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  • George

    The “Penile Ginormous” commissioned by the Auckland City Council in New Lynn has identified that dysfunction is not just confined to one’s rectile. Yet again we observe the ridicule of Mayor Brown, the outrageous waste of the city’s expenditure and the embarrassment that accompanies such decisions. Even the comments on “Stuff” mirror those on this site (though not as eloquently).
    When both the “left” and “right” commentators and contributors share the condemnation of this decision then there is clearly no where the Council can turn. To Mayor Brown; Your legacy has been established, but to commission a monument to honour this legacy is a step too far. Please, just get out of our lives.

    • ychiefs

      Just one more example of why the rest of the country is always laughing at you Aucks. The footy season is starting this Friday as well…

  • LabTested

    The Pope has announced that it is OK to smack kids. Just to make this clear – if you are a Catholic, your religion says you can smack your kids.

    This is going to be interesting. The next tine a caring parent smacks their kid & the cops pop up they can just say – I’m a Catholic so go away.

    If NZ decides that NZ law about not smacking kids overrules the Pope – then how can they say that NZ law does not overrule Islam law


  • Macca

    An interesting piece in the Horrid by Armstrong this morning about how utterly trivial the media and the left are looking in their attempt at belittling John Key in the Sabin saga.

    Not often I agree with Armstrong and normally my rare visits to the Horrid are accompanied with the same feeling I get after my annual visit to KFC or BK of why did I do that!

    Sadly though, Armstrong just can’t help himself and ends up reverting to type. Although he hands out a good kicking calling the gotcha politics being practiced pathetic (he’s obviously been reading WO posts), in the very next sentence he reverts back to putting the boot in to Cam, Jason Ede, National and JK for their involvement in dirty politics. He even states that Key should have been banished for 40 days and 40 nights as penance rather than going on holiday to Hawaii and that rather than coming under a police investigation for his good deeds, Hager should have been held up as a national hero! Can you believe this clown and his own hipocrisy? In one sentence he’s bagging others for doing exactly what he does in the next! Words fail me!

    Cracker day here in Tauranga. Have a great day all – I think I might go to BKs on my way to golf, it somehow seems to make sense after reading that rot!

  • la la land

    Steve Branias is extremely funny today commenting on the office romp – loved the part about the text from Whaleoil too – it was really very good.

    More disturbing was the Heralds editorial saying it was all just a bit of a laugh for the employees at Marsh – and that no one there would be bothered by it. maybe that’s why they let Lenny off so easily – they think old men preying on young co- workers and “romping” in the office is all just a bit of fun.

    If I worked at Marsh I would at least insist on the office having a full commercial clean before I came back to work!

    • Skydog

      With regard to the Christchurch incident, I failed to see an old man preying on young co-worker. To me it looked like two consenting adults. They even had a wine afterwards.

      Why is it when an older man sleeps with a younger woman he is either predator or is preying? If the sexes were reversed in Christchurch, she would be a successful ‘cougar’.

      Don’t get me wrong, what Lenny did was morally wrong, due to his position of Mayor. But let’s not call all older men who sleep with younger women of adult age, predators. A lot of women are attracted to those men in power or influence.

      • la la land

        Yes they were obviously consenting but it’s preying because they are in an unequal relationship at work – he is a senior person and she is junior. You don’t really imagine young women sleep with older men because they find them physically attractive?

        • Skydog

          Oh, so not to be a predator men have to find a woman on a level playing field. Dam, I must end my relationship because I’m younger than my female partner and I brought more money to our relationship. Yes I’m in a heterosexual relationship.

          I’m sure there are many women out there who sleep with older men because they find them physically attractive. I know a lot of men out there who would run circles around younger men in looks, physical appearance, style, experience, financial security.

          With regard to Christchurch, there are so many unknowns. But to refer to him as ‘preying’ is wild presumption unless you have something to share?

