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  • LabTested

    another Lone Wolf attack in France a few hours ago. The BBC is reporting that 3 French Soldiers guarding a Jewish Community Center in (Nice) the south of France were attacked by a man with a knife.

    Result. 3 French Soldiers were injured & failed to shoot the attacker dead & he escaped only to be captured shortly later. – I mean What the …???

    BBC have been updating the story, here is the latest link


    • sandalwood789

      Yes – and the Jordanian pilot held by ISIS has been killed (and they have outdone themselves in their barbarity….)

      • Pete

        They want a war, we should give them one. This is more than barbaric, these idiots are just sadistic psychopaths and need wiping out.

        • unitedtribes

          Ill throw my flag in on that one Pete

        • Salacious Crumb

          I was thinking maybe they should send the failed suicide bomber back to them with a gift in the form of something small, rapidly replicating and excrucatiating to those infected.

        • Wheninrome

          Their behaviour fails every test under International Law. The UN is a failure, a talk fest at best, time waster at worst.
          It will (as usual) take the “balls” of the USA followed by the UK and then, hopefully, others will join when they see which way the land lies, to actually do something about these atrocities, committed in the name of religion.
          An unpleasant “God” at best, a monster in reality, if this is what is demanded of his/her followers to be true to their faith.

      • Cowgirl

        So sickening – I don’t know how anyone can continue to think we aren’t at war. The goal of this mob is to kill, outrage and inflame and it doesn’t seem to matter who they target. I don’t believe they ever intended to follow through on prisoner exchanges – these people don’t have that sort of honour. They obviously want a full-scale war, should we give them what they want?

        • spanishbride

          When Cam told me this morning about them burning that poor man to death while trapped inside a cage tears poured down my face. The Muslims who infiltrate our societies by stealth are the clever ones because ISIS tactics will ensure military kick back. Meanwhile within our countries they gain power bit by bit. I have a post today about terrorist training camps inside America that are protected by the US constitution! You couldn’t make this stuff up!

        • OneTrack

          Progressivism seems more and more like a variant of retardism.

      • This is the most sickening thing heard for a long time. And the left wing idiots and the MSM seem to think that when JK knew or didn’t know about an MP’s transgressions is more newsworthy than this barbarism. The entire thinking world should be railing against such murder and there should be no question at all about NZ sending troops to help destroy this canker in society.

      • Mick Ie

        This is the epitome of evil.

  • sandalwood789

    As I was getting dressed this morning the word “wisdom” popped into my head (for no reason that I can think of…. ).

    Anyway, that got me thinking. There are quite a number of areas of wisdom that are very largely the domain of the right-wing, but very few (if any) that are the domain of the left.

    Right-wing ones –
    Excellence in education.
    Being anti-Islam.
    Limited government spending.
    Self-reliance and independence.
    Work rather than welfare.

    I can’t think of any areas of “wisdom” that are mostly the domain of the left.
    Can anyone?

    • dumbshit

      one springs to mind, “suck the golden goose dry” while you can

      • sandalwood789

        Interesting thought there DS….

        I think the reason that wisdom tends to be a right-wing thing is that wisdom tends to be *con*structive. The left-wing’s nature is much more *de*structive.

    • Mikex

      Left Whingers have logic cornered ……

      Equal OPPORTUNITIES for ALL !
      Equal OUTCOMES for ALL !

      …hold on, people aren’t all the same.

      …….mmm ! so we’d better give SPECIAL opportunities for the indolent, stupid, wasters et al and HANDICAPPED opportunities for the energetic, bright, thrifty amongst us.

      That’ll fix it,

      Equal OUTCOMES for ALL !

  • Bart67

    Can someone please explain to Gareth Morgan that just because your son made you a large amount of money, that does not give you a mandate to claim to speak for pakeha New Zealanders. Money does not confer authority. What does he think we are, medieval serfs?

