An Australian Refugee tells her story

Today’s post was written by an Australian woman living in Australia. I think that her story deserves? a wider audience because I know deep down that if it is happening in Australia then it will happen in New Zealand. We are not safe in our little island nation. We can tell ourselves that Europe is far away and we won’t do what The United Kingdom, Sweden,Holland, Denmark, France, Italy and others have done. We can tell ourselves that our government won’t make the same choices but that can only happen if we recognise the threat now, not when it is too late. We need to wake up and we need to wake up now!

A family PHOTO-

A family PHOTO-

Let me tell you my story of a white Australian refugee. I had to flee ?the mainland? suburbs to find acceptance and peace for me and my children?I am now one of many Aussies here I have met who have been pushed out of their suburbs by an ideology that just wont work in with us. I am talking about Islam.

Racism is rife against the white Australian. Maybe this is just our turn in history to be condemned not just by other races but worst still by our own as well?and the ?religion of take over?.

People only want to hear the stories of the war-torn refugees. But there are many like me who have been pushed out of their own suburb, due to hatred and violence.

Why do you think that groups like Reclaim Australia are popping up? Because everyday Australians are living it, feeling it, and know what it is like to be treated like shit in your own country.

I was not served in 2 shops?the first was more humiliating than the last. When I rang the discrimination board about it they blatantly told me this service was not for us (white Aussies) only them. I was spat on by a woman in a hijab and hissed at by the other as I gave way to them on a foot path To be refused service in stores?to be spat at ?hissed at?laughed at and persecuted as an Australia living in Australia is just wrong.

The shop fronts no longer have English writing, and walking down our streets is like walking down a street in another country. We have our values spat on and then when we go to our authorities to complain the discrimination WE are told to move out.

I have felt this hatred first hand and so have my children. I was so depressed that I would shop in a suburb far away from my own, as I felt no longer welcomed in mine.

My children were targets at school?and when your child comes home crying everyday that he is being bullied, pushed around called a ?dumb skippy f#ck?, your heart breaks. When you go to the schools and make a complaint they wont listen as your complaint is seen as ?racist?.

So, I brought my children to Tasmania to start a new life like many are now doing. Most of the people I now know that could tell you stories of what they went through, but are scared to speak out, as they too fear being branded a ?racist?.

Why is telling the truth about what happened to us, ?racism?. I was so low and depressed when I came here to live. I remember the day I enrolled my children in the local school here. I walked out as the bell rang hundreds of children ran out laughing and playing red heads even I hadn’t seen a red head in years. My eyes welled in delight and sadness I whispered to my self this is the Australia I was brought up in as a child. What have we done to our mainland?

I remember the first time I saw a lady in a burqa here, a scared sick feeling came over me. ?Oh no, please, not here too!?

All I can say is I am glad I took my children away from Sydney and gave them a chance of having a childhood like mine. But I am afraid that the ones who follow won’t be so lucky. I love my country.

I love all life. I am not a racist. I am a scared Aussie who has witnessed first hand what is happening on the mainland and now trying to warn you.

My sister has married into this faith. Let me tell you?they are not alone in the radical thoughts they hold.

As a child I stuck up for a little dark girl called Helema a tiny Lebanese girl with the biggest brightest whitest smile that any one had seen. She was picked on when she came to my school at the age of 6. I stood by her, befriended her and did so through out our school life she is still my friend today.

I have many nationalities as friends. My parents taught us to be accepting of everyone. We shared food and afternoons with many of our foreign neighbour’s but when you and your children become victims and no one will listen and then you get branded as a ?racist? for telling the truth?you do start to resent stuff?is that not normal?.

I don’t think that Tasmanian’s or other Aussies who have been lucky enough not to have lived in the Sydney suburb we were brought up in, can ever understand what some Aussies like me have gone through?and I hope you never do.

Fair suck of the Sav Mate