          • Ilovelife

            A lot of men are too easily tempted and a lot of girls put it out. He was her boss, I have heard he is a manager of the branch, so should have known better. As far as the girl goes it is called “Sleeping your way to the top” As I mentioned yesterday, I have no doubt that same behaviour was going on in many offices around the country, just with the lights off. Doesn’t make it good, though.

        • intelligentes candida diva

          He is married she could have used that as leverage. I dont believe she was preyed upon, more possibly they were each feeding their own self centred egos…..no sympathy for either. It is what it is, they have to deal now with the consequences and their own consciences

          • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

            Funny how they all report “the wife is devastated” (and of course she will be, and we do feel for her) but absolutely none of these reporters has thought to comment on, or even less find out, how the preying girl’s fiancee is coping or reacting.
            Are we seeing Sexism at work?

        • Huia

          Don’t think there is any ‘preying’ being done in these relationships. Have known too many young women who know exactly what they want and will stop at nothing to get that. An older man with a well paying established career, goes along way to achieving some young woman’s aims, and they will let nothing stand in their way to achieve that goal, wife and kids are incidental. Some older men are the ones preyed on in some cases.

        • Wahbonnah

          I wouldn’t know what a young woman thinks, since I’m not one ;-p

  • Hard1

    Saudi Arabia. Why did we pander to them? Why did Obama cut short his visit to India to attend the funeral?.
    Here it is in a nutshell. Well worth the read.

    “In fact, the House of Saud for years has helped spread radical and violent Islam by subsidizing fundamentalist Wahhabi teachings at home and abroad. This theology celebrates hostility to modernity and creates an environment conducive for extremism and terrorism. Along with Pakistan Riyadh supported Taliban rule in Afghanistan, indirectly aiding al-Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden.”


    • Disinfectant

      Saudi Arabia has been one of the biggest customers for military hardware (especially aircraft) for Western manufacturers.

  • Richard

    I have a strong feeling that this flag issue is going to be what sees John Key’s support on a long term downward trend.
    This will be his Helen Clark shower head moment, the beginning of the end.
    Funny isn’t it, the GCSB, Dirty Politics, et al, have not effected the polls, but mess with an issue that people are emotionally invested in at your peril.

    I spent a good while last night trawling through the PM’s flag posts on Face Book and the huge majority of comments (including Nat voters & members) were anti flag change, people are either ardent supporters of the current flag, think the referendum a waste of time & money, or would rather see the money and focus be put towards more pressing issues.

    It seems to be the one issue I have seen that binds the Left & Right of the spectrum together & I think that is dangerous for Key & National.

    Hopefully his trader sense kicks in, he really is investing in a dog on this one.

    • It’s all about Key making a mark. It doesn’t solve any real world problems other than Key wanting to be in the history books as ‘that guy’. And I suspect the voters can see through it and are a little put off.

      • Richard

        This is the one issue above everything else that would see me move my vote from National.

        • 1951

          Of course when you say something like that, you mean right over to Act party ;)

        • Ilovelife

          That is a very strange issue to get het up about. For goodness sake, Key has got this country humming along nicely and a change of flag is a trivial matter in the scheme of things. Would you seriously prefer a Labour/Greens government?

      • ElleAsks

        How about maybe he really does not like the current flag – and sees the opportunity for other New Zealanders that feels the same to have their say? I for one say change it !

    • Saggy

      Apparently there will be a referendum on whether the flag should change and if enough vote ‘yes’ then another on what it should be. So if this is really not popular it won’t fly.

      • Richard

        Yep, correct, but he would have personally pushed the issue far enough by then to effect his popularity and the damage will be done.

    • Huia

      I don’t like the flag we have, too much Colonialism attached to it. I believe its time we did have our own flag. Ours and Australia’s are too much alike. We are grown up and deserve to have our own flag.

      • D.Dave

        Don’t worry, Aussie will soon be using our flag. They are heading towards the economic toilet. We will bail them out and rename them West Island and the flag issue will be resolved. Other than that, I don’t lose a wink of sleep over the flag, other than I don’t want change to some modernist pennant with swirly bits on it.