    • R&BAvenger

      Love the way Morgan basically blames ‘older’ pakeha as being ignorant on treaty issues and it’s ‘importance’ to the country. “It’s OK”, he said on Breakfast this morning, ” they are dying out, their children will grow up more ‘enlightened’. I’m just trying to accelerate the process”.
      Gareth Morgan can get stuffed. He is shamelessly promoting his new book (and latest ’cause’) nothing more or less.
      Indoctrinating children will only work so far, until they’re exposed to the real world outside the brainwashing farms aka state schools.

      • R&BAvenger

        In addition, he thinking is faulty I feel. He is thinking of Winston First’s supporters in the main and has forgotten the coming large number of Baby Boomers who are coming into retirement age.
        Don’t discount the people who have (mostly) worked all their lives and lived through the age of the treaty settlement and grievance industry throughout this time.
        We have not been indoctrinated, but have seen the effect of entitlementitis upon the population for ourselves, particularly amongst Maori and Pasifika and the general population via the expansion of the welfare state on top of treaty settlements.
        Life is a do it to yourself project, regardless of who you are and where you start from. there are many examples across the populace,both iwi and individuals who have made something of themselves from nothing.

      • OneTrack

        “Enlightened” ?

        Shades of the Soviet Union. For people not “enlightened” enough, will there be special places set up, let’s call them “camps” where those “afflicted” can be sent for the “help” they need?

      • Mick Ie

        An older friend of mine has very recently been passed over for a job. They asked her opinion of the Treaty and the honest reply? ‘I think it’s a con job’. Their answer? ‘ With that attitude we can’t employ you here’. They have missed out on an incredible asset.

        • MaryLou

          Is that even legal? I doubt it. Unless your friend was trying out for a job at the Waitangi Tribunal?

          • Mick Ie

            No, but a PC environment.

        • R&BAvenger

          She should take a personal grievance against them.

          • Mick Ie

            Suggested but not likely, however being considered for another position in a similar environment!

        • Albert Lane

          She should have realised it was a trap question, and the best reply would have been neutral but supportive of Maori aims. However, the real clue to her rejection is that you tell us that she is ‘older’. That will be the real reason, and it was masked by the treaty question, as age discrimination is meant to be a no-no.

    • Richard

      Listened to him on the Radio yesterday.
      He said, “let’s get this straight, only a quarter of my wealth comes from Trade Me”
      So it seems he is an even richer toss pot than I first thought.

      Then on TV this morning he thinks “it is great that those people are dying out” in reference to those that are in agreeance with Brash’s Orewa speech.

      Maybe he could dovetail his cat extermination plan into getting rid of us Orewaites.

      • Sally

        New breed of cat discovered in Orewa – ‘Dying Breed’.

      • OneTrack

        Ok, so he is against one law for all and all that boring equality stuff.

        Does he have the proposed Maori laws written down, or will they be passed on by word of mouth.

      • In Vino Veritas

        I’d suggest that might currently be so with regard to his current wealth, given a chunk of the trade me money went into the Morgan Foundation. But he’s being disingenuous, since he would not have been in the position he is now (ie having been able to set up for instance, Gareth Morgan Kiwisaver and then subsequently sell it) if he had not had the Trade Me cash at the time. And there is no way he would have had $50m but for Trade Me.

    • Salacious Crumb

      Because there is nothing as sanctimonious and self-righteous as a nouveau riche socialist.

      • HR

        And Gareth is the Mac Daddy of them all

    • OneTrack

      If you are white, yeah pretty much that is what he thinks.

    • caochladh

      The “man” is seriously deluded to the point where he should really seek professional help. On Breakfast this morning he told Rorton that 80% of the people agree with him, yet when they asked for feedback they were deluged with negative emails. In fact I think of the hundreds of emails they received only one supported Morgan.

    • kehua

      You are so correct, just as some loud mouthed nobody Maori does not have the
      mandate to claim or speak for Maori.

