About John Key and today’s ponytail hit job

A story broke early this morning (your time) about John Key, and a lot of people have tried to get me to spread it.  I’ve had emails, trolls have tried to slide it past the moderators, all before the main news orgs picked it up and exploded it in front of everyone.

You will probably have seen it by now.  John Key has a strange tic:  he likes pulling ponytails.

A waitress at a cafe that Key, his family and his protection officers are regulars at has penned a piece and shopped it to a leftie blog.   Key likes to pull ponytails.  He does it with his wife at his side.  In the open.  It’s clearly nothing sexual in his mind.  It’s a bit weird though, and an odd thing to do for someone in the public eye.

The usual suspects have also dug this little bit up out of the (of all places) Campbell Live archives.

I guess it’s just entertainment.

The main stream media wouldn’t touch this story unless it was first published somewhere else.  But once it did, they’ve gone troppo.  In true Dirty Politics style, I might add.

I’ve been mulling over what to do about this story.  Careful readers know that the prime minister and I aren’t in each other’s best books since before the election when he threw some good people under the bus while leaving others who had actually broken the law in place.   But that’s politics.

There are so many dimensions to this story worth exploring, and none of them have to do with the fact Key is a bit of a weirdo.  I mean, we’ve had MPs on camera picking their noses and eating the treasure they find within.   As tics go, they are all disgusting.

As a hit job, this one is poorly timed.  Key is overseas, and it is launched as we work towards Anzac Day.  As a result “spokespeople” for the PM are dealing with this, and they have gone for a “he’s already apologised back then.”, which he did.   It’s an old story, and it’s been dug up for Anzac day and channeled through the worst blog to filter it into the main media.

The main media have done their part and blown it up beyond all proportion, stumbling over each other not to be left behind on this stellar piece of political and media history.  Where are they when John Key is allowing people who have actually broken the law to continue under his watch?   Why the silence over wife beaters?  Sex crimes?  Financial cover-ups?  The media are happy enough to go with hair pulling, but they remain silent over things that are truly serious.

Key pulled her hair, that’s pretty dumb, but at least he doesn’t use broomsticks on women to get his jollies.   The real stories are elsewhere.  Real crimes.  Some of them covered up using legal protection orders, so I and others can not talk about the detail.  Imagine the real uproar if he’d hit the waitress with a broomstick!

Unlike Len Brown, who was faced with real accusations backed by an affidavit who then threw the name of Bevan Chuang to the media to deflect attention from himself, this anonymous piece remains as much, with Key’s people not turning the media onto the woman.

Not that they’re not trying to track her down mind you.


Stuff have since identified the Cafe.   She’ll be exposed before the end of the day.

Key stuffed up.  He apologised.  Then the story surfaces on the least respected leftie political blog a few days before Anzac Day while Key is out of the country.   The media go nuclear.  It’s a hit job, a smear, anonymous and poorly timed.

Key deserves this.  But not through this particular non-story.  The left are trying to blow it up as some kind of daylight rape, whereas I see this as the same scale where strangers might come up to touch a woman’s pregnant belly without first asking if it’s OK.

Oh god yes, it’s weird.   But as transgressions go, this isn’t the one to hang Key with.   If the courts have their say, there are others to come that will sink the man’s career for standing behind and trying to cover up despicable criminal behaviour.


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  • Justsayn

    I thought the best bit was when Metiria Turei called it a bit “weird”. Yes, that is Metiria Turei the larper.

    • OneTrack

      She would know what weird is.

    • ozbob68

      Well, someone has to play the dragon in those things :)

  • Never in the dark…..

    Cloudy skies. Teaspoon.

  • Lux

    I have long hair and wear it in ponytails and plaits, you would be surprised how many people pull my plaits or ponytail/s, men and women, it’s no big deal.

    • Justsayn

      What would you do if someone was repeatedly doing it and it annoyed you?

      (a) fester about it for months and then one day bleat about it, accept the swift and obviously sincere apology, but then run off to a rabid ranter to seek maximum publicity; or
      (b) say so, “Please don’t, I hate that”?

      Not easy, not easy…

      • Lux

        I’m not the type of person to take anything that annoys me, I would put a stop to it straight away, easy.

    • StreuthCobber

      Two pulls on your pigtail for a couple of decent bottles of wine – I’d take that deal. And as for the little girl it is clearly just a gentle straighten of her wayward pigtail as she’s on the camera. And it looks kind not creepy.

      • Lux

        When I saw the clip, that’s exactly what I get.

        • Dave

          Its exactly as a parent would do to their daughter, nieces etc at times, and we should remember, JK is a parent, and has a daughter who no doubt wore her hair in ponytails at some stage. We all reminisce!

          • Dave

            I have watched it over and over, what is taking place, is her was falling to her shoulders, front and back, he picks it up slightly, and lets it fall behind her shoulder, this is as I see it the actions of a parent, perhaps habitual from doing it to his daughter and nieces. He does not seem to be running it through his fingers in a creepy way at all. Not the best thing to do to a stranger, but not an offence either.

      • Edward Bufe

        How many times i have seen a grown up place a hand on a child’s head and have done so myself. Kids are beautiful people not corrupted in anyway and innocent in all things. It is only the adults who have allowed themselves to be corrupted and now corrupting the kids by making their accusations of impropriety towards the kids. The only creepy thing i find is the twisted minds of the people who are spreading this rubbish.

