Is her citizenship being cancelled?

Some people are just scumbags.

They way they treat workers is appalling.

A woman who illegally hired foreign sex workers to work at an Auckland massage parlour has been jailed.

in the Auckland District Court on Tuesday, Naengnoi Sriphet, a joint citizen of Thailand and New Zealand, jailed for 27 months after being found guilty of five offences under the Immigration Act relating to providing false or misleading visa information.

An investigation by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) found Sriphet brought two women from Thailand to work for her in Auckland.

According to their visas, they worked as “massage therapists”.

However the court found she encouraged and facilitated at least one of the women to work as a prostitute. ??

Sriphet was earlier this year found guilty of four charges of providing false or misleading information to INZ including the provision of false employment agreements and offers of employment letters to the two employees.

INZ said Sriphet gave her workers employment agreements written in Thai, that were significantly different to the agreements she had provided to INZ in support of the visa applications.

On top of this Sriphet made two female employees work under strict contract agreements where they could be fined if they gossiped about Sriphet, damaged Sriphet’s reputation, or failed to keep the premises clean.

The two women also lived at Sriphet’s premises, as part of the working agreement, INZ said.

INZ area manager Alistair Murray said the jail term handed to Sriphet reflected the seriousness of the offending.

“[It] sends a strong message to any other employer tempted to undertake this type of fraud and exploitation,” he said.

What would send a stronger message is removal of her NZ citizenship and deportation back to Thailand.


– Fairfax