    • Dave

      Gareth can speak for me, once he has settled all claims, ALL CLAIMS that is with Maori, with his own money, and the treaty gravy is settled. until then, Gareth, Put up, or Shut up. You are but a distraction.

  • Guest

    This will interest SB, I’m sure….

    A muslim activist has defined islam as terrorism – I kid you not.

    Here is the article –

    – and the original source –

    Quote – ”

    MAYOR Boris Johnson has been blasted for ‘inciting fear into the
    hearts of people’ after he branded religious extremists “w*****s” with a
    fixation on pornography.
    General Secretary for the Muslim
    Women’s Network Mussurut Zia slammed the Conservative politician’s
    comments as “irresponsible” and “the definition of terrorism”.

    Ms Zia said the “sweeping comment” made by Mr Johnson labelled “all young Muslim men as losers”.

    “If you look at the definition of terrorism it is to incite fear into the
    hearts of people – this is what he is doing,” she added. ”

    Gee…. thanks for your honesty there, Ms Zia. You reading this, John Key?

    This stuff is direct from the Quran –

    “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore
    strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”
    Quran 8:12

    “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that
    they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”

    Quran 3:151

    Lots more similar quotes where those came from too….

  • R&BAvenger

    The latest rant by Andrea Vance. I thought ” Same thing, different year. ” Same with the news coverage yesterday and on Breakfast this morning. People on the whole will be bored with this same old same old from the opposition and MSM.

    • HR

      I read the same article and thought the same thing as you. However, in the absence of anything real to report and a perspective that ends at the end of her nose Ms. Vance must make herself feel better by releasing some left wing invective at what appears to be her nemesis.
      I find vigorous exercise releases endorphins that are quite pleasant; perhaps writing nasty, inflammatory articles directed at John Key has the same effect in Ms. Vance.

    • R&BAvenger

      Her opening statement “Why is everyone obsessing over when Prime Minister John Key knew his Northland MP Mike Sabin was facing troubles?”
      By ‘everyone’ this means the MSM, Labour/Greens etc etc. i.e. the usual suspects. Ho Hum

  • Blockhead

    With the release of the Australian Al Jazeera journalist, it seems quite a number of Western journalists work for (or have worked for) this news network. Anita McNaught being a NZ example. Does anyone know what, if any, links to “Islam” Al Jazeera has?

    A number of NZers have told me they watch the channel on TV to get a different perspective from MSM, and the impression is it provides “balanced” coverage.

    However, I wonder if it is just another example of Islam infiltrating Western society.

    • Aucky

      Al Jazeera is excellent and a media organisation that I keep in my basket of international news sources to give a really good balance. It delivers news from a Middle East perspective not a Muslim perspective and there’s a very big difference. Al Jazeera also has an excellent phone app.

      • Albert Lane

        For all of that, Al Jazeera is also a propaganda system. They do put on good news items, but they also sneak in unbalanced programmes that make the Palestinians look like victims, and the Israelis look like murderers and oppressors. If they gave both sides to the problems there, that would be fine, but one-sidedness doesn’t work for me.

    • MaryLou

      AlJazeera is based in Qatar, which is quite a sticky place to be I feel, and yet stay even moderately Muslim. I think they do quite a good job, and tend to use a lot of local reporters (on their non-English channel). So even if you disagree, at least you get the local flavour:


  • la la land

    Blubbergeddon – I have just weighed in after more than a week and am so pleasantly surprised to see how much weight everyone has lost!!

    Whats for breakfast today team?

    • spanishbride

      Today is our fasting day so a single boiled egg for me :)

      • All day? That’s unnecessarily extreme. That’s 100 cal or less if you don’t eat large eggs.

    • caochladh

      In the good old days, breakfast was the most important meal of the day, a tradition I keep alive……………

      • Old Man, Torbay.

        I see you’ve cut back on the bacon.