        • Tell me about it. When my boy went through Playcentre and Kindie, we were told not to touch children on the head as it was culturally mad manners and, you know… I made a point of doing it. After all, it’s the closest part to your hand when they’re that small.

    • Dave

      A very dear friend who had long blonde hair was doing the tourist thing in China, everywhere she went, people were coming up and touching her hair, it was endless, they were amazed. In the end she wore a scarf and covered her hair to stop them, not one of them asked!

      • 1951

        Same, and they would rush up to pat my kids ‘rosy’ cheeks.

      • Yeahright

        Same with my little boy who was three at the time. The Chinese would just come up and say photo, photo and point to my little boys hair.
        I found it Endearing, and I didn’t even blame John Key!

        • Justsayn

          You say that now, but with rampant immigration and foreign investment your son will soon be unable to walk down Queen Street or attend a real-estate auction…

          Endearing or endemic? This is a serious issue!

          • Yeahright

            Is that you Winston?
            Foreign investment is what this Country needs! and it dosnt matter if it is from Asia, they are some of the nicest people I have meet, AND they work hard and are respectful !!

      • Gaynor

        Happens to me when there are Asians around …they can’t help touching blonde curls …even my Asian hairdresser laughs and calls me fluffy. I don’t mind at all.

    • Imogen B

      It’s no big deal to you, maybe but
      John, John, John what were you thinking?
      Don’t handle the help. AT ALL.

  • Doc45

    What a beat up. Key is a down to earth, people’s man who tries hard to avoid falling for the arrogance that almost always goes with senior political/public office. Some of the media response is pathetic, handwringing BS. Give me Key’s easy going open style to Clark’s aloofness, Palmer’s haughtiness, Cullen’s arrogance, Cunliffe’s prancing, and Little’s stolid unapproachability.

  • geoff

    Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

  • Karma

    Why do I get the feeling the waitress is probably a melon, because It seems like the kind of trivial thing they’d latch onto like a dog with a bone. Queue John Campbell and the women’s magazines…

    • STAG

      Campbell will be in there with bells on, I bet this Mellon will be front and centre in tonight’s episode in a desperate attempt at ratings. Give it up little people.

      • Dave

        True, so is this staged to get at Key, and boost Campbell, i only hope the originator who shopped this can be found, and her motivations, is she a “Logie” as in the billingsley case?

        • STAG

          That’s the 1st name I thought of too! I bet that witch is involved.

      • simblor

        Whether or not Campbell joins in will be very very interesting!

    • ShortBackwardSquare

      Might be good ratings for John tonight!

  • Pete

    There will be more to this story..mark me words.

  • terrynaki

    Amazes me that Labour and their followers all have an opinion on this but couldnt comment at all when Darren Hughes was involved in an alleged sexual assault on a man at Annette Kings place.
    I guess it helps when you are left leaning.

    • Lindian

      I’ve seen comments on this before, but never known what it was about? Do tell!!

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    A little incident blown out of proportion.
    Methinks yon waitress is looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

    • Rusty B

      The café could now be several high profile customers light…

      • Reaper

        Yes, but have undoubtedly gained a few iphone-wielding soy latte consumers hoping to get a selfie with the PM pulling someone’s hair in the background.

  • GenericUsername101

    I’m not concerned about silly phobic hair-straighteners, I’m more concerned about people wielding broomsticks, and also what else Mr LenStein was really up to?

  • ozbob68

    from the latest stuff article after the apology “she thanked me and said ‘that’s all fine. no drama’.”

    So how did this come to light then? Did the poor girl joke about it to a friend in the Green Party? Is this Tania Billingsley all over again, a private issue being hijacked for political capital by the Left?

    Edit: grammar

    • Eagerly awaiting who done it

      I did wonder if this was the same style of attack on JK…

  • Marby

    What about the other side of the story. And who says this girl is telling the truth anyway. I wonder what her cafe colleagues would have to say about it. Also, did he pull her hair or was he just touching it or picking it up as he does to the little girl. Why does everybody take the word of someone with no name, before the word of the PM.

  • OneTrack

    The left have nothing else to get him with.

    Sad really.

  • Jude

    This happened some time ago.
    Really slow news day with reporters waiting for jo public to give them” news” to report.
    Meanwhile in the rest of the world, refugees are drowning trying to escape their homeland that is fallen to ISIS. a Terror attack is foiled in Australia thanks to the five eyes operating under the GCSB.
    For the real news and political opinion, it appears that Whale and overseas networks are the place to vie and read.
    Oh and our own intelligence are monitoring our own ISIS sympathisers!

  • 1951

    From that clip..? I would be more concerned about that creep bending over in stead of crouching down, to be at eye level with the kids.

  • Sally

    Why has she waited 6 months to come out with this weird non-story. If she wanted to have a go at Key surely the best time was during the elections.

    If she didn’t like in the first time and was scared to say anything to Key why didn’t she tell her boss and let him deal with it.

    I think she was ok with at first and then finally thought hey I have had enough, Key got the message and apologised and that was the end of it. Between then and now she told someone and about the incident and they decided to build it up and make a hit job out of the story.

  • sheppy

    Looks like manipulation of a naive girl by the lefty get Key brigade – under the bus she goes once the lefties tiny attention span is exceeded. Pathetic!

  • Odd Ball

    Cripes, I sort my kids hair out all the time, will that be tomorrows news?

