Gutless little twerp

Todd Barclay is a gutless little twerp.

He put a comment on Facebook about Campbell Live which was pretty innocuous, but it got the Twitter and Facebook bullies all exercised.

The fool?subsequently deleted it.

A comment made by National MP for Clutha-Southland Todd Barclay on his Facebook page regarding Campbell Live has left people seething.

Yesterday it was revealed the prime-time current affairs show was under review, due to a decline in ratings.

A petition to save the show was then quickly launched.

Following the announcement, Mr Barclay posted a comment on his Facebook page that said: “No surprises that it’s only Labour Party MPs scrambling to keep Campbell Live running… #goodjobmikehosking.”

The comment has since been deleted.

Today, 24-year-old Mr Barclay, who is New Zealand’s youngest MP, apologised for any offence.

“I stand corrected, Campbell Live does have a lot of supporters. I guess it’s down to personal preference etc.”

Despite his apology, many of Mr Barclay’s followers remained unimpressed by his earlier comment.

He apologised? How gutless. Deleted the post then apologised for offending people easily offended.

These people who try to bully you into silence don’t believe in freedom of speech. They are standing up for a guy who thinks it is ok to hound families in the privacy of their own home and then lie about it on television.

Someone should go get a camera and go doorstep john Campbell and get him on camera and ask him how he feels about losing job.

Karma is a bitch and as one of the people who assisted and participated in the illegal hacking and dissemination of my data John Campbell?can simply go fuck himself.

Todd Barclay is a gutless little twerp, you would have thought he would learned how to grow a spine working for a tobacco company…then again perhaps not.

As for the offended…they need to take the advice of Steve Hughes.



– NZ Herald