      • pak

        I agree, and also would like to see a change to something more modern and distinctive, but am honestly not that fussed either way, and if we stick with the current one that’s fine with me too. It became a very bitter argument for some in Canada when they debated a change back in the sixties. To me what they ended up with still looks modern and distinctively Canadian 50 years on. I think that is what the P.M. would like for N.Z., and I don’t have a problem at all with him raising the issue. There is undoubtedly going to be a lot of huffing and puffing over this issue here too, but in the end if people don’t agree with change, they will have their chance to vote in the referendums just like everyone else. If the idea is rejected the P.M. he will undoubtedly be disappointed, but will accept it and move on.

    • Bluemanning

      My personal feeling, is that Key is continuing to push his flag change as his legacy as the family has decided not to go for a fourth term. He will try and enjoy his last term as prime minister before taking off to be a ‘consultant advisor’ to other countries where he will be more respected, be out of the NZ Media, blogosphere and kindergarten parliament.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Prompt and decisive response by Jordan, no dilly dallying around here being precious about PC. Good for them, “Go hard” I say.


    • 1951

      I got the impression from a clip I saw that some of the pilots flying out were women too.

      • intelligentes candida diva

        Yes definitely 1951 isnt it wonderful
        I cannot grasp what that young mans family endured.
        Here is a link that is encouraging that an outcome might be to strengthen Israel Jordan relations. The video 3rd down on right bought a tear :-)


        • 1951

          Netanyahu on-board with the King of Jordon and I have a feeling that Egypt’s leader would back them as well. The tide is turning…? Hopefully.

        • Cowgirl

          What that young man went through and the impact on his family of it, haunts many of us I think.

  • Michael

    Some kiwis are having fun at the expense of some clueless American:


    Notice that Gareth Hughes MP has to jump in and spoil the fun.

    • Cowgirl

      Lol there’s a lot of real wags on there – that American must be soooo confused.

      • Just a thought …

        Man – I just got to get me some of those ” fryders”……..

        • Huia

          That’s really funny, good way to start the morning. Love the Katipo fritters, I guess if you didn’t know it would make you think. Well played kiwis.

    • sandalwood789

      Hard-case! Very much like the Aussies having people on with the “drop bear”.

    • Honcho

      What is an MP doing on reddit anyway? that’s where people go who want to do something fun and unproductive …. wait, might be something in that.

      • OneTrack

        He’s a Green MP which is not working with the government. What else is he going to do to wile away his days on $140K per year. He’s already finished the crossword puzzle book.

    • pak

      This hilarious and some very funny comments. Particularly enjoyed the one about Waitangi Day “which commemorated Maori and the Crown reaching agreement on the management of our spider population”.

  • sandalwood789

    Some *really* talented young players coming through in the NZ sevens team, judging by what I saw in the highlights this morning. Looks like Titch has been right “on the button” with his selections.

    Can’t wait for this afternoon’s action….. :)

    Oh, and the women’s sevens series gets going again tonight over in Sao Paulo – that too will be worth checking out.

  • Have you ever had one of those days when you find some treasure that you thought had been lost in one move or another? I had one this morning and it has made my day. I found my father’s WWII dog tag in an old cup in a china cabinet. I had not seen this item in over ten years and it’s loss had got me down. It is going onto his brag board that he gave me before he died so it will be with all the other bits and pieces associated with his military service and gallantry award.


  • johcar

    Over the last few days I have noticed that the fence between my neighbour and me has been ‘adopted’ by a swarm of wasps (as opposed to W.A.S.P.s).

    I think they may be (radical) muslims and have invoked sharia law, because:

    – there’s no reasoning with them
    – they have effectively created a no-go area in our backyards
    – they have created a climate of fear in our two households
    – they have forced us to change the way we dress, since our women (and men) have had to “cover up”
    – they have made unprovoked attacks on my neighbour and my cat
    – their number seems to be rapidly increasing
    – we cannot now barbeque in our backyard (specifically bacon, but other meats, halal or otherwise, also)

    The only thing they haven’t done (yet) is chopped anyone’s head off… but time will tell….