    • ShortBackwardSquare

      I’m calling CYFS….

  • ShortBackwardSquare

    Audrey Young has a done a piece on the Herald’s website about being embarrassed that JK is PM.

    Really? Surely any embarrassment should stem from working at an increasingly reviled newspaper that is losing credibility and paying subscribers by the day.

    I don’t care how long people like Young et al have been reporting from parliament – length of ‘duty’ does not make them reputable or competent. I include quite a few ‘journos’ in that bracket.


    • Crowgirl

      I’m so embarrassed for Audrey Young, I cringed for her. Clearly a pathetic beat-up while Key is out of the country. It’s something he clearly does when he is fond or favourably disposed towards someone – something he probably did with say, his daughter. I suspect she’s a Green and I suspect it’s the cafe he is known to frequent right near the Parnell Rose Gardens. I’m sure many people know it and I’d be surprised if Key goes there now. Truly this is a pathetic hit-job and irrefutable proof that the MSM has well and truly jumped the shark now. I look forward to all the polls about whether or not Key’s hair pulling fetish makes you more or less likelyb to vote for him if an election were held tomorrow. I also will enjoy the look on the MSM’s collective mug when the poll results show almost zero impact.

      She shouldn’t have taken the wine if she didn’t accept the apology. I consider her to be very rude frankly.

      • ShortBackwardSquare

        Good point about accepting the wine.

    • R&BAvenger

      Audery Young, according to a recent poll 49% of people polled party-wise and 42% of people polled preferred PM-wise are fine.

  • GenericUsername101

    He mistook the ponytail for the service bell, it’s an easy mistake.

  • Karma

    Good grief. It’s on the Sydney Morning Herald website front page. I note the offended cafe worker refers to the PM as “John”. If you’re on first name terms with him then surely you could have turned around and told him to “sod off”, or better yet, put your hair in a bun.

    • Jas

      He better skull a beer to get back in the good books then lol.

  • timemagazine

    How convenient to break the story when the PM is out of the country. Has the media nothing else to report these days anymore?

  • rates slave

    I must be in the minority as seeing this as fairly creepy behaviour ?

    Yes it’s hit job but Key is a dick for putting himself in this position and if it had been my daughter I’d have given him a gobfull

    • STAG

      Fair point, I agree the actions are odd, but easily stopped by a simple request. And as someone says if you don’t accept the apologies offered then you certainly don’t accept the bottles of wine.

    • StreuthCobber

      Are you talking about the little girl? Her mum appears to be in the background. I’d be completely comfortable with him straightening my childs hair or putting a hand on a shoulder if they were doing an interview together in a public place. It’s very human and compassionate and reassuring for a young person on camera for the first time. And the child probably felt proud of her interview with the Prime Minister until a bunch of weirdos started drawing strange conclusions.

      • Crowgirl

        The child doesn’t even react, that’s how not bothered she is by his actions.

  • GenericUsername101

    Why do I feel like Robert Langdon in the Da Vinci Code, every second line has something written between it.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      and in Angels and Demons – the Pope has died – the vultures circle.
      Oh and this ‘doesn’t “matter” stuff’

  • I bet you anything these two women have had their hair pulled a lot by John Key

    • Crowgirl

      I’m absolutely positive it’s where he learned his craft.

  • Sally

    Will a directive come out of the PM’s office to all women tie your hair up when around Key?

  • caochladh

    It must be slow news day for this to take over the headlines. The restaurant owner will be the real one to suffer over this. Many including my son and and his friends who are regular patrons will cease their patronage because of this.

    • Crowgirl

      They readily admit he’s a regular and then go about humiliating him publicly? He’s a wealthy guy – wonder how much his patronage has earned them both from himself and others coming in because he’s there? Clearly ideology trumps business sense.

      • I think it’s a mistake to assume the business is linked to this until it is confirmed.

        • Crowgirl

          I’m sure they probably aren’t, but their employee hasn’t done them any favours really.

          Sorry I was using the collective “they” when I should have been clearer.

          • I’m waiting for it to come out she hasn’t worked there for some time.

          • Crowgirl

            Considering this whole story is ancient history, it wouldn’t surprise me. If she’s been gone a while then, I hope the cafe is not punished for the punitive, spiteful actions of an ex-employee.

    • Mags

      Wonder if there was a confidentiality clause in her agreement . Not probably a usual clause for a waitress in a cafe but in many places discretion is an important attribute. Potentially causing her Boss to a good client is pretty silly on her part when it had been dealt with appropriately. I’d be so annoyed if I was the boss.

  • Gaynor

    What is really really creepy about this is all the left wing implying John Key is some sort of sexual deviant …. Duncan Garner is no.1 in those stakes his comments are disgusting.

    • Eshet Chayil

      That was my response too.
      It says more about the thinking of the All Men Are Rapists Brigade.

  • Warren

    When are some of the lefts criminal activities going to sink careers of MP’s, as mentioned many times or will that just die a natural death and they will just carrying on unabated backed by the MSM.

  • Chris Chitens

    I thought it was pretty weird at first, but actually its not big deal. The little girl is not dodgy AT ALL. He is just a warm guy and this girl in the cafe probably smiled at him after. Little did he know she was a pol sci student and she was got to by someone to come up with a silly story. Now she’s branded.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Prediction on next poll, National drop by 2%, Labour gains 1%. JK dropped 2% in preferred PM. Lefty media go wild on front pages and opinion pieces.

