Dirty Media went all in over ponytail and boost Nats poll ratings


The media, especially NZME. went all in over the ponytail story. All they achieved was pushing National back over 50% in the latest poll.

Half of the poll was taken before the story blew up…imagine how high the Nats would have been if they’d taken all of the poll after the story.

Overall National polled 51 per cent, marginally up on party support in December from 50.4.

Its support among women, 45.4 per cent, is the same as it was in December. ??

Mr Key’s popularity as preferred Prime Minister is down marginally to 64.6 from 65 per cent in December, which was the first full poll after the September general election.

Andrew Little, who took over the Labour leadership in November is on 13.9 per cent, virtually unchanged from 13.6 in December.

And New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has bounced up to 12 per cent on the back of his win in the Northland byelection a month ago.

Note that support for National amongst women is unchanged. No. One. Cares.

The media need to learn that when they push hard the voting public turn against them, and not their targets.

If we have learned anything from the story it is that the media are living out of sync with most of New Zealand and that the public don’t trust them.

They tried to get John Key to resign over a prat fall…it was never going to fly.

The only person who will be crying into his cornflakes more than the media this morning will be Martyn martin Bradbury. His smug yet angry face will show absolute “horror” at being proven wrong yet again. Proving he really is Wrongly Wrongson the most wrong man in New Zealand politics.


– NZ Herald