America’s Cup, why bother?

Surely you’re like me and the other ninety nine percent of New Zealand and you’ve had a gut’s full of the palaver of the America’s Cup and the sideshow that follows in its wake.

How about a New Zealand Cup? Or a World Sailing Cup?

I’m sure Luna Rosa would want to enter, even Australia have showed signs of wanting to again enter a competition that wasn’t run by egos. And if it didn’t cost the earth to enter and the first rule in the rule book said you can’t change the rules there would be plenty of others who’d join too.

There’s no doubt that the America’s Cup provided plenty of opportunity and benefit to New Zealand and its sailing community when New Zealand won and held the cup. But a lot of what it did do, was showcase that we have some of the most innovative designers and boat builders in the world. We already know that a good proportion of the best sailors in the world are Kiwis so who needs the “America’s Cup?”

We need to stop worrying about some regatta that’s designed to serve billionaires interests and give serious consideration to all the other classes and things that we are actually good at, to what is actually good for sailing and the people of New Zealand.

This year we have no entry in the Volvo Ocean race, but the thousands that turned up to the race village in Auckland during the last stop over shows that there’s overwhelming support for us to have entered.

If Team New Zealand don’t enter in the next America’s Cup will New Zealand actually care?

-?George Berry, One News