacks in the name of allah since 9-11……that’s over 2000 a year and a muslim I know tries to convince everyone its only 1500 muslims doing all the protesting and killing (he’s adamant despite all logic that only 1 in a million muslims are involved in this carry on ..)

  • Blockhead

    The Green Taliban have told us for ever how humans are a blight on the environment. Is it not ironic that Wussell has three children? Or perhaps it is just more of “Do as I say, not as I do”?

  • Pete

    How come Obama never pushed through his tax the corporates when he had the dems in charge of both houses???

    • It is so he can say ‘See – look how the nasty Republicans are stopping me doing what I need to do’

    • Davo42

      Because both US parties are owned by them, just look who Obama has appointed as the new NZ ambassador – Mark Gilbert formerly of Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers.

      • In Vino Veritas

        The fact that Gilbert might be a great ambassador not good enough to get selected then Davo?

        • Davo42

          Ha, Classic! Look at the guys history, he was appointed because of his ability to fund the Democrats. I’m not saying he won’t make a fine ambassador, but you cannot deny two things; 1) He got this posting because of his fund raising efforts for the Democrats. 2) The Democrats are beholden to corporate America just as the GOP is. This is all about paying it back.

          • In Vino Veritas

            Of course I can deny it Davo. You seem to overlook the fact that Gilbert was also the Democrats Deputy National Finance Chair. So perhaps he was nominated for the roll since he was a Democrat supporter and part of the Presidential campaign rather than someone who holds a corporate noose to Obama’s neck as you seem to be implying.

          • Davo42

            US party funding is an old boys club fed by money from the corporates, favours for favours, and Gilbert was well connected. To suggest otherwise is absurd. Can we be certain that Obama’s “you scratch my back, and I will scratch yours” system of selecting an Ambassador will give NZ the best person for the role?

  • Sally

    Attention MSM, we have had enough good news stories about Little this week. He is well over his weekly allowance of 2.
    If you don’t comply we might have to get WO to dish up some dirty to balance up the score sheet.

    • Max

      They should rename Andrew little Lazarus.
      After all he he wasn’t even in Parliament after the last election because Labour polled so lowly and really finally made it by default.

  • cross the rubicon

    The world is truly turned on its head. We in the west, especially in the northern hemisphere are being attacked daily by Muslim terrorists, but it seems no one wants to confront it or even put a label on it for fear of offending Muslims.
    It seems all western leaders hang onto Obama’s every word like it’s the word of god himself and repeat the myth ‘Islam is the religion of peace’. There no evidence that Islam is the religion of peace, but more than enough that it isn’t that we see everyday on our TV screens.
    Islam is not only a religion but a religious ideology that is essentially incompatible with western values. It is naive for very well educated western politicians, MSM, left wing progressives and so called intelligentsia to believe that Islam is ever going to settle an integrate into western society successfully.
    We have and continue let in a Trojan horse that has no intention of integrating into the west. I believe that their intention s to take over the west via mass immigration, out breed the indigenous population via large families, pull the race card in order to change our laws to suite them, make threats of violence to shut down all debate and shut down criticism of their so called religion, (Totalitarian, ideological, fascist death cult).
    They know we are weak and they know our leaders are even weaker. They use political correctness, left wing activists, the BBC and most other MSM against us to great affect. We now live in fear of openly criticizing then for fear of physical attack and death. Even if we are jailed for our views in our prisons we are sure to be attacked and even killed by Islamists who now run or jails and are the most feared.
    These people have come to the west to take over the west; that is their ultimate aim that is instilled in every Muslim regardless if they’re moderate or otherwise.
    The ones who make friends with us are fake friends. It says in the Koran to make friends of infidels only to deceive them, and when the time is right to kill them, this is their deception (Taqiyya) look it up if you don’t believe me.
    We are and always will be kaffas and infidels that should convert or pay high for our crimes of not being Muslim or ultimately die. This is what they truly believe and they are flooding into our western cultures to achieve it. And our sycophantic,quisling, capitulating leaders are enabling it to happen on a grand and unprecedented scales. I don’t know why they are but the evidence points to this as fact.
    What is the end game? Someone somewhere knows this is all going to come to head, civil war, full scale war with internal enemies of mostly Christian western democracies not unlike the former Yugoslavia of the early 1990’s? Is it all part of the New World Order to cause chaos, wars, genocide so as to end democracies and ultimately achieve world government, end democracy and install marshal law across the world? If so then who is driving it? Who are these very powerful men at the very top orchestrating this?
    I know and realise that this sounds completely out there, but why are or leaders so out of touch and refuse to see what most of the western world sees? Are they being pressured by some small group of the world’s most powerful men and fear assassination or worse if they speak out?
    What I do know is that nothing seems to make any sense in the world. The leader of the once free western democracies Obama seems intent on telling the world that Islam is benign and harmless and truly is the ‘religion of peace’ promoting it above and beyond any other religions. We all know it’s not true but what media outlet or other world politician challenges this quite obvious lie? Instead the stupid also propagate this lie because Obama, Cameron and other world leaders say it, and don’t even take the time analyse what they’re even thinking.
    I don’t know what the answers are, but I do know we are being lied to by our elected leaders on an epic scale for reasons that people can only speculate in some ‘super conspiracy’ kind of way that no one would ever believe until it one day happens.
    It seems to me we are living in the age of stupid. And it also seems to me that the paradox is the more intelligent we have become the more stupid we have become as we have lost our innate ability to see something for what it is.