    Meanwhile back in reality, people don’t give a toss on this kind of beltway issues manipulated and exasperated by the media. Readers have seen through this type of facade many times over, they are not stupid.

  • Mark Schmid

    How do you know its not sexual? Because he does it in the open?
    Or because his wife is standing hext to him? You have no clue about the workings of his brain and all you got is yourself to go by (and that speaks for you).

    If he tried that in my cafe he would have needed medical assitance to leave the shop.
    None of my staff have to take any crap ever.

    • Chris Chitens

      Crap, ever? Pull the other one mate. Probably from you they have. Quick to call sexual deviance followed by a threat of violence. I would shudder to think what you temple veins look like if your stock take is a down a few bottles of beer.

    • Matt

      Can you just let us know which cafe? I want to make sure I never accidentally enter a place like that.

      Never mind, I’ll find it from your Facebook page.

    • Hobbes

      Good luck getting past his security…..Fool.

    • Publish the name of your establishment – then we can all avoid it.

    • Odd Ball

      Do you intend to assault anyone who rearranges any girls hair, regardless if they are related, or is that just reserved for John Key?


      Just leave the troll be…

  • Reaper

    Has anybody corroborated the tale? An anonymous email to Martin&Martyn plus a gif of John Key straightening a girl’s pony-tail in front of a camera is not enough to convince me that our Prime Minister is a serial pony-tail puller. I actually thought it was satire.

  • Zoneman Tyler

    No you cannot be a stranger to my child.. and play with her hair…creep.

  • Second time around

    It may not be an important issue, but Andrew Little feels it is a little weird, shows the wrong attitude towards restaurant workers, and is unbecoming of a Prime Minister. I would have preferred to hear Mr Little speaking about National’s Justice Minister shafting Peter Ellis, something he must have an opinion about as a former Labour justice spokesman and as the father of the ‘guilty until proven innocent for male offenders’ policy.

  • spanish_tudor

    Two questions:
    – Why was this stupid waitress’s hair not in a bun rather than a ponytail if she’s working around food?
    – Who from the Greens/Dotcom/Labour/Mana is schooling her and advised her to seek out Martin Martyn’s insidious blog?

    • Ross

      If she felt that uncomfortable in the workplace, why didn’t she report this to her manager? It’s not her fault this happened, but it sure dragged on for a lot longer because she didn’t escalate what was a problem only to her.

      • spanish_tudor

        Exactly. Raise the issue with the customer or your boss to seek a resolution. Don’t run to the media with a sob story.

        • Ross

          I finished it for you…

          “Don’t run to the media with a sob story weeks after you’ve already accepted an apology, two bottles of wine, and then said it’s fine”.

        • Noel Hunter

          she had the option of pulling his hair. Why didn’t she ?

        • GoingRight

          Wrongly Wrongson! Of all places to run to, and then refuse to front at all. All very fishy I think, not to mention the delay in reporting. Me thinks old Bradbury wants some publicity as hubby tells me that on his open blog sessions he hardly gets any posts at all.

    • Crowgirl

      Stuff has a link to a story about Martyn Martin so he’s getting some much needed publicity out of it despite refusing to front the media himself. What’s really amusing about it though is that the story details his dodgy background as a “consultant” to various dregs and his laughable record as a political pundit – including all his catastrophically wrong calls at the last election.

    • Eagerly awaiting who done it

      Martin Martyn – that would be the John Campbell of left blogs I take it…

      Shock and awe tactics to drive up ratings but after finding they are hollow and lack any substance the audience will drift away.

    • Bartman

      Sadly this episode indicates the left will stoop to this type of gutter / dirty politics to tarnish the Key government, given it’s all they have available with the dearth of traction on all other issues relevant to the voting public.
      Unfortunately this type of incident also reveals a more personal insight about Key, and his foibles and goofiness can easily be manipulated by the baying left loonies and their thoroughly disenfranchised MSM buddies.
      Key needs to consider the options here – retain his natural instinct and accept he’s going to gradually see his personal profile eroded by the haters and wreckers, or strive to set the bar higher and put some metaphorical distance between himself and potential trouble, at the cost of being defined as aloof and disconnected.
      I recommend the former, be true to himself because that’s what won him office and will likely see him win a final term, then to bow out gracefully and oversee a smooth confident succession, and maintain the clear delineation between right and left in NZ.

  • Noel Hunter

    He can pull my hair also for x2 bottles of pinot noir. I suppose that Rolf Harris didn’t reward people with wine.

  • Mechanical Gear

    It is a shame that the young woman will be thrown to the wolves. The individual always loses in the battle over ideologies.

    Now if I saw something like this happening to one of my staff I would take it very seriously. But context is everything. John Key once told to stop apologized and brought the young woman two bottles of wine. This isn’t the behavior of a bully. This is the behavior of someone who has seriously misunderstood the situation and then feels embarrassed. Now was this because he has a serious social disconnect, or was it because of the waitresses own actions? (eg, brushing something off his jacket, physically playing with him etc… who knows)

  • axeman

    So lets deal with the facts. He has pulled the waitress’s hair more than once or twice, thinks it a bit of fun but eventually he gets told to stop and he does. He apologies and gives her a couple bottle wine as a gesture. Creepy no, yes definitely Odd is the word I would use.
    Really where is the story, it is only trying to embarrass the PM which she has successfully done. This is just another attack on John Key, and I’m sick of it. It is clearly politically motivated but they are clearly playing the man not the ball.