        • caochladh

          I travel from Torbay to Otahuhu every day, so its up at 4am for a leisurely breakfast and on the road by 05:20. I always have more than a couple of rashers – its akin to those who wear garlic around their neck to keep vampires at bay, except mine is for the Muslim hordes who have invaded Otahuhu……….

      • LabTested

        I was staying in a hotel in Prague 4 years ago. Like many hotels that cater for international guests they offer a variety of breakfasts. eg a european or American or British breakfast.

        The British breakfast was almost correct. just like your photo. – except they put out Green Beans. The chef had obviously never heard of baked beans.

        • In Vino Veritas

          Or black pudding. An absolute must for a full British.

          • MaryLou

            …:( Gag….

      • I.M Bach

        I had a smoothie. Yours looks great for a busy Saturday chopping firewood or something but otherwise I’d be getting my cholesterol checked ;)

        • caochladh

          I don’t intend to starve to death on the motorway if some clown brings it to a standstill and I’m stuck there for hours! ;-)

          • hookerphil

            I think it’s great – the only change would be 2 eggs and all sitting on 2 pieces of toast.

          • caochladh

            I prefer the toast on the side, fresh and crisp!

      • pisces8284 .

        No sorry, I’m an ex pom but that doesn’t appeal to me at all…

        • caochladh

          Well, there you go. I’m Scots and I hate kippers. ;-)

          • pisces8284 .

            I’m actually Scots too, Gilbert Burns (Robbie’s brother) is an ancestor. I like kippers though…

          • caochladh

            Scottish royalty! That’s reminded me of another thing I simply detest – Haggis. I was waylaid into addressing one a bunch of years ago. There was nothing fair about it’s honest, sonsie face, it just sat there glaring at. me. I was glad to plunge the dirk into the damn thing and put it out of its misery.

          • pisces8284 .

            Never tried it – thankfully…

  • Nechtan

    So now Eleanor Catton is an intellectual (really? She wrote a work of fiction not a treatise on quantum physics.) and the responses to her comments are linked to dirty politics. Quite a few long bows being drawn here by Bryce Edwards.


    • MaryLou

      Tried to read that last night, but only got through the first couple of paragraphs – that man makes my blood boil. Far too much emphasis on a womans’ opinions who (as you say) wrote a work of fiction.

    • Whitey

      To the staff of the Herald she probably does seem like an intellectual.

  • Aucky

    Good news overnight on the international dairy pricing front. Average increase 9% with milk powder up 19%.

    How do you read it Cows? A flash in the pan reaction to the news that volumes will be down due to the drought or positive signs of a recovery?

    • Bryan

      all the way along the media has missed the point that last years high prices were an exception one off and the farmers knew that and had always based their farms operation on about 5 to 6 a kilo now that the winter is biting hard on the other side of the globe the demand for our milk powder has risen, as well as the overstocks have been used up just as Fonterra forecast about 1 month ago

    • kehua

      Probably a combination of demand and a drop in the $NZ

  • Wheninrome

    Walk a mile in my shoes – a wonderful story in the Herald.
    This man from Detroit is an example to be held up.
    The bus he used to catch to work stopped running, he typically walks 13 kms before work at 2p.m. and 21 kms (to where the bus is) when his shift finishes at 10p.m. Never been late and perfect attendance, walks through snow and rain, is held up as the attendance standard.
    Now there is a story for all those lazy individuals out there who “can’t get to work, cause it is too far to the bus stop, or I don’t have a car”.

  • spanishbride

    Coward of the day goes to Obama for this quote about the Jordanian Pilot burned alive by ISIS ( the I stands for Islamic remember )

    ‘ He said that if the video is authentic, it would indicate that “whatever ideology they are operating out of is bankrupt.”

    Seriously? Whatever ideology? Ummmm take a wild guess Obama, it starts with I and ends with m.

    • sandalwood789

      Ummm….. Idunnoism?

    • Whitey

      That is utterly disgusting. Whatever respect I still had for the man is gone.

