Comment of the Day

With all the weapons grade howling coming from the left that their darling of prime time, John Campbell, could potentially lose his show there is barely any sensible discourse.

Luvvie state funded troughers like Russell Brown and Damien Christie are calling for squillions to be spent on public broadcasting, presumably only for their approved type of shows and people, with scant regard to commercial realities. I doubt they’d be keen on a publicly funded political show fronted by me for example.

One commenter at Russell Brown’s recipe, music and arts blog is Robyn Gallagher…who refreshingly understands the real problem.

Serious question: who here regularly watches Campbell Live? And by that, I mean the full episode, live to air. Not occasionally watching a video someone has shared on Facebook.

I don’t. I really like John Campbell, but I haven’t watched the show since the 2000s, and if Campbell Live had been cancelled five years ago I wouldn’t have noticed.

Campbell Live seems like one of those shows that people like the idea of in theory, but not enough people actually watch it for that theory to work in practice. ??

They might get a few thousand signatures on petition, or a few thousand retweets of pithy hashtags but the reality is people don’t watch Campbell Live like they used to.

Russell Brown even wrote a post recently talking about how he doesn’t want to be dictated to when he watches television…he records, format shifts and streams…and there is the problem right there.

Ardent supporters of Campbell Live and his pending sainthood just don’t watch the saint in action, live. They just don’t and that is why the show is doomed.

It is also why television is doomed too…now with my Amazon Fire Tv and my Apple TV and HBO Now and Netflix and Hulu an ESPN and everything else I can stream, I don’t actually need Sky or any other television show broadcast in?the?traditional sense. Paradigms have shifted and dinosaurs eventually die.

The funny thing is this, on June 8 it will this blogs 10th birthday, the same year that Campbell Live celebrated its 10th birthday. His show won’t get any older, but this site will.

Meanwhile enjoy the high pitched whining from the left.


– Public Address