    • Lindian

      She was prepared to make it public but not who she is?? Why is it that the Lefties always drag up crap like this when John Key is out of the Country?? All sorts now getting in on the act – it’s just rubbish.

  • jagilby

    I honestly cannot believe we are talking about this.

    • Crowgirl

      What’s worse – so are Australian papers, The Guardian and the New York Times #slownewsday #reallyyouguys?

  • no bullswool

    Just another slow news day beat up by the left and their MSM friends who are proving without a doubt that they were definitely behind ‘dirty politics’.They didn’t get away with it then and they aren’t being listened to now. All this fake outrage for such an innocent gesture!!

  • John Q Public

    The woman in quesiton was seemingly happy to swap a pony-tail pull for smack in JK’s face, according to the quote from her.

    “Waitress Threatens PM”

  • GoingRight

    Personally I think it is an odd thing to do by anyone in this day and age, maybe when I was younger some men used to think that it was funny but am surprised men today bother to do this.
    Timing is odd, apparently according to Larry it happened a year ago.

    The PM is overseas again when this nonsense comes out.

    Many of the left don’t like the ‘fuss’ with ANZAC DAY and the 100 year celebrations so how about this being a beat up by them to deflect from the wonderful tributes to our fallen soldiers at Gallipoli and a rememberance of all our soldiers who fought for the freedoms we now have. The PM would usually have all glory at such an occasion whereas the left are trying to make him look seedy. Ain’t working in my book!

    • jethro

      The left will enjoy their well deserved sleep in on Anzac Day morning and will be mildly peeved at having the shops stay shut till 1pm..

  • caochladh

    Wouldn’t you just know it, the Human Rights Commission has become “outraged”. I haven’t heard much outrage coming from these Muppet’s over the atrocities committed on a daily basis by the Muslim mongrel swine in the middle East, but let the PM playfully pull someones ponytail and its the end of the world for these troughing oxygen thieves.

    • jethro

      Glad the press and Angry Andy have got their priorities sorted when they find this issue more important than Christians getting beheaded and homosexuals being chucked off multi story buildings…

    • All_on_Red

      Apparently the National Council of Women are writing an open letter to the PM about this. Got to get their outraged victim hood in there as well eh. As you say above, I don’t recall any open letter from them about the state of women’s rights in the Middle East and encouraging the govt to help end the wars.
      It’s going to be fun seeing all the usual MSM get in a froth about this.

  • McGrath

    The endless loop on Stuff of JK tugging at the girls hair makes him look really creepy though.

    • Doc45

      Only if you choose to. “Creepy” happens behind closed doors, when your wife isn’t looking, when there are few around to comment.

      • McGrath

        It’s all about perception though. I can see the left/media dining out on this for a while.

        I actually disagree with Mr Whale on this. I reckon it’s a perfectly timed hit job and not a poor one. JK’s out of the country, leaving this to boil and fester away until he’s back.

        • Crowgirl

          I think it’s about to be subsumed by Anzac Day though. They’ve timed it IMO so that the PM can’t effectively defend himself and so they can get away with engaging in conjecture and innuendo, but the gravity of Anzac commemorations will sweep away all before it for most.

          • McGrath

            You’re bang on about the timing. I just hope that the media show respect for Anzac Day by actually focusing on Anzac Day rather than this drivel. My hopes are not high though. I can see the media at the hallowed ground of Gallipoli trying to internationally embarrass the PM (and thus NZ).

        • Eagerly awaiting who done it

          Agreed it was timed for maximum effect. He is embarrassed on an international stage now and is unable to address it at home. The questions will be leading and the editors will leave a lot of film on the cutting room floors I’d imagine.

          This may be stage two (or is it three or even more) of dirty politics and the MSM/Left’s drive to remove the figure head fom national. Take him down from his position of power bit by bit and eventually he is just a man with lots of faults and is someone that the nats cant stand behind.

          • Eagerly awaiting who done it

            Having said that it is weird and I expected better of a PM.

  • spanishbride

    I ventured on to twitter to watch the fuss as it unfolds and some idiots are spreading the lie that this article contains a threat to expose the waitress!

    • spanishbride

      I suggest remedial reading classes for this intellectual giant.

      • McGrath

        Stuff have named the cafe involved. Not hard to find out who it was from there (not that o care

  • kayaker

    Apparently she said “that’s fine, no drama” when JK apologised and gave her the wine. But now, but now, some months later… she seems to have changed her mind.

    • Genevieve

      Yes, that’s kind of rich isn’t it. Maybe she is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder.
      Hopefully the waitress has cut her ponytail off as it would be ghastly to go through such an experience again ;)

    • Jamie Barker

      Have you heard the word ‘intimidation’? She will have to leave her job and move house! Would take me awhile to make that type of decision if I was her… what about you?

    • coltheman

      She appears to have magical powers. She seems to have put an H into that wine.

  • knight


    wait for this heinous image to make the front page tomorrow

    • Rae

      On its own that image is not as bothersome as the one of the girl in the street. but there does seem to be a pattern of stepping over the mark and into another’s personal space here. This one is a more on the jokey side (note scissors in his hand)

  • Genevieve

    Meturia is referring to Key as a bully and Garner thinks he is creepy.
    Honestly, they both need their hair pulled, really hard.