  • Ilovelife

    Good common sense from Brian Rudman (I know!!!) about Eleanor Catton in the Herald today

  • sandalwood789

    Great article here about Sam Harris –

    Quote – “The ISIS beheadings and torture and murders of journalists and aid
    workers and women are not examples of an excessive use of force by a few
    deranged individuals. This is entirely normal behavior within the
    context of standard Islamic doctrine. This is what they consider best about themselves. The butchery is what they use to advertise. Video footage of them cutting off the head of an aid worker is part of their recruiting materials.
    This does not cause them embarrassment. Quite the opposite. This is a
    bold expression of their worldview — a worldview fully supported by
    Islamic scripture. Not just supported but demanded by their religious scripture. “

  • Sweet Lips.

    Will the Labour leader Little sit back and say no as he said before regarding the fight against ISIS now we have a Jordanian burnt alive, or will he try and get away from this problem by keeping up a lot of waste of time talk regarding when JK heard of Sabin, nothing has changed in the Labour camp, same as it was 2 leaders back, just a waste of time, no policies, just idea’s.

  • friardo

    I did like the WO article on Sandy Springs yesterday.

    Maybe we should do the same for the whole of NZ, contract out the work of government departments. Pay the CEO $100 m plus bonuses for performance & efficiency.

  • sandalwood789

    Great article here –
    “How do we know if a religion is peaceful?” –
    ( OK, *ideology* in the case of islam but anyway…. )

    The article takes an excellent scientific approach to things.
    If John Key only reads one article from WO this year, it should be this one.

    Quote – “A Canadian professor of marketing has a blog on Psychology Today. His name is Dr. Gad Saad. In a recent blog post he asked the question, “How do we know if a religion is peaceful?” His article is well worth reading for a couple of reasons. First, it is published in a magazine that epitomizes political correctness and multiculturalism. And the analysis he lays out is brilliant, logical, unbiased, scientific, and published on a site that is about as far from being a counterjihad site as a site can be. Here is the article: ( at above link ) –

    • Mikex

      Thanks for sharing that, well worth the read. Very illuminating.

  • Peter Maguire

    I see the Auckland Council is again funding pride parade/festival. Is this still necessary given recent law changes? With the amount Aucklanders are paying in rates nowadays I see this a another huge waste of money. What do you guys think?

    Just to be clear I’m not Gay Bashing

    • MaryLou

      I agree. This isn’t Russia, where being Gay openly is sometimes a matter of life and death, and most gays just get on with life without giving it two thoughts. It had it’s place once, but is now just another festival with very little relevance for most people, except that it’s “The Council” that is funding it.

  • NotGandalf

    Only thing I am going to say today before I focus on getting some actual work done is that the public burning of the Jordanian pilot is a disgusting and inhuman act that further underlines the need for ISIS, and its extreme Islamic followers – to be wiped out with complete and utter contempt. Their ilk should be excised from the Earth like the festering sore that they are. There is no justification, no idealogy, no religion, and no sense of sanity that can support such acts of violent terrorism against the free world.
    This has only intensified my initial unease with Islam, galvanised into a resolution to speak against it, and to resist its import into this country.

    • Albert Lane

      At the very least, we have to adopt a policy without delay that prohibits Muslim immigration into NZ until the government can be assured of the peaceful intentions of immigrants.

