An honest politician

Honesty in politicians is to be admired.

It is not often they are forthright about their prospects.

The SNP in Scotland appears?to be on a roll as they seek to undo the referendum result which rejected Scottish independence. It is Labour most under threat in Scotland and at least one MP knows it.

[T]he sparks lit by the referendum campaign in Scotland continue to burn.?There has been no return to politics as usual. Parliamentary hustings are attracting twice the audiences they managed five years ago and, across the country, there are far more such meetings than was the case in 2010.

The referendum tapped a yearning for a bigger, better, grander kind of politics and, once unleashed, that kind of sentiment cannot disappear overnight. Far from depressing Yes voters, defeat in the referendum has redoubled their enthusiasm for change. ??

Britain?s first-past-the-post electoral system also benefits the SNP. Their vote is impressively united and the Unionist opposition is split in three. That means any number of constituencies?previously reckoned invulnerable may yet be stormed by the SNP. There are, perhaps, no more than a handful of Labour seats that are truly ?safe.? Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats may lose as many as ten of their eleven Scottish seats and the Tories are unlikely to add more than one additional seat to their current, forlorn, total of one.

It all adds up to a rout. The most recent constituency polls suggest that in many Labour seats there has been a 25 percent swing to the SNP. Leading Labour figures, including Jim Murphy, the Labour leader in Scotland and Douglas Alexander, the likely foreign secretary in a Labour government, could yet be unseated by the SNP. As a Labour spokesman confirmed, ?There is no gloss that can be put on this.?

Another Labour MP was still more succinct: ?I think I?m fucked.?


If there is a move for Scottish independence then that will ultimately benefit the Conservatives when the porridge wogs, who are largely left wing, leave.

The ultimate destruction of the UK Labour party is in their hands, not the Conservative party.


– Politico