    • jethro

      That’s good, coming from NZ’s Imelda Marcos !!

    • Ilovelife

      And I bet it wasn’t a “pull” More likely a flick over the shoulder. ” Pull” throws up images of a caveman dragging a woman by the hair. I don’t believe JK would have done that. Another immature young woman manipulated by the lefties just like that stupid Billingsley woman.

    • Genevieve

      On TV1, Simon Shallow and Katy Breathless saying how dangerous this could be on the international stage. Probably right up there with ISIS in the eyes of the looney left.
      Add them to my list of people who need their hair pulled, really hard.

  • Old Man, Torbay.

    There is something else that seems to have been missed here.
    The MSM have effectively thrown two children under the bus by publishing their image, while implying deviant sexual behavior on the part of the PM.
    Kids being kids, no doubt the pony tailed one will be teased at school over this.

    • You’ve got this wrong. You might want to read it all again, and correct what you wrote.

      • Old Man, Torbay.

        My take on this is that there was no need for the media to include the clip from Campbell Live. In doing so they put a simple act into an unsavory light which will cause embarrassment to the children.

        • Media didn’t. It’s a social media image. And it isn’t related to the cafe incident.

          • no bullswool

            The links to this video clip are in the Herald.

          • Old Man, Torbay.

            The video was published on Stuff’s webpage.
            Edit:added word video.

          • I stand corrected. My apologies.

          • Warren

            I think you will see the image on TV1 news. It is being mentioned on radio as part of there advertising. I hope the cloud the poor girls face, I bet they don’t.

  • no bullswool

    This is hilarious.It’s as if MSM, along with opposition MPs ,who need no excuse to ‘hate on’ JC are writing their own really bad version of a Shortland Street episode! I think this waitress is going to wish this was one bandwagon she didn’t jump onto.

  • Graeme

    So that is worth headlines? My, we are getting desperate for sales.

  • Wheninrome

    Aren’t we lucky, our Prime Minister is a man with the human touch. He does not give himself airs and graces or appear to be above everyone else, he is a true man of the people. I think his touching/pulling of the ponytail, although unwise, shows he is a person who is both human and fallible and, also prepared to acknowledge and apologise when he has done something not “quite right” in the eyes of someone else. He understands he is not perfect and is prepared to say so.
    As a child I had a long plait, it seemed to be fair game for pulling, swishing, touching etc., just went with the fact I had long hair.
    In saying that took a long time to register and advertise her “upset”.

  • jcpry

    I’m currently working in the Cook Islands where the political system is a bit of a mess and often quite petty.
    Sad to say this story – which I’ve only read in headlines – tops any of the petty stuff that goes on here. Really pathetic.

  • pak

    This is now being categorised as a “scandal” on NewstalkZB news headline. I think the P.M. was just being playful, probably ill-judged, and showed a lack of awareness of how it was being received by the young lady concerned, but hardly a “scandal”. Even so, if she really was so offended and upset by it all why has it taken a year for her to come forward?

    • Imogen B

      I agree with you Pak. The woman absolutely has a right to complain about unwelcome touching. Her ability to complain may have been compromised by the fact that the person offending is the PM. He should have known better.
      But now, an apology ( and some form of reparation) has been made, presumably the behaviour has stopped, and time has elapsed. Get over it.

      Another point: the feminazis have been insisting for a couple of decades that we all use sexually inclusive language. It is absolutely hilarious that while the ‘news’ people and bloggers are calling the woman a waitress. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
      She might be a table attendant, front of house practitioner, or hospitality worker, but I wait in vain for someone to claim she is being further insulted by the sexist job title.

  • As you mentioned, the left again show their true colours by putting this out in the lead up to Anzac day using the media attention around Key and Anzac commemorations to score some cheap points.

    • coltheman

      The Left are determined to keep their polling below the 30% mark.

  • Jono

    Such a non issue because he apologised. Yet it has been squeezed by leftist elements and media beyond bone dry.

  • I_See_Crazy_People

    As the 3News story says she “made the allegation in an anonymous column on left-wing website thedailyblog.co.nz”.
    ’nuff said…

  • Grocersgirl

    I find interesting the waitress’s comment “A short while later he reappeared holding not one, but two bottles of JK 2012 PM’s Pinot Noir” – where did the PM get the wine from in “a short while”? Does he carry spare bottles around in the boot of his limo to hand out to anyone he needs to apologise to?

    • Just down the road from where he lives, and he has helpers around him. Don’t be precious.

    • Aucky

      What limo? We aren’t talking Helen Clarke here. JK walks to the restaurant just as he does when buying the family bread from the market on Sunday mornings.

    • The Accountant

      Standard policy to have gifts handy for rewards /thank yous/rooster ups. Do it myself.

  • Nige.

    Did she accept the wine? If she took it then this is a beat up.

    Did she take the issue up with the PMs office? No she went to a known allie. Its a beat up.

    This stinks of another certain hit job.

    • Wallace Westland

      I heard Larry Williams on ZB on way home say the incident occurred a year ago.
      No idea how he knew that though.
      He too was claiming it was a bit of a beat up. Dumb of Key but he was suspicious of timing.

    • Crowgirl

      Exactly – you either accept an apology and let it go, or you don’t. You absolutely cannot accept an apology but still hold a grudge – it’s poor form (my husband gets this wrong on occasion).

    • ozbob68

      Yep, “Forget” comes after “forgive and” in the popular saying.

