Reader Content: Elder Abuse of another kind…

Since the ?love of his life succumbed to a brain tumour and he was left a widower over 20 yrs ago, my brother has battled?life- alone galantly from then until now.

He has had some serious health issues over the last 5 or 6 yrs but even he went into quiet shock on hearing “end of life care” as it was ?thrust his way ?a couple of weeks ago.

His health status ?is due to a combination of factors & just a few days prior to that dreadful announcement , a specialist had recommended treatment which may help to ?prolong life some.

There is an unbeleivable list of circumstances that has contributed to my nephews & I ?being forced to accept my brothers decision not to be resuscitated, if such became neccessary. We can ?do nothing ?but be with him at that time if it arises.

Any queries for an ?explanation as to the seriousness of his condition were flippantly flicked aside with “the family will be ?included in assessment on Wednesday”

My brother’s clarity of mind recovered from the incorrectly prescribed & reactive medication ?but that Wednesday came quicker than we ?anticipated and we were soon facing a pencil-necked-NH-look-a-like making a pronouncement.

No discussion, no imput or concern for what my brother now thought or his nearest & dearest wanted to add, was given. Words like “a hole in his head as big as “… while he formed a circle larger than a tennis ball shape with his hands …”how he functions with that is surprising”… was added just to add gravity to his judgement.

One can only but doubt that prognosis. I have ?little knowledge of things medical, but anyone who has suffered a stroke ?with that amount of scarring would not be able to get up and walk around or move both ?arms as freely ?as my brother does.

The actual “End of Life Care” statement came not from that Ward Doctor or his GP but ?parroted sadly by his GP’s nurse and then the Gestapo-like Social Worker. Such is the cowardice of those in receivership of the larger amounts of our taxes. ? ??

What ?followed next ?has us questioning the so-called professionalism and ethics of our Health Professionals further.

We expressed that my brother would like to return home……..request denied. What right do they have to do that ? What right do they have to dictate to someone nearing the end of his life or dictate to or deny his next of kin, whatback-up that they may receive (and have received none so far)?

On pleas that he not be sent to care at either of two instituitions that house the bedridden and dementia patients ……..ignored.

My still able-bodied brother who has no pain other than arthritic-type in a smashed finger and general aches of age, whose speech difficulty belies his quick witted brain function, is now in a hospital-rate care facility with unfortunate souls 10 or more years his senior whose afflictions resemble those that were hit during the Blitz of London.

To add to that, on arrival at this end of line vacility ?the medications required to maintain his ?cardiac condition ?and has done so successfully over a few years has been withdrawn……and sedation ?offered……………..

and refused…………………!!


That is nothing but a Death Sentence.


How many other polite gentle souls that have contributed greatly to our society, including these medical establishments, are being treated this way by these so-called Health professionals?

We need lots of sunshine in this corner Cam. As I have been explaining to others what has occurred, I am getting the sense that there are more stories like this in other regions. No doubt the Government with its ?lid-on-expendiature will be blamed but that argument can be brought un-done.

There is an attitude in those with ?responsibility towards the Aged and it is not healthy.