  • cross the rubicon

    In a discussion with two work colleagues yesterday the conversation got round to ISIS, radical Islam and world domination by Islam. My two work colleagues turned on me with the argument that the USA are just as bad as ISIS and the underhanded ways their CIA operate to achieve their ends. Also one said “who are we, the west, to tell Iran what to do in regards to their nuclear weapons programme, and why do we support Israel, what have they done for us”? “What right does the USA and other western countries like the UK to be world policeman”? And “what makes the west more righteous than Muslims countries”? This wasn’t playing Devil’s advocate but real world views which really disturbed me as to the thinking of many New Zealanders.
    These same two are admitted avid watchers of Al Jazeera news saying it’s the best news channel giving fare and objective reporting.
    In the end I gave up as it was obvious that it was getting heated and I was outnumbered by hard left wing nut jobs.
    This simply goes to show how some news channels have an effect on our way of thinking and voting, and the political indoctrination of parents over their children in their homes…our future.
    We are indeed in very big trouble when grown men take this view that our enemies are our friends and defender, the USA is our greatest enemy.
    We are indeed living in the age of gross stupidity.

    • sandalwood789

      “We are indeed living in the age of gross stupidity.”

      Yes, we are.

      “USA are just as bad as ISIS” –
      I’d love them to give examples, given that islam has murdered 270 million people in the last 1400 years.

      “… and the underhanded ways their CIA operate to achieve their ends.”

      Ahh…. “underhanded”.
      I give you “10 different ways to wage jihad” – almost all of which are *non*-violent –

      It was mohammad himself who said that “war is deceit”.

    • sarahmw

      Never be fooled by All Jazeera, their purpose is to fool leftist westerners into thinking that they are not biased in their thinking.

      • Albert Lane

        And don’t forget their communist sympathiser friends RT. I was listening to talk-back last night, and a very self-confident anti-US caller told the host that his favourite station was RT. Both these stations show a fair amount of relevant news, and then they descend into sheer propaganda and lies. Both should be banned from the West. And I bet the Russians wouldn’t allow us to transmit a pro-West channel in their country. Not a hope. What suckers we are.

    • Gaynor

      I get so angry when I come across this…Ask them who they would like to be ‘in charge’ of NZ …if they had to choose; isis or USA …usually makes them stop and think.

      • sandalwood789

        I support the email campaigns of the “Florida Family Association” – they are involved in a very long-running campaign to stop advertisers advertising on Al Jazeera America.

        So far, over 200 firms have done so, leaving only about a dozen or so (mostly small) companies.

        In their blurb at the top of their emails to the companies, they have this statement –

        “Al Jazeera, who showed disdain for Paris murder victims, is a news
        company that is owned by the non-democratic, monarch styled emirate
        of Qatar who allows wealthy citizens to financially support ISIS,
        supports the Muslim Brotherhood, backs the head of Hamas, espouses
        Islamic Sharia law and does not afford citizens freedom of the

    • Nirvana10

      You’re not a teacher, are you?? These sound very much the kinds of views I hear from teacher mates. The types who at the time of the 9/11 attacks wanted to know what the naughty USA had been doing to bring these attacks upon themselves! Teachers are a in general a leftie breed unto themselves.

      • pisces8284 .

        Different subject, but I was chatting with my daughter and her friend (both primary teachers). I said sarcastically – I wonder how all the school kids have been coping without breakfast over the holidays. Friend said – oh I don’t know, it’s really worrying. Okay….No guesses to how you vote then

  • JJ

    Jordan will have no more ISIS prisoners as the transition is made into Take no Prisoners War http://nextbigfuture.com/2015/02/jordan-will-have-no-more-isis-prisoners.html

  • Emjay

    Andrew Little, in trying to make a case for reasons to not deploy NZ soldiers to Iraq in the fight against ISIS states “We have historic links with a number of countries, we had those links in 2003, when we didn’t send troops to Iraq.”
    Someone needs to point out to him that NZ troops did deploy to Iraq in ’03. Deployed under a Labour government no less.

  • cross the rubicon

    Obama is either a coward, stupid, deluded or a treacherous traitor to the west. How can anyone especially him not see what’s going on in the world. Is this man, the leader of the free world mad? All he loves to do is tell us this has nothing to do with Islam and Islam is the religion of peace codswallop. No one believes him anymore! I believe he’s a liar and a traitor intent on bringing down the USA and filling it with it’s most dire enemies…Islamists. He gets his spokespeople to play semantics not daring to call Radical Islam or terrorists. This man is a PC zealot who will go down as the weakest, most gutless president of the USA ever. The sooner he goes the better for the world. He truly is the enemy of western democracies greatest gift and ally.