  • Mav E Rick

    ….so its OK for Policiticians on the left to use left wing bloggs like this Bomber guy to get their stories out to the MSM, but if the Right wing Pollies use a right ring Blogg it’s called “Dirty Politics”?? Once again – the lefties show themselves up as absolute hypocrites.

    Of course this has been pimped by the political left!! No ordinary cafe waitress would voluntary go to a left wing blogg with a story that happened 6 months ago unless she has been encouraged to do so. What other motivation is there for her to do this.

    Absolute dirty politics hyprocisy!

    • Does Andrew Little still take Martyn Martin’s calls? He never did to start with? Oh, ok…

  • Grocersgirl
  • Wheninrome

    Does give a whole new meaning to Judith Collins comment “my little pony”.

  • steve and monique

    Bored, if that is what makes news. Ok, he like pony tails. Guess Ardern is jeolous

  • caochladh

    Whether in jest or not, I think Ralston has hit the nail on the head when he says words to the effect, “look the media are determined to throw Key under the bus. They don’t like him and they want him out. They will keep chipping away at his character until the public tire of him.”

  • Forrest Ranger

    Not a surprise that the lame stream media on TV led with the ponytail story – pathetic!
    surely the lead story should have been: NZ Resident killed fighting ISIS?

  • Vlad

    My main concern is that John Key, the best PM we have had in my memory, will get sick of this crap and retire.
    There is no successor, and we then face a government led by wretches like Little backed by Green loons.

    • oldmanNZ

      He was going to last election, i think he will. He wont go for 4th term…. Too long.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The result of yet another blog from the bog. This pathetic creature seems to be getting manipulated as this a historic event and only made known through some anonymous post on a bog near you. Bit late and a bit light on significance.

  • spanish_tudor

    Don’t worry…. the new baby Cambridge will be born in the next 48 hours or so. Between the royal birth and ANZAC Day, this beat-up will quietly fade away…

  • Goldfish

    The story describes a “hair pull”, but I would suggest it may have been a “hair tweak” or a “gentle pony tail batting”. Both of which you still only do when you are familiar with someone. A “hair pull” is at a different level, and if it was that then this story would have hit the news a whole lot sooner.

    I would say that Martyn Martin has been digging for dirt, and eventually persuaded a femnazi to tell her story. Next thing you know she’ll have a story in a woman’s mag.

  • Ilovelife

    Thought Mike Hosking might have been on Key’s side…not a bit of it. He really rubbed it in.

    • Bartman

      Mike’s in it for himself, we all know that much is true!

  • Des

    Apparently she went out back and cried tears of impotent rage, definitely a leftie then.

    • Mango

      And you are just awful.

      • Goldfish

        Think a little more Mango.

        Don’t you think it’s funny that this anonymous waitress felt compelled to go and tell her story to a blogger who is so Marxist that Stalin would be proud of him? The same blogger who would stop at nothing to stick it to Key? No, not even a little bit suspicious at all?

        If you think this story is absolutely 100% correct in its current state and the people telling it have absolutely no ulterior motives then I have a bridge to sell you.

        This story smells so much that I would be willing to bet $10 that the lady at the centre of it is a card carrying Labour or Greens member. Winston Peters has more credibility than the person who broke the story – and Winston is so crooked he can’t lie straight in bed at night.

  • Graeme

    If this girl was so offended by the reputed action of Key, why has it taken 15 months for it to be publicised. Is she still working at the Café ? Did she graciously accept the wine offered and the apology by Key only to change her mind, return the wine and decide to find someone on the Left to tell her tale to, with some embellishments to make it appear more newsworthy. Has Hager got something to with this too ? Nothing surprises me as to what the Left will do to denigrate Key. This has been going on for years starting with Mike Williams Aussie trip.

    • John Walter

      It hasn’t taken 15 months. It’s been happening up to March this year. Started in Election time last year. Why would you make up the timeframe? He’s not even denying it. Just calling it ‘horsing around’. I have never in my adult life ever thought to tug on a strangers hair. Weird is a polite description.

      • The Accountant

        Not condoning it, but if Key was a regular she would hardly be a stranger.

        • John Walter

          Well, you are kinda trying to condone it by suggesting there is a degree of familiarity. I go to regular cafes and I have a rapport with staff. Should we really argue semantics? They are not friends, colleagues… and calling them acquaintances is a stretch, but they are somewhere between strangers and acquaintances. Some I know them by name, but most places I’ve visited for years we don’t know each others names. But either way, I’ve never thought to touch them. I didn’t even have to have an internal conversation about it. Really think about this. He was given signals to stop and asked to stop by a manager. It will have been handled carefully I’m sure but I know about psychology and when someone in a position of power does this to someone it is very hard for them to react normally. I feel she should have nipped it in the bud right away rather than try and express it through body language. Clearly the PM isn’t interested in picking up subtle signals, but having to address the PM for unwanted touching… embarrassing for everyone… including the PM’s wife.

  • Paul

    Another misjudgment is the trip to Saudi he will make after his photo-op to Gallipoli so that he can work up some business with the head-chopping barbarians who are busy murdering the Yemenis.
    He really is a self serving greedy embarrassment.
    New Zealand is better than this man.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Hope John key reads this Blog when he can. He will be just smiling, as he usually does, but this time smiling at the attacking corksoakers who do this for a living, and get nowhere in the end :)

  • Mango

    Imagine if some idiot started doing this to your wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter in a bar? You people have no sense of morals or empathy.