    • Wallace Westland

      Get a cheap handheld plastic garden weed sprayer from the hardware shop ,fill with diesel.
      Make sure you are squirting a nice heavy mist first not a jet.

      Wait till sun has gone down and it’s cooled off a bit, all the little sharia wasps will be at home, take aim with the sprayer and give it death, soak the bejesus out of the nest. The little sod’s will try escaping and some may fly so get them too and don’t stop spraying.
      How it works: The diesel actually sticks to their wings and they can’t fly so you’re pretty safe. Then it simply kills them.
      Wear jeans shoes a hat and a shirt that you can button up tight or similar but in all the years I’ve done this I’ve never been stung once and the biggest nest I ever killed was on a culvert and from memory was over a meter wide. (There were 3 of us attacking that one mind you)

      • Isherman

        We used to wait till later evening, place the opening of a wet petrol soaked hessian sack over the nest and then knock the nest into it, seal firmly and then drop it into the old incinerator with a match. Although if the wasps are sharia observant burning them will add insult to injury.

        • Wallace Westland

          Trouble with petrol is it doesn’t stop the buggers from flying and it burns their arse’s and pisses them off something horrible. Than they’re like an underprivileged, neglected author that’s missed out on an award and a decent sup at the trough, all hissing biting and stinging anyone within range whether they gave out the petrol or the award or not.

          • Isherman

            They will buzz around inside the sack, though when your only holding the two top edges and rolled it down a couple of turns we avoided any stings. These days I’d probably go with your suggestion of the diesel, the flaming hessian sack just appealed to my sense of the dramatic that teenagers often have. Nice analogy with the with the author though!

      • johcar

        Cheers – will effect my contra-jihad this evening. No vacillating on a course of action in this house!!!!

      • 1951

        Aren’t you supposed to yodel “Ella’s Snackbar” on application?

        • johcar

          That’s for them to buzz. I’m the equivalent of the western forces, just enabling their meeting with their maker of choice…

  • Sweet Lips.

    ISIS has said Jordan pilots bombed a storage area and killed a US woman hostage, even though this is not good thank god she isn’t going too be displayed and have her head cut off, I think ISIS is now coming under some very heavy pressure at present, bring on Israel.

    • Skydog

      Come on, you don’t believe ISIS do you? I say they killed her and using the Jordanian bombing as an excuse. The media is reporting ISIS claimed none of their fighters were killed. Let me think, a rocket blows a building to pieces missing all the ISIS guards but claims the life of a US hostage.

      • Sweet Lips.

        You may be right, you may be wrong, but lets put it this way, if she did get killed in the warehouse that could be for real, what your saying is she was murdered before this, now that would be a waste of free advertising for ISIS by not getting air time don’t you think? You have the freedom too say what you think, so do I, but I think I m right, and your wrong, by going what ISIS has been doing with hostages for there own gain in the last few months. Then again who knows.

        • Skydog

          They are using her so public opinion may turn against Jordan and the alliance.

          The ISIS propaganda machine will be thinking, another beheading blah, another murder blah, another one pushed off a build blah, now lets change and say they are now killing their own.

          ISIS will know their greatest strength is not their guns or ability to murder, but the green tree hugging public opinion that lives within the west.

          I too admit I could be wrong.

          • hookerphil

            Similar to the number of people “killed” by the Israelis as per the Humas

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Found a ‘WhaleOil’ cap in my letterbox. Woohoo! off to the pub for a while

    • johcar

      Mine arrived today too!

  • sandalwood789

    Good win by NZ sevens in the quarterfinal – 26-5 over Australia.

    Semifinals –
    5:12pm – Scotland vs England
    5:37pm – New Zealand vs South Africa

    Fiji knocked out in their quarterfinal – 26-21 vs England in extra time.

  • sandalwood789


    The New Zealand sevens team is into the final (against England).

    New Zealand beat South Africa 17-7.
    An *excellent* win by the young team against the series leaders (and without captain DJ Forbes).

    Final kicks off at 8:55pm.