Reader Content: Five years, man!

Photo / NZ Herald / Mark Mitchell

Photo / NZ Herald / Mark Mitchell

Written by someone who knew him before he became an axe murderer.


Mark Lundy better think carefully (for the first time in his life) before mounting another appeal.

Of course it’s not about him really, it’s about his greedy defense lawyers who might try to rort the legal aid for another mill. Be that as it may he still needs to think. Here’s why. ?

His first trial found him guilty and he was sentenced to life with 17 years non parole. Given that he was in jail since his arrest in Feb 2001 that meant that under the right circumstances he would have been released in Feb 2018. That’s less than three years from now. He would have been 59 years old. Out for his 60th.

But that was not to be. The lawyers conned him into appealing and it famously cost him an additional 3 years.(The lawyers got paid though).

He has spent the last 18 months or so out on bail, with strict conditions akin to home detention (in some out of the way hick-town). Ok he’s had rum, but he hasn’t really had much in the way of freedom.

The judge this week sent him back to prison to serve his remaining eight years. That means he’ll be out in 2023, not 2018 as was initially set down. Five years this legal nonsense has cost him. Five years at the end part of his life ? and he’s not exactly a picture of health is he?

So think about it Chuck. The lawyers have made a couple of million out of you. What have you got to show for it? ?.. five years man.

Cue Cheech & Chong sketch of the same name.