  • John Walter

    Honestly, this is weird, creepy and speaks to his character. People went nuclear on Clarke for signing a painting she didn’t paint (as a reflection of her honesty)… but this to me is far worse. It is very easy to say the waitress did this and she didn’t do that, but someone in John Key’s position, wait, anyone in any position should not be touching another person’s hair – tugging, flicking… however you want to tone it down, it just shouldn’t happen. I’ve never in my life thought it would be fun to do such a thing to a stranger – even someone I see regularly. Side note: This reads as a Freudian slip Cam: “But as transgressions go, this isn’t the one to hang Key with.” So which one is the one to hang him on? Because there have been some transgressions: Going into Iraq, lying about spying, Sky City deal. Not sure what you mean by this last line: “If the courts have their say, there are others to come that will sink
    the man’s career for standing behind and trying to cover up despicable
    criminal behaviour.” I think John Key has jumped the shark, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets away with it as a ‘dodgy uncle’, just jokes kinda guy, unless you know more. Voters should never have given him this sense of unfettered power, it’s turning him into a right piece of work. Maybe he will start videoing himself shooting kittens.

    • Goldfish

      Did you think that maybe some context is missing and deliberately hasn’t been supplied by the left wing merchant who broke the story? Lots of things can look bad if you remove context.

      And I would still rather have a kitten shooting PM than anyone Labour, Greens or Winston First could offer up.

      • John Walter

        Well, I wasn’t happy to see it break on the blog it did because my critical thinking is such that I don’t trust anyone with an agenda (including this site, to be honest), but I do believe it has panned out somewhere between both accounts. And at the end of the day, to use some common parlance, the issue of character firmly rests with the PM’s behaviour. It is weird, really weird, and no-one seems to be denying that, including Cam. I’m just saying it clearly reflects some troubling things in our Prime Minister’s personality… power and entitlement being part of it: We’re in a club now too, so we are off to war. I lived in the Middle East during Gulf War 1 and I can tell you going in there has always been and will always be the dumbest thing to do (America has a reason: they coin it with weapons sales and oil). I’m also getting concerned we are becoming a left/right nation. There isn’t much centre anymore. I haven’t seen such a neo-liberal government as this one (so far left it’s the new right) since Labour in the 80’s. It’s the strict neo-lib ideology of this government I don’t agree with (note: Clarke did some strict socialist stuff I disagreed with too). I ain’t no bleeding heart liberal.

        • Goldfish

          I agree that on the surface it appears creepy or weird. However I wasn’t there and you just know stuff is missing from the story so I’m not going to judge based on what has been presented thus far.

          I’ve met JK (properly met, not a selfie in the mall kind of meet), and he’s a top bloke. I would certainly take his word over that of an anonymous waitress (who is probably anonymous because she knows her history and connections will kill the beat up faster than a Blue’s player heading to KFC after the latest loss).

          • John Walter

            My wife met John Key… also not just a selfie… and he didn’t touch her hair, but she didn’t like him, didn’t find him pleasant. I trust her judgement. Maybe he is more of a man’s man than a lady’s man. I do think different people are on different wave lengths (if that doesn’t sound too hippy). One person’s ‘top bloke’ might be another person’s nightmare. I have no doubt this cafe waitress is left-leaning and no doubt was told or thought she should get this to someone who could ‘blow it up’… It still doesn’t change the fact that something inappropriate happened and that responsibility rests with the PM. He seems to have a thing for ponytails and in all honesty, if him and Bronagh have fun with it, go for it, but to let this weirdness slip in public (see above video). It’s a bad look.

  • Jamie Barker


  • Andrew Gibson

    As we all know, it’s not so much what you do, but what you do next. And in this case its clear Key has done exactly the right thing and the attempts to paint him as weird or a dodgy uncle is a little unusual to say the least.

    As for it being a hit on the PM, most will see it for what it is: an sleazy attempt to undermine Keys standing as ANZAC day draws near.

  • coltheman

    Saw some interesting comments from Annette King about this. Pity she didn’t think the same way about her previous border/housemate.

  • anniem

    It’s all complete bloody TOSH, have we not got more to worry about/ concern ourselves with? Get over yourselves please.

  • I had difficulty believing the PC ordure I was reading on stuff which was such an obvious beatup and was relieved to find the general opinion among my fellow Oilers echoes good common sense. What a pleasure it is to have a human PM who is not beyond mingling with his fellow people, laughing and joking and doing exactly what many of us may do from time to time. To take an episode out of context, attach an endless loop of a kindly and somewhat avuncular gesture, is a deliberate distortion calculated to do as much damage as it can. I then took the bit between my teeth and, can you believe it, went to the Daily Blog to have a look at the site.

    What an unadulterated load of codswallop. If people have an issue with Cam being outspoken then they should equally have an issue with the claptrap that emerges from the Blog.

    I think the time between the ‘event’ and its subsequent unmasking tell the correct story. This so obviously a smear campaign I am surprised (well, no I’m not) the MSM gave it space. Let’s move on, nothing to see here and as one of us pointed out–just how fortunate we are to have a PM like Key. Can we indeed imagine the alternative?

  • Blue West

    Even though it was silly behaviour from JK. The politically crafted emotive response from the lefty trolls just confirms they are medusa.