    • Wheninrome

      It could be the more “educated” we become, education does not equate to intelligence.
      It seems we are loosing our natural “animal instincts” for survival.

      • unitedtribes

        We have become radicalised through 15 years of education

    • Reaper

      Some interesting comments on the BBC’s refusal to describe terrorists as terrorists.


    • Mikex

      I think you are bang on with what you have written. My only conclusion as to why Western “leaders” play it down, is that they are terrified of telling it the way it is. This is because they fear the backlash against local Muslims that would almost certainly erupt. However they are merely delaying the inevitable, so it will be worse when it happens but it wont be on their watch.

    • pak

      This is a deeply troubling and insidious issue, well detailed here, and it takes a brave soul to stand up and speak the truth against the prevailing climate of denial. But in the end there is no other option as we face the real risk of losing our way of life as we know it. It is indeed true that “Muslims will only live as an oppressive majority and a turbulent minority”. That message must be got out to a much wider audience before the tide against the current apathy and wrong understanding of islam and its ideology turns.

      • Odd Ball

        At the end of the day, no one wants to get their hands dirty, & risk criticism from the crowd, so therefore, no one dares mention that the emperor has no clothes.

        • pak

          There are some raised voices out there, including a handful of politicians like Boris Johnson, but sadly they are few and far between and most, as you say, are too afraid to speak up.

    • Mick Ie

      If the Western Leaders publicly accept that the Muslims are at war with us, then they will be forced to take action. It will be the start of WW3. No single leader is going to be willing to take on that responsibility. I am sure serious discussions are being held (behind closed doors) discussing options to eradicate the fanatics, whilst trying to avoid another world war.

      • pak

        I am sure that is true. The problem as I see if though goes far beyond just the “fanatics” and the fact that muslim ideology itself is just not compatible with Western democracy and values.

  • Wheninrome

    A new social housing area in Meadowbank, Auckland designed by Top Architect. 14 houses to replace 4 state houses. Well and good, some thought in the design.
    A garage and off street parking provided.
    A local complains, there should only be 8 houses, not 14, this would give them more room for turning their car etc.,
    Back in time when state houses (1940’s and earlier) were built they did not have garages, the residents could not afford cars because they were in genuine need, a car meant that you had money and would not have been eligible.
    Will this just be a continuation of state (social) housing and dead cars.

  • Aucky

    I note that the new primary school in Christchurch opened yesterday to rave reports from pupils, principal and parents. Remember the Philipstown protests last year – marches, strikes, Hipkins raging at Hekia, Cunliffe raging at everybody? Seems that there’s no problem after all, in fact quite the reverse. Hopefully Hekia will capitalise on this at an appropriate moment with a public filleting of Hipkins at Question Time.

  • Davo42

    On TV1 breakfast this morning Roidan was condemning all those who posted the now infamous Christchurch office nookie makers on Face Book, stating that people need to have a better judgement and respect others privacy. The best part is he cuts to the news and what do they show? You guessed it they showed the pictures, ooohhhh the hypocrisy!