    • Bobb

      You believe he is a liar and a traitor….. I believe he is a muslim.

      • cross the rubicon

        That too!

    • Hard1

      Don’t confuse diplomacy with the reality on the ground. The US is currently spending billions of dollars smashing terrorist Islamists on your behalf.

  • Yeahright

    From http://www.forexlive.com

    A very strong employment report from NZ.
    The jump in the unemployment rate looks like a shock, but its on the back of a big rise in the participation rate (is NZ the only place in the world where this is occurring? … very impressive performance from the NZ economy).
    The 69.7% participation rate is A record high

    Now let’s see if the news covers this as a big negative as unemployment has jumped, whereas ecomoically it is a plus!

  • Bartman

    Nearly choked on my lunch just now – this in from my Twitter account. Seems there’s a guide for him and her in a Muslim ‘Sharia compliant’ marriage. Serious bedtime reading, might even be some gems I can throw at my wife for consideration [sarc]. Haven’t downloaded the books as yet – could be a dodgy Trojan horse:

  • Hard1

    Aucklanders could soon be healthier, if a fresh prescription gets the tick

    Dr Hale points to proposals such as the SkyPath across the Harbour Bridge, as encouraging people to get active outdoors.

    How about encouraging meeting a group of aggressive males asking for money while out hiking over the bridge. These people are living in dreamland.

    • Astuteas

      Not to mention the concept of them walking alongside the exhaust fumes of 9 lanes of motorway traffic.
      Sounds extremely healthy to me… Not.

  • Isherman

    So apparently 19 people turned up for Gareth Morgans Orewa “address” from one report I’ve read, and the 19 included Don Brash. Im not sure if Cam got there or not, in which case it makes 17 locals if he did…awsome effort Gareth, what does that tell you do you think? I hope Cam did get there actually, just so we can have a post giving the fool a good savaging.

    edit: sp.

    • Isherman

      Just had to add the pic to that…says it all, hehe.

      • dumbshit

        How many of them were “rent a mob”?

      • Hard1

        Hah! Knew it . Gareth had a USB port installed in North Korea.

  • timemagazine

    Why is Garath Morgan all the time so sour? He has all the wealth he needs and much more. So be happy Mr. Morgan and leave the rest of us alone. Nobody cares about you and your deluded crusades.

    • Hard1

      When you’ve got money, next comes power. He is seeking relevancy, which the news starved MSM are so happy to give him.

  • Hard1

    Māori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell today welcomed the release of a study confirming Northland has significant economic potential and scope for growth.

    “Making the most of these advantages will require collaboration between business, Iwi, central and local government.”

    In other words, nothing will happen. There has never been sensible collaboration with Iwi or between Iwi, let alone within a single Iwi. The greatest fault of Maori is their inability to agree with each other.

    • Albert Lane

      And on Waitangi Day there will be protests against mineral and oil exploration in Northland. After all, the people in Northland don’t need any more jobs. They’re already fully employed.

  • Hard1

    Newsflash…Something for Sir Jerry to contemplate…

    WASHINGTON — In highly unusual testimony inside the federal supermax prison, a former operative for Al Qaeda has described prominent members of Saudi Arabia’s royal family as major donors to the terrorist network in the late 1990s and claimed that he discussed a plan to shoot down Air Force One with a Stinger missile with a staff member at the Saudi Embassy in Washington.

    Mr. Moussaoui’s testimony, if judged credible, provides new details of the extent and nature of that support in the pre-9/11 period. In more than 100 pages of testimony, filed in federal court in New York on Monday, he comes across as calm and largely coherent, though the plaintiffs’ lawyers questioning him do not challenge his statements.

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