Biting the hand that feeds you – a Dotcom/Fisher case study

The NZ Herald, especially through it’s flagship reporter David “Tainted” Fisher used to support Kim Dotcom’s position on anything. ?In fact, after a while, they were the only ones left to do so.

But no more.


David Fisher and Kim Dotcom used to be inseparable. ?But as Kim has now discovered the hard way that David uses his sources twice. ? Once to get the story, the second time to throw his source under the bus and use all the information he couldn’t use originally by dragging the source through the mud.

Kim Dotcom’s ability to stay in New Zealand will be decided by Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse and could come inside a month.

The inquiry was launched after the New Zealand Herald revealed the besieged internet entrepreneur had not declared a dangerous driving conviction when applying for residency in New Zealand.

The decision is completely separate from the extradition hearing which Dotcom is facing in just a few months, which could also see him removed from New Zealand.

The extradition hearing came after charges laid in the United States alleged a criminal conspiracy to breach copyright through his defunct Megaupload website.

The deportation inquiry – which could see Dotcom returned to Finland or Germany – came after court files revealed the entrepreneur had pleaded guilty in 2009 to doing 149km/h in a 50km/h zone.

Eight months later, on his residency application, he was asked: “Have you or your family members included in your application ever been … convicted of an offence (including a traffic offence) committed in the last five years involving dangerous driving.”

The form, dated June 3, 2010, had a clear mark in the “No” box.

Check out the photo that went with that piece of brilliant news:


It’s absolutely delightful to see Tainted Fisher turning on his master like that. ?He did it to me, he does it to others, and now Dotcom is getting the treatment.

Nothing to do with the fact that Dotcom is out of money to take Fisher or the Herald to court, and that Fisher is now also convinced Dotcom will not be in this country this time next year.

Just remember David, Kim will destroy?anybody, and he carries long grudges.

But to address the story, won’t it be amazing that after all the money that was spent, all the legal maneuvering, even running a political party to try and keep himself from being ejected from New Zealand, that it was a simple oversight lie that can make it all count for nothing?

Extradition. ?Deportation. ?One thing is for sure: ?Kim’s future isn’t very bright.


– The Gurnard, NZ Herald