    • edee

      Sounds like once again the left hand of TV1 doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

      If people value their privacy then they shouldn’t get themselves into a compromising position with lights on and drapes open in an office across the road from a pub. You can only blame the 2 ‘stars’ in the story.

      Its only human nature to watch, get it on iphone and straight onto Facebook. Its the way things roll today.

      Much ado about nothing Roidan.

      • Max

        TVNZ and the majority of what passes for news people in New Zealand only do left ..
        I’m surprised they haven’t somehow blamed John Key for these two horizontal exhibitionists.

    • Ward_Boston_JAGC_Remembered

      Anything to sell advertising space. . .

    • Dave

      So, which one of the lovers does he know ? or, who is he covering for?

  • pisces8284 .
  • Sally

    School is back and once again the roads are jammed. For over a month there has been no problems except for the odd incident. Auckland’s transport problem is all do with movement of students.
    So instead of Brown wanting to spend billions on his trainset why doesn’t he and Auckland Transport look at ways of moving children to schools.
    Maybe look at how the US move their school children around – their yellow school buses seem very effective.

    • flutterby

      Yes, great idea, and while they are at it, there’s a huge problem at the Papakura interchange when schools are back, so why don’t Auckland Transport sort it out with the Government and Transit NZ. Instead of doing a half baked job at the Takinini interchange because of the cost, do it properly, it’ll never be cheaper so might as well do it properly to start with.

      Also put in that much needed bridge from Karaka to Weymouth (forget the NIMBYs) give traffic more options. Papakura and Pukekohe people put up with having their interchange upgraded for more than a year and it is still just as bad, the queues are horrendous and if there is an accident, forget getting to work on time, there’s just no other way to get there.

      To get into Auckland for work in the morning people are having to leave earlier and earlier, what a waste of man hours to the economy and how stressful. Buses, trains – efficient for students but not an option for the majority of workers.

    • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

      Change school hours so they travel after the rest of us.

      Or perhaps make school days shorter and have two lots of students (one AM and one PM) and make some real use of the facilities (teachers and buildings) we have sitting idle for long periods of time. And maybe address the length of the school year so the shorter daily hours mean an extended year (not the 40 weeks or whatever it is now).

      That might instil some work ethic into the school goers (yes that mean teachers too!!!)

  • Hakaru

    Herald at it again with this headline. Seems like the PM will be dealing with dogs at Waitangi.

    Key expects ruff reception in Waitangi

    • I.M Bach

      I don’t know why NZ even bothers with Waitangi Day, or the treaty come to that. Scrap the lot, move on and have New Zealand Day, where everything positive and great about NZ can be celebrated. WD is divisive, plain and simple.

      • Ward_Boston_JAGC_Remembered

        Scrap the founding document that NZ started on. . .

        What about honouring it?

        • I.M Bach

          It’s been honoured many times over, full and final settlements made back in the 1940’s and then re-interpreted so many times, with variations on its intent it now makes no sense and has zero relevance in modern NZ. It’s all well and good to look to the past to learn from it but to dwell in it is unproductive in the extreme.

    • Huia

      He is being hounded by the media and left and they keep barking up the wrong tree.

  • Wheninrome

    Loved the pulled Go Daddy Advert, cute puppy ad for superbowl. Ship him out, very funny.

  • Yeahright

    One of my two favourite warplanes, A-10 Warthog, the other the B1-B Bone. May they bring their furry onto ISIS.

    • caochladh

      The AC-130 gunship is the business with 20mm, 40mm and 105mm cannons.

      • Yeahright

        Wouldn’t complain either, it is a beast!

  • who’stoblame

    Whaleoil hat should be here any day soon… ooohhh I can’t wait to see who’s going to try and punch me in the head..

  • SkeptiK

    There is one thing on this forum that irritates me!

    loose – not tight fitting, slack
    lose – get beaten, lost the game

    Spell check can only carry you so far folks!

    • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

      I am guilty of this (hangs head), but …..

      I’ll try harder. LOL

      • pak

        Very honourable of you to own up. You can lift your head up now!

    • pak

      “What oft was thought, but ne’er so well expressed”!

  • Bluemanning

    Get Larry W a glass of water! Smalley says we should go in against ISIS boots and all not going to win it from the air..