Because nagging

Apparently we are all a bit afraid of telling the better half about poor investment decisions or losing money.

The article comes up with some reasons but they all mis the real reason we are a bit squeamish about fessing up.

When former Oasis front-man Noel Gallagher lost millions of dollars trying to set up his solo music career it took him a whole year to tell his wife.

Most of us don’t have that kind of money to lose or spend but the angst of telling the other half can be just as difficult. Clinical psychologist and senior lecturer at AUT University, Mark Thorpe, says there is no cook-book recipe as to why some people lie or try to hide their spending because it comes down to what money means to that person and what it represents in the relationship. “It’s a very loaded thing.” Thorpe said many people had a strong connection between love and money. But for others it also represented care, security, safety or dependence.

My mate says tall blokes always get the girl, no matter how ugly they are , especially if they are standing on their wallet.

If one person in the relationship loses or spends a lot of money they may be afraid to tell the other person because they don’t want to disappoint them, Thorpe said. For a traditional man losing his job and income can mean he no longer feels important and may feel looked down upon. Or it may be that one person in the relationship feels dependent on the other for money and that makes them unhappy so they respond by having a big spend up. “It may be sparked by some underlying reason.”

Nah, the real reason is they know the nagging will be ceaseless and every time in the future, even 50 years from now, this will be shoved in their face every time money is ever raised. Best keep it to yourself and save yourself the un-ending grief. ? – NZ Herald