So tell me again why we should care about climate change?

New Zealand produces 0.2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions…just two tenths of a single percent. Compared tot he United States (15.6%) and China (22.7%), the European Union (10.9%) our emissions are tiny.

The United Kingdom only produces 1.4% of the worlds emissions.

India though produces 5.7% of the world’s emissions….and they have told the rest of the world that they have no intention of doing anything at all about emissions.

India?s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has indicated that he will not submit to Western pressure on cutting CO2 emissions.

In the lengthy run up to the international climate conference (?COP21?) in Paris later this year, Modi?s comments will be sure to cause consternation amongst climate campaigners. Indeed, since his investiture last May last year, the Guardian has expressed concern that he might be (gasp!) a climate sceptic.

As the third largest CO2 emitter behind China (1st) and the U.S. (2nd), climate negotiators are keen to secure some kind of meaningful agreement to reductions from India at the Paris negotiations. However, Modi?s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has pursued a development agenda that is at odds with Western hand-wringing. The BJP has opened upthe nation?s coal mining industry in a bid to meet domestic demand. It has also taken onenvironmentalist groups such as Greenpeace, regarding the latter as inimically hostile to India?s economic success. ?

Modi has made some conciliatory remarks aimed at the anti-CO2 lobby about switching to ?cleaner? energy sources. However, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)projects that India?s energy demands will continue to grow by 2.8% per year and that most of this will be met through increased fossil fuel production.

It is possible that India may elect to follow China?s method of sidestepping this issue previously by making further promises to reduce ?Carbon intensity? rather than overall CO2 emissions. This means reducing the emissions per capita (per person) rather than adhering to a total emissions cap. China has failed to adhere to its own commitment on this, though it was sufficient to mollify climate negotiators at the time.

Ultimately though, Modi?s position highlights the continuing hypocrisy of Western governments who demand such restrictions with no regard for Indian or Chinese aspirations for their citizens to achieve a Western standard of living.

So, if the number 3 producer of emissions, after the US and China, can’t be stuffed doing anything, and the number one producer is in exactly the same position…tell me again why we should care about doing anything at all given the incredibly tiny percentage of global emissions we are producing?


– Breitbart