Dotcom’s employment antics being revealed in court

Remember way back when I said that staff of the Dotcom’s were being ripped off and paid less than the minimum wage?

What readers don’t know is when I found out about their predicament and that of the security guards I took my concerns to Matt McCarten. I have done that before for other workers and always got action. I loathe dead beat employers who rip staff off. I thought I was doing the right thing, so I was surprised when there was no action. I couldn’t believe it at the time.

Then of course along came Dirty Politics, and Matt McCarten was there int eh forefront as the Chief of Staff for the Labour party, and still is. Of course Mana also got into bed with Dotcom and so now it isn’t a surprise at all that Matt McCaretn did nothing to help those workers because he too was in bed with Kim Dotcom.

The left-wing ratbags threw vulnerable workers under the political bus to suit their own greedy needs for power.

Now it is all playing out in court, where it isn’t a union helping these vulnerable workers but a caring business man who was approached by them to help out.

Victoria Young at the NBR reports:

An employment dispute between the Dotcoms and their former employees is dragging out as the estranged couple fight the claim.

The German giant and wife Mona are fighting allegations that they underpaid household staff employed in the Dotcom mansion.

The three household employees, Panfilo Orduna Junior, John Ryan Tactaquin and Ruth Nolasco Relleve, who have returned to the Philippines, first made public the allegations in September last year.

The allegations reported by current affairs show Third Degree are that Mr Dotcom and his wife Mona did not pay them the wages they were entitled to. The trio say that, after the raid when the Dotcoms’ assets were frozen, they worked long hours and were not properly compensated. They told the TV show they were upset that Mr Dotcom had $3.5 million to fund the Internet Party but had not settled this dispute.

The allegations are severe, and when you meet these people and realise what Dotcom has done to them and their lives it beggars belief that Matt McCarten refused to help them and the left-wing preferred a naked power grab off of the back of a criminal enterprise to protecting workers.

In March, Mrs Dotcom told the authority she did not have anything to do with the staff wages until the raid on their mansion after which she engaged an accountant to help her.

She said allegations staff worked 16 hours a day, for seven days a week was ?bogus? and ?ridiculous? but says there were no formal hours. She said for example, if staff worked a party until late, they were allowed to start later the next day.

Mrs Dotcom today repeated her defence, saying that staff were used to having it easy and were shocked after the raid when they actually had to perform their duties.

??We had so many staff before the raid, just waiting around ? then real life really happened ? I don?t accept the allegations, it was that they could not chit-chat in the kitchen and do nothing all day.??

She denied the allegation that Mr Orduna, Mr Dotcom?s personal butler, had worked 48 hours in a row. However, she earlier conceded she couldn?t be sure of Mr Orduna?s work hours because he was Mr Dotcom?s butler, and Mr Dotcom had irregular sleeping patterns.

I wonder if she will tell the court that on the day she told staff they had to have a pay cut and work longer hours she then took three of them shopping with her when she was buying expensive $1000 sunglasses and other trinkets just after